Telecommuting Essay, Research Paper


Telecommuting is a really interesting and complex topic. The pros and cons

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of this construct are legion and both sides have first-class statements. In the

research I & # 8217 ; ve done I feel I have to reason both sides to keep a sense of

position. I had assorted feelings about telecommuting before I started this

research and I find that this is something many others have in common with me.

The grounds for and against telecommuting can be complex or simple

depending on which position point you take. From a director & # 8217 ; s position point

teleworking is a really unsafe project that requires a high preparedness

degree on the employee & # 8217 ; s portion. Leting an employee with a low ( R1, or R2 )

preparedness degree to telecommute is non likely to ensue in a positive mode.

When an employee has a high preparedness degree and a definite desire to try

working in the place, for some ground or another, many factors should be

considered. What sort of agenda does the employee feel constitutes

telecommuting? By and large talking, telecommuting is defined as disbursement at

least one twenty-four hours out of a five twenty-four hours work hebdomad working in the place. Is one twenty-four hours place

plenty for the employee? Or, excessively small? How does the employer make up one’s mind how many

yearss to let? Does the employee & # 8217 ; s occupation impart itself good to telecommuting? Some

occupations, evidently, can & # 8217 ; t be accomplished utilizing a teleworking format. Does the

employee have a good path record for working unsupervised? This relates back

to preparedness degrees. An employee who isn & # 8217 ; t executing at a high preparedness degree

should non even be considered as a campaigner for telecommuting. All of these

inquiries and many more must be answered on a instance by instance footing.

This peculiar venture into originative programming has its ups and downs as

good from an employee & # 8217 ; s point of position. It can be rather a bed of roses for both

employee and employer. A batch of nice odors and pretty sights, but watch out

for the irritants. In several surveies I reviewed I noticed that the teleworking

population loses many of the rudimentss of the societal contacts associated with the

office environment. Judging the right sum of clip that an employee should

pass working at place in relation to working at the office can hold a

important impact on both public presentation and satisfaction. It & # 8217 ; s normally difficult for

person to wholly cut themselves off from their work environment and still

perform good. The sense of being out of touch with the others in the work force

can be mitigated by the usage of electronic mail, teleconference, and the of all time faithful

telephone. These devices, in a best instance scenario, can wholly replace

for face to confront interaction. That & # 8217 ; s a strong statement and I would wish to

explicate a few conditions. The best instance scenario assumes an person is at a

really high preparedness degree and has really small perceived demand for societal

interaction with the other office employees. In a worst instance scenario an

employee can lose touch with the pulsation of the office, lose motive, and their

preparedness degree could drop. This type of scenario is likely to acquire out of manus

if the employee is ne’er in the office to have the appropriate feedback.

It sounds as if I & # 8217 ; m non truly impressed with telecommuting but that & # 8217 ; s non

true. Let & # 8217 ; s expression at a few of the truly solid bene

tantrums for the employer. The

employer can offer telecommuting as an option for prospective employees to

better enlisting. The current employees could be offered it to maintain them

about. Salvaging one employee could salvage the company a big sum of money.

& # 8220 ; Most employers don & # 8217 ; t maintain accurate records of the costs of losing good

employees and happening and retraining replacings, but at that place have been estimations

runing from $ 30,000 to over $ 100,000 to replace a professional. & # 8221 ; The of all time

present crunch for infinite could drive a company to cut down the sum of office

infinite it requires. Telecommuting makes the employee supply his ain office

infinite. It & # 8217 ; s been shown that telecommuting does increase productiveness with

typical additions in the 15 to 25 per centum scope. These additions may come from the

significantly less clip a individual spends at the company H2O ice chest. A company

can better client service by doing usage of telecommuters. It would be much

less to hold a few people replying phones at place at 3 O & # 8217 ; clock in the forenoon

than running a skeleton crew in a heated/air-conditioned, lighted, and such

office edifice.

So what & # 8217 ; s in it for the employee? That depends largely on which peculiar

employee we are mentioning excessively. Telecommuting allows person with a physical

disability that could non really transpose to the workplace to still work as a

valuable employee. It would let person who has little kids and feels a

great demand to be place for them to still work and hold a calling. The distance an

employee must go daily to work is a factor that can bring on great sums of

defeat and disbursal into their lives. Telecommuting can relieve this

emphasis. Job satisfaction can be enhanced by leting greater freedom and

confering greater duty. Employees should be cognizant of some of the

booby traps of telecommuting every bit good as the benefits. It is estimated that

telecommuters earn less overall so office workers. As a general regulation a

professional telecommuter will gain about 91 % of the pay of an office

working professional and clerical workers.

All of these considerations must factor into a determination by a company to

implement a telecommuting plan. Many factors must be taken into history and

clear organisational ends must be stated. It is vitally of import for the

direction to back up the plan and for a great grade of trust to be

between employer and employee. Execution of a pilot plan can take old ages

and affect many facets of the company as a whole.

On the whole, I am impressed with the possibilities that telecommuting

nowadayss and daunted by the jobs that can harvest up. I feel that a well

thought out, carefully planned, and scrupulously applied plan can profit

most companies in most state of affairss. I don & # 8217 ; t experience that teleworking is for every

company but it could surely profit many.


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