Terrorism is an insidious form of warfare; it’s a subtle process and it comes without warning, claiming the lives of young children and innocent bystanders. Destroying and corrupting the daily lives of many, and in most instances we are unaware of the alliances they are associated with until after the damage is done. This kind of war tugs at the heart strings of many people around the US and throughout the globe. We fear the unknown and terrorism is truly terror that can strike at any minute. Unlike civil wars and global wars we know what we are getting into.

It’s a travesty what has taken place in our nation over the last thirteen years. 9/1 1, al-Cicada’s terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center changed the way the United States looks and feels about terrorism. Since then The United States planned and developed the Counterterrorism Strategy. Where you will find on the United States Government website, it outlines the strategies and precautions they are taking against threats to protect our homeland. On the Bi’s official websites’ main page, it states “It’s our top priority-protecting the U.

S. From terrorist attacks. ” How so? They work closely with a range of partners, including the National Security Agency; which I’m sure you are aware because of the media informing us on the daily about all our personal data and information including phone conversations, pictures, emails, and text messages are being stored. They are probably reading our posts online now. This helps them track and dismantle extremist networks worldwide, and cut off financing and other forms of support provided by terrorist sympathizers.

Terrorist all have personal agendas, whether it is 20 virgins or whatever the case is, they all have one thing in common. They are cowards. Terrorists seldom announce their moves in advance; quite often the announcement is the attack. They cynically scare us and move on. Governments are compelled politically to say they are well informed about the matter and are on top of it, but in reality they are seldom either. The next real attack is likely to catch everyone by surprise, and no amount of warlike preparation significantly letters that prospect.

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I seen a poll on CNN news that 57% of Americans believe a terror attack will likely happen at the Socio games in Russia this year. That compares with the 51% who believed before the 1996 Summer Games started in Atlanta that a terrorist act would occur. Sadly, the latter prediction proved true. There is a fear factor that has been instilled us, but is it rightfully so? Check out the statistics on the likelihood of an American being killed by a random terrorist attack, vs.. Her natural or unnatural forms of death. With that I leave you with Franklin D. Roosevelt wise words of caution: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself. ” If that is so then let us look critically at the available data about terrorism. Not play into the fear factor that terrorist get their rise from. Http://www. Whitehorse. Gob/sites/default/files/ counterterrorism_strategy. PDF http://www. FBI. Gob/about-us/investigate/terrorism New Question: Terrorism, an Insidious Form of Warfare By Jennings


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