Saint Monica was an early Christian saint who was born and raised in the Roman empire. She was the mother of SST. Augustine of Hippo and is honored in the Roman Catholic Church where she is remembered and venerated for her outstanding Christian virtues. Saint Monica lived an extremely hard life. She was unhappily married and suffered against the adultery of her husband. Also, she was faced with the challenge of converting her son Augustine. He lived a scandalous life and began several affairs throughout his teenage years. Saint Monica dedicated 17 years of prayer to the reformation of her son.

Eventually, SST Augustine realized his doings and devoted himself to the church and is now a saint whose writings are considered very influential in the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy. I learned that prayer and devotion can change ones life. Saint Monica never gave up on her son, she stood by his side and prayed for his reformation. Eventually, SST. Augustine came around. Although, he loved an unholy life he managed to change and that taught me that nothing is impossible. I found both of these saints important for countless reasons.

First off, Saint Monica persevered with her dedication to her troubled son. They are important because it teaches everyone that it is not to late in life to turn to God for love and guidance. Both saints are good role models. Saint Monica demonstrates dedication, devotion, and perseverance. Saint Augustine teaches us God is accepting and will love us no matter.


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