Ten’s elf revolve around Love, Cigarette, alcohol . Whether this love is Love or it is liking/infatuation/crush/lust or anything, at the end it leads to smoking, alcohol and drugs. Wondering how?? You’ll get all your answers below. As we all know, teenagers are really immature when it comes to relationships, especially guys (old saying-girls grow up sooner than boys).

They call it ‘love’, even if hey only like spending time with the opposite sex, they call it ‘love’, if they like the person’s behavior towards them, they call it ‘love’, if they are attracted to their appearance, they call it ‘love’, Just because they like some of their qualities, but this is not love. Just because two people like spending time with each other or like each other’s qualities, it does not imply that they are in love. Love is beyond all these materialistic things.

It is love when someone asks you Why do you love your partner’ and your reply is ‘l don’t know and you keep thinking about the answer but get thing. It is because true love needs no reason, it Just happens. Sometimes you tend to fall for a person who is totally opposite to what you have dreamt of, who ‘according to the world’ is wrong for you, who does not fulfill the list of your ‘perfect mate’ and in spite of having ‘no reason’ to love him/her, you do. Most of the teenagers don’t understand love. They get into relationships, one of the two get somewhat serious, and the other one does not.

He/she might be playing around or they might lately realize that they are not in love, it was Just infatuation, leading to break offs. There can be more reasons for breaking up:Either of them starts feeling for a third person. Either of them gets irritated with the other. Either of them starts realizing that their career is going nowhere. Either of them starts thinking that they are fooling their folks. In any of the above cases, the ‘other one’ – who got serious, faces the trouble. In short-‘ski too band Baja Sati hat’ (their life becomes hell). I have generally seen the other side of the story-one who suffers.

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I have seen heartbreaks, seen friends detaching from family, friends, life, seen them suffering room depression, going on medications, spoiling their lives, suffering from illness, getting stones, starting smoking, drinking, taking drugs and what not. Yes! Those who think teenagers are quite innocent and don’t get involved in such stuff, dude! Get into reality! This is the age when most of the bad addictions take place Ana wince are mostly as a result AT Love. Love leads to heartbreaks which further leads to people getting depressed and getting involved in smoking, drinking and drugs.

They think that getting high would e an end to all their problems, it will help them forget their past and move on in life but in reality it won’t. On the other hand, it you will be stuck on that one person. All this will make your life worse in near future, it will make you restless, and you would want to consume more of these things and ultimately will lead to sever health problems. Smoking can lead to lung cancer, alcohol can create liver problems and drugs can destroy your life completely. So, it is in your hands, whether you love yourself or ‘love’ the person who doesn’t even value you.


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