Terry Perry Assignment

Terri Perry is an intelligent college student, who has decided to direct her career into the field of Social Work. As her place of field work, Terri chose the County Probation Office. After only a few weeks the chief probation officer, Mr.DeMiranda, started to make Terri feel uncomfortable. Terri started to feel as if Mr.DeMiranda has some sort of interest in her. During one encounter Mr.DeMiranda brushed against her at the water fountain. He then asks her to sit next to him in a staff meeting, where he began to press his legs against hers under the table. Terri tried to avoid Mr.DeMiranda after that incident. Avoiding Mr.DeMiranda didn’t work. The entire situation has left Terri lost as to what she should do. This situation may be dealt with in many different ways. Before doing so, an individual should use the Code of Ethics as a reference. The Code of Ethics will help one ensure that no code is being broken. In Terri’s situation, two of the Code of Ethics are broken. To begin with, the code of Social Workers Ethical responsibilities to colleagues was violated. The code of Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues discussed how individuals should be treated with respect and not taken advantage of or exploited into inappropriate conversation. When Mr.DeMiranda touched Terri he violated that ethic.

This code of ethic also discusses sexual harassment and sexual relationships. By brushing against Terri’s leg and pressing his leg against hers, Mr.DeMiranda violated this law. The Social Workers Ethical Responsibilities as professionals is in danger of being violated. This code discussed dishonesty and fraud. Social workers should not participate in, condone, or be associated with dishonesty, fraud, or deception. If Terri was to notify someone of higher authority about situation, and she or Mr.DeMiranda was to be dishonest, the code would be violated. Even if either of the two were to knowingly only tell the partial truth, this law would still be violated. There is more than one way that Terri can handle this situation. Being that avoiding Mr.DeMiranda did not work, Terri should for think hard on what’s the next best thing to do.

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Terri has to first find the probation office’s sexual harassment policy. Terri should then see consultation from someone whom she trusts. She shouldn’t release a name just yet. Terri should give a very familiar scenario, and see what feedback she receives. If needed, Terrie should even seek more than one person to consult with. More than likely, Terri will be forced to speak up about the actual situation which is a good thing. People are continuously being sexually assaulted and harassed every day without speaking about it. As a future social worker, Terri should set an example. That may influence someone else to speak up about a similar situation that they are having. Terri should also know that this situation may cause others. Mr.DeMiranda may deny the entire situation or someone may not believe her. As a social worker, one has to know when to and when not to fight a battle. The situation is definitely worth it. There may be someone else that Me. DeMiranda is assaulting and Terri’s situation may persuade then to speak up as well.

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