Pregnancy Solution Abstract In society today the world should focus more on teaching the prevention of teenagers having sexual relations at such an early stage in their lives. This paper will argue different ways to prevent teens from having sex that can and will lead to pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a major issue in the United States and has been for some time. Some people say that it is society’s fault however it is the teenager’s decision and choice to have unprotected sex in the first place.

There are a few things that society could do to prevent them from making the wrong choice to begin with. Teenage pregnancy could be controlled by making birth control more readily available, people setting good examples for young men and women, and the media to not have such an effect on the decisions being made. The reduction of teen birth rates is centered on education and is of utmost importance with some teens today. There are many different forms of birth control that are available to the young teens today but are not spoken of.

Most of the school yester only provide and speak to the teenagers about condoms. A condom can easily break or be defective, and we know that leads to “pregnancy’. A condom should also be used along with another form of birth control to prevent diseases from spreading. If the schools were to promote and discuss other forms of birth control such as the pill, the shot, the patch or even the implant that is available in today’s society and make them cheaper if not even free to most teenagers then that would make for the teen birth rate to be significantly lower.

Teens are in their developmental stage at this point in their lives and are in desperate need for positive role models. Without having a positive outlook and speaking to your children about sex and the chances of getting pregnant, then they will presume it is okay. By showing your child love, affection, and lots of attention it will lessen the chances of them wanting to explore their sexuality. They will feel less pressured by the negative people around them, letting them know how important their education is and providing answers to all their questions will help them wrought this stage in their life.

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The media also plays a major role in influencing the teenagers today that having sex as a teenager is acceptable. There are many shows aired on television today like “Sixteen and Pregnant” and “Teen Moms” making it seem like a normal everyday thing and that it is okay to have a baby at such a young age. There is also the commercials, movies, and music videos that exploit sexual behavior and conduct. If they were not aired it would make for a lower rate of teen pregnancy.

In conclusion the school yester should rethink their approach on expanding the teaching methods of sex education by going over not only the prevention but also what unprotected sex usually leads to. And with the parents and or guardians of the teenagers today being more involved in their everyday activities and guiding them through this important developmental stage of life would lower the rate of teenage pregnancy in society today, along with the media not advertising, airing shows, movies, commercials and music videos towards teens having sex can significantly lower the number of teens


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