When analysing the world’s current state of affairs refering terrorist act. it is hard to state whether the planetary war on terrorist act has been a successful 1. Since the September 11. 2001 onslaught on the World Trade Centers in New York City. George Bush. former president of the United States. vowed to get the better of terrorist act. Eight old ages subsequently. this promise has yet to be fulfilled. and even with the aid of many states globally. the menace of terrorist act is still apparent more so of all time. which inquiries whether the planetary war on panic is wining. Furthermore. to wholly hold on the topic. one must be familiar with the definition of terrorist act and it can be defined as an act of force or threatened force intended to distribute terror in a society. and to convey approximately political alteration.

Terrorists do non needfully live in their native provinces. they besides migrate to adjacent states. and states abroad and frequently go undetected. The logistics and adult male power it takes to battle terrorist act is huge. and it seems more apparent that the planetary war on terrorist act is non wining due to basically three factors. First. that The United States has created a terrorist oasis in the Middle East. Second. international support for the planetary war on terrorist act is diminishing. Third. terrorist act has been on the changeless addition since September 11. 2001.

On March 19. 2003. former American President George W. Bush announced to the universe that the United States and the United Kingdom would be occupying Iraq. He stated that this military operation was designed to “disarm Iraq. liberate its people and to support the universe from sedate danger. ” America had seen Iraq to be a major menace against universe peace every bit good as a “breeding land for terrorists” . and that it had to extinguish this menace before they could assail once more. On March 20. 2003. a twenty-four hours after President Bushes reference. The United States and the United Kingdom began their invasion of Iraq. Although the invasion was intended to demilitarize Iraq from any arms of mass devastation. it was besides aimed at bring outing and extinguishing any terrorist organisations within the state since several United States functionaries accused Hussein of harbouring and back uping al-Qa’ida. the terrorist organisation responsible for the September 11 onslaughts.

In fact. no arms of mass devastation were of all time found and it was discovered that there was “no direct connexion between Saddam’s Iraq and al-Qaeda. ” Furthermore. while there was no concrete connexion between Iraq and terrorist act. the United States and the United Kingdom decided to stay in Iraq and emancipate its people. Furthermore. onslaughts on military personnels were being carried out daily and Iraqis say that these onslaughts were being made by “organized forces – motivated by patriotism. Islam and avenge – that feed off public sadness. ” Alternatively of making a more broad and safe Iraq. what the United States and United Kingdom had done was basically conveying more force and terrorist activity to the state. Prior to the United States’ and United Kingdom’s business. the people of Iraq were non able to talk their heads. but what they did hold was security and the basic comfortss to acquire through the twenty-four hours.

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After the business had taken topographic point. the Iraqi people to this twenty-four hours “fear being attacked in their sleeping rooms ; power. H2O. and telephones are routinely unavailable. ” Shiites. which are a subdivision of Islam. supported the removing of Saddam Hussein from power. but got progressively hostile towards the United States’ and United Kingdom’s business of their state. This ill will resulted in the creative activity of spiritual extremists within Iraq which “have told western newsmans that they are prepared to transport out martyrdom operations if and when they receive orders to make so. ” The United States and United Kingdom invasion of Iraq had non merely increased spiritual extremism in the state. but it was besides used as a “recruitment tool by al-Qaeda and other groups. ” The caput of Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia. Saad al-Faqih. said that “images of American soldiers and armored combat vehicles in Baghdad are profoundly mortifying to Muslims. ” This humiliation is one of many things that tends to trip deep choler for American and British forces busying Iraq. and finally creates terrorists.

However. some argue that the business of Iraq was indispensable in the planetary battle against terrorist act. Former President George W. Bush stated that if the United States and the United Kingdom had non invaded Iraq. terrorists would non be idle. He goes on to state that “they would be plotting and killing [ people ] across the universe and within [ American ] boundary lines. By contending these terrorists in Iraq. Americans in uniform are get the better ofing a direct menace to the American people. ” Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom besides agreed with Bush’s remarks saying “There is perfectly no uncertainty in my head that what is go oning in Iraq now…is important for the security of the universe. ”


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