Teenage gestation has proven itself to be a planetary job that places both the female parent and kid at hazard. This paper will analyze surveies about the hazard factors for gestation in adult females under the age of 19 and comparing them to put on the line factors for adult females between 19 and 35 inclusively to find if there is so some correlativity bing between wellness and societal issues. and adolescent gestation. To carry through this undertaking. surveies mentioning a correlativity between the above mentioned issue and associated hazards will be examined and evaluated to assist find if the correlativity is true or specious in order to formalize or disregard the hazard appraisal.

Statement of the Problem

Teenage gestation is a relevant issue because of its implied correlativity to wellness issues. societal issues. educational issues. and fiscal issues. It is a stigma that brings with it many reverberations that follow both the parent and the kid and can put them at a disadvantage or stunt their growing potency. Harmonizing one survey. teenage female parents are more likely to develop wellness issues such as anaemia. high blood pressure. presenting pre-term. and holding scraggy babes. The same survey shows a correlativity between hapless socio-economic conditions. low literacy rates. and deficiency of consciousness as some of the implicit in factors lending to teenage gestations ( Mahavarkar. 2008 ) .

Literature Review

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Correlation is defined as a relationship in which two or more things are common or complementary. or one thing is caused by another. In making a follow up instance survey on teenage gestation. Spear ( 2004 ) discovered that the bulk of the surveies on the topic have been “qualitative in nature with comparatively few surveies that examine the personal position and worldview of the striplings who experience gestation and childbearing” ( Pediatric Nursing. 30. 2 ) . Conducting surveies on the topic is one affair but neglecting to understand and cast visible radiation on the implicit in factors or reverberations is in no manner reding others on how to cover with or avoid being caught in the proverbial trap of adolescent gestation.

In Mirowsky’s survey he non merely found that the ratio of wellness jobs expected given foremost birth under age 18 versus about age 34 peers that from presently being 14 old ages older at age 48. He states that the hazard of deceasing in kid birth besides declines with holding delayed first birth good beyond the terminal of pubescence and a comparing to non-mothers of similar age and race/ethnicity shows that the correlativity of maternity with wellness jobs and mortality jeopardy switches from damaging to good with hold beyond approximately age 22 ( Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 46. 1 ) . Talking out of context. it is easy to reason from his findings that detaining child birth and gestation to an age over 22 will non merely prolong life. but put us in a better place to prosecute needed societal. educational. and fiscal demands.

Mirowsky besides enlightens us in the same issue. of some of the medical issues faced when covering with adolescent gestation. These issues are more common to female parents under the age of 20 compared to female parents in their 20s or 30s. including lung disease. eclampsia. kidney disease. febrilities. ictuss during labour. and inborn anomalousnesss which may ensue from uncomplete development of the generative system. The survey besides shows that first-time teenage female parents who receive proper pre-natal attentions. which are more mature. and more stable than most of their opposite numbers. faces a higher hazard of delivering premature and low birth weight babes than older first-time female parents with the same features. Not to be discounted but “mothers older than 35 or 40 have a higher chance of developing gestational diabetes. placenta previa. breech presentation. postpartum bleeding. birth asphyxia. bringing before 32 hebdomads. birth weight below the 5th percentile. down syndrome. and stillbirth” ( Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 46. 1 ) .

One survey tells us that gestation at any age involves developmental alteration. and normally this spells catastrophe for a adolescent because “when the emphasis of two developmental phases. adolescence and immature maturity are compressed. successful completion of both sets of undertakings is compromised” ( Rodriguez. 1995 ) . This can set both the adolescent female parent and their kids at hazard for societal. developmental. and psychological deceleration. Rodriguez seems to hold the solution for these issues. He recommends that there be a “correlation of positive father/daughter relationships with feeling good about ego. and the more positive relationships with female parent and father” and “family engagement. regardless of how it is defined and measured” ( Rodriguez. 1995 ) .

The survey done by Spear ( 2004 ) does demo that some adolescent female parents who are sometimes forced to turn up and confront their duties really do so. Two of her topics have moved on and hold come into their ain. educationally. financially and socially and based on their experience. they can rede their kids on the issue at manus.


Taking into consideration the planetary concern for teenage gestation and the literature studied. it is easy to surmise that that the group is so at a higher hazard degree for medical issues. societal stagnancy and educational deceleration. The surveies show that an developing organic structure is in no manner prepared to prolong another particularly when hapless diet. deficiency of cognition. or deficiency of proper medical attention are the most outstanding factors to postulate with. Social stagnancy is possible since the age of both the kid and parent in such close propinquity of each other. Educational deceleration is besides most surely a possibility for both the kid and the parent since the basic demands will most probably be centralized around nutrient. vesture. and shelter. The surveies are in no manner conclusive but it sheds a great trade of visible radiation on the issue at manus and provides information that can be used as a tool for counsel in controling the job.


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