Do you agree that boys rule and girls drool? Or girls rule and boys drool? Boys and girls contrast. They may have similarities but they have more differences. It is a common answer to say that boys and girls do differ physically. Everybody knows that so let’s try to find out other things which girls and boys differ. Boys and girls differ in parent-child relationship, in school, and in love. When it comes to parent-child relationship boys are much closer to their mom, hat’s why there is this “mama’s boy’ thing.

They often express their feelings to their moms rather than their dads, maybe because fathers expect a lot from their sons and also, boys often feel that sensitive mom is less Judgmental and condescending than dad. According to Lombardi “A healthy, loving relationship is one where the mom is emotionally supportive of her son. She recognizes his individuality, his sensitivity, and his vulnerability along with his strengths”. On the other hand, girls re also close to their moms but they are much closer to their dads.

Girls are being spoiled by their daddies, “daddy’s girl”. Maybe it’s all because a father feels very protective to his daughter. For example, when someone wants to court his daughter he feels uneasy, thinking that something bad will happen to his daughter. In addition, some girls want their future partner in life to be like her father. In school boys and girls also alter. Girls are much active than boys. Girls always Join moments and participate on event happening in school.

Most girls take school as a serious matter, this doesn’t mean or say that guys are not serious it’s Just that boys are easy going person. Girls and boys do crazy things differently when they are in love. Girls are like the happiest person in the world when in love. They love playing hard to get. Girls easily misses the guy she likes that’s why girls are the ones who keeps testing and finds time to communicate with her boyfriend. Girls take note of special dates.

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Boys are not hat showy of their feelings but they like giving surprises, which are “sometimes” corny but cute. Boys don’t talk much about their feelings. When girls and boys date, girls talk more than boys. Boys and girls are unlike in relationship among their parent’s, attitude in school, and actions they show when they are in love. Perhaps they may differ but let us always remember that no matter what you are, maybe a boy or a girl, everyone must respect each other, because in the eyes of God everyone is equal. Teen Boys vs.. Girls By crystalline


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