has forever changed the world we live in. Asking someone “where are you” is a
recent thing. Before we had mobile phones, the only way we could talk to people
is if we knew where they were. Technology helps us connect and communicate. We
have come a long way from the time of news being reported a few times a day
through newspaper and television broadcasts. Now, we have always-on, constant
sharing of information. Our lives are becoming more connected, and it’s a
phenomenon enabled and driven by technology. Technology is growing
exponentially and I want to be a part of this tremendously changing world, but
for now I want to strengthen my skills by specializing in Computer Science.


         All this made me passionate about new
technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking and thereafter all my plans
were to pursue a contributing career in computer science. During my bachelors,
I gained expertise in C, C++ and Object-oriented programming concepts to an
extent where I could create my own algorithms to find my way out of a problem
definition, this is the part I enjoyed the most as I had to look into various
facets and delve into various perceptions to come up with an optimal solution.  Besides that, I have deep knowledge on
Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Networks and Database Management
Systems. These skills have invigorated my foundation and only affirmed my
aspiration to be among top programmers. In my final year at school we developed
an Email system, which is a web application like regular google mail or hot
mail using JAVA and MySQL. In this Email System user can view the message sent
to him. If he wants he can download the attachments and forward the same
messages. Security steps are taken to help users to save account details from
hackers and unauthorized users. This project made my skills more strong on
network programming and java programming and provided me with an opportunity to
work in collaboration as a team by helping each other in resolving technical
ambiguities completing the project on time.


         As a part of NSS (National Service
Scheme) our team organized blood donation campaigns, campaigns to spread literacy
among unprivileged children and also awareness programs for improvement of the
status of women. This program creates awareness among women that they too
contribute to economic and social well-being of the community and there is no
occupation which is not open to them provided they acquire the requisite

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   After completing my Bachelors, I joined
Infosys, a home-grown corporation that provides information technology,
business consulting and outsourcing services across the world, as a Systems
Engineer Trainee. Thereafter, for five months, I received training on JAVA and
Angular JS technologies. Infosys offers the best training programs in the
country by a mile.The American Society for Training and Development has rated
Indian IT major Infosys Technologies Ltd as the worlds best in employee
training and development. I have worked on projects xxxxx.My professional
Experience thus far has provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge
and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas at the graduate


       Inorder to expand my horizons, a Maters
degree from University of Arlington in Computer Science appears to be the most
logical progression as it would be a perfect platform to launch my career. I
hope that the Admission committee shares my enthusiasm and commitment to
surpass the expectations set forth for an incoming graduate student and
accordingly offers admission into Summer 2018 incoming class. I would also love
to contribute by being a part of the activities of the student body at
university of Arlington.


I'm Niki!

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