This endeavor can prove to be difficult because they tint world around them has already defined them by the color of their skin. They are bombarded with negative images of the self?reinforced by the media, either overtly or subtly, which may ultimately have an impact on their development and their overall sense of who they are or who they can become”(Radar C. Martin). Shows like the Boondocks only help to reinforce this stereotype. Throughout the show you will see the characters Riley, Hue and even their “Granddad” engaged in stereotypical active actions. According to Adair C.

Martin “Unfortunately, people often believe that what they see on TV is a true representation of the world and the people around them, especially when they have no other frame of reference or experience in their own lives with which to compare or conflict with what they have seen” (Adair C. Martin). The Boondocks however funny it may be portrays a negative light to other races about African Americans, it helps assimilate to other races the stereotypes perpetuated on African Americans. This show unless explained or seen under the eight parameters will truly be taken out of context.

Family Guy featured on Comedy Central is another show that makes fun of races through humor no race is exempt. They have made fun of African Americans, Asians, Jews, Native Americans “Compared to Caucasians and African Americans, Latino were under-represented on primetimes television, where they comprised only 3% of television characters” (Monk and Tuner). This is important to realize since they are not many American Television shows that portray Latino. According to the U. S. Census, Latino are the nation’s largest ethnic r race minority as well as the fastest growing minority group (Monk Turner).

With that being said it is important that shows that are aired be a beacon of light to help represent this class. George Lopez is a TV show that many people have watched. It is good to note that on this show there is a loving family, husband, wife, two children and a grandmother. However through multiple shows you will see that the power in the home is the male character George, and that Angier the wife is considered Just a home wife and her attempts to be a bread winner are mocked and not encouraged.

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Throughout multiple episodes you will notice George negatively mocking his own race and presenting Ladino’s in contradictory view. You will see in the show Ladino’s being made fun of for having heavier accents, less education, less paying Jobs, and criminal minded. In conclusion race humor is highly prevalent in television. These images as well Jokes help associate young African Americans with a low self-esteem about themselves as well reinforce typical stereotypes. Shows with race humor such as the Boondocks, Dave Chapels, George Lopez and Family Guy tend to increase these active stereotypes in cultures.

To get the high ratings these shows use tactics that you would expect to see, ones that Americans delight in. These shows or writers are not changeling the audience neither to think outside of the box nor to challenge the social norm. However shows such The Cowboy’s, The Wane’s Brother’s, Tyler Perry’s For Better or For Worse, All of us, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Keener and Keel, Different Strokes and My Wife and Kids all do a decent Job in helping to minimize stereotypes. There is truly not enough being done to help establish a good image of race in days world.

Television can make a change and help play a vital role in making this difference Just as it has done in taking part of stereotyping and race humor.


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