Tesco is an international food market and general selling retail concatenation which set up its headquarter in UK. It is one of the taking retail merchants around the universe and the largest British retail merchant measured both by planetary gross revenues and local market portion. It is presently the 3rd largest planetary retail merchant founded on gross, merely following the Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Tesco possesses more than 3700 subdivisions all over the Earth ; the figure of employees has reached 440,000. ( Tesco: Annual Report, 2008 ) Aside from UK, Tesco besides operates its concern graduated table in other 13 states including America, China and Japan. Original commercial sectors of Tesco chiefly specialize in nutrient and drink related parts, subsequently it expands its concern graduated table into countries such as vesture, electronics, fiscal services, telecoms, cyberspace services, package, family and personal wellness attention.

Another company targeted as comparing located its HQ in China. Hongqi is one of the earliest supermarket concatenation which gropes for franchise form and managerial end product theoretical account. The concern graduated table contains vesture, ornaments, day-to-day ingestions, artefacts, electronics, educational ingestions, nutrient and drink and personal services. With more than 15 old ages backbreaking development, by the twelvemonth terminal of 2009, Hongqi has already expanded its commercial ironss to about 4000 all over the domestic market and strives to diversify its operational graduated tables.

The common commercial section for both companies is the food market mechanisation which supplies public day-to-day ingestions. This concern sector serves to be the chief beginning of gross in the income statements and will be chiefly emphasized.

Operational inside informations of Tesco

Franchise form is the most favorite pick for many food market mechanisations. The concern graduated table mostly covers day-to-day ingestions such as nutrient, drink, ornaments, nowadayss and other pertinent points. Tesco shops can be categorized into several formats which are based on the size, layout and scope of merchandises in order to suit clients ‘ demand. Tesco Extra shops are hypermarkets which sell about all trade names of Tesco ‘s merchandise ranges including many big industries such as Coca Cola and GE. The first shop was opened in 1997 and the shops figure has achieved about 20 per twelvemonth. Newer shops are typically constructed on two floors, with the first floor settled for nutrient, drink, vesture, and amusement services purpose. Cafeteria characterizes the characteristics of most Tesco Extra shops. Another sort of shop is the Tesco Superstores which are normal supermarkets, selling food markets and a comparative smaller scope of merchandises. The first is in Hackney on Mare Street and now extended to a great Numberss. Tesco Metro shops are the 3rd chief signifier of Tesco ironss. Tesco Metro shops are normally located in metropolis centres, urban parts and the interior metropolis. About all Tesco subdivisions that possess high street forms are renamed as Tesco Metro with the purpose of offering an individuality to the bomber trade name. The sale graduated table of Tesco Metro is similar with Tesco Superstores. Tesco Express is one convenience store which mostly concentrates on the stocking of nutrient and day-to-day necessities with an association on high-margin merchandises. Beside main makers ‘ trade name merchandises, Tesco is besides the predecessor of popularising its ain trade names such as Tesco Value and Tesco Finest.

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Corporate Strategy of Tesco

Known for the focal point and attention on the consumer ‘s demand, Tesco develops seriess of sale program and policy to run into changing and variable concern demands. For the intent of functioning local dwellers more handily and better, Tesco tends to engage local people as employees and offer standard wages in that local people may understand client ‘s demand more comprehensively and this commercial policy makes Tesco occupy the taking place within EU and Asia markets. ( Simms, Andrew, 2007 ) Tesco strives to do both employees and consumers feel themselves as indispensible component within the day-to-day operations and win the trust via quality and service security.

In common with other big retail merchants, Tesco transportations cargoes from providers into regional allotment centres to fix for packing and presenting. Tesco besides tries to widen its logistic exercising to be after proper allotment to cut down transit costs and better dependability. The managerial concern chiefly lies on the traditional method such as route. The distribution web of Tesco late has shifted to some other possible options due to disbursals consideration and legislative assembly demands. The rail and canal use are progressively grow with the enlargement of company ‘s concern graduated table, combined with sea conveyance, these new theoretical accounts bit by bit supersede the ruling place of route in transference methods in some parts.

One outstanding scheme is the usage of Tesco ‘s own-brand merchandises as mentioned before, it includes the upper category trade name Finest, mid-range Tesco trade name and low-range trade name Value which covers several mundane points such as nutrient, drink, family and Mobile. The phrase “ The Tesco Way ” describes the house ‘s nucleus values and rules system. This tactic expands both domestically and internationally house ‘s market power and deducing a focal point on both clients and employees. Tesco exerts great attempt to keep its repute and trade name popularity via tremendous investing and advertisement procedure. Tesco executes seriess of dispersed actions to vouch its celebrity. Its central slogan is “ Every small aid ” and the advertizements in print and on telecasting chiefly component of merchandise image, information about monetary value or appropriate text contents. Tesco besides inputs great sum of money to ask for stars to publicize its merchandises. Tesco besides has engaged in the parts of its pre-tax net incomes to auspice regional community organisations, charities and societal public assistance.

The market is teemed with tough competition. Tesco respects competition in a broad scope of retail merchant challengers such as Sainsbury ‘s and Morrison. The retail merchants ‘ development history shows how fast can it neglect and win in a comparative short period. In its response, Tesco sustains its sensitiveness over the market demand and ne’er loosen up. Albeit competitory through the market power, Tesco besides has to confront the force per unit area imposed by other possible effectual challengers, particularly under the status that consumers have alternate purchase chances. One tactic concerns toward the flexible pricing policy. It is believed that pricing policy is the central competitory mode to busy the market portions, nevertheless, a malignant contend in bend may do a serious net income loss. Tesco stocks most merchandises on the footing of national pricing degree. Express shops use a distinguishable monetary value list which sells merchandises at a comparative higher degree due to excess costs.

Operational inside informations of Hongqi

Similar with Tesco, Hongqi operates its concern over assorted sites around China and provides chiefly day-to-day ingestions. Since its constitution, within 9 old ages development, Hongqi has already occupied the West market capacity of China associated with ladings distribution services and E-business services. It possesses cargoes allotment centres and pertinent merchandises providers have reached about 1000. The merchandises range varies from domestic makers to international and foreign goods. In order to follow the gait of market development, Hongqi constructed POS/MIS automatic managerial system which fits its ain development phase and state of affairs. With the debut system, house settles the web of direction, finance and distribution, increasing the operational efficiency and guaranting farther enlargement. One feature of this web is to cut down its fiscal and operating hazards and to heighten the turnover speed.

The operating site of Hongqi normally occupies individual floor due to the purpose of cut downing the rental costs. It designs its concern graduated table chiefly on the nutrient and drink sector, so the apparent publicity of gross revenues is centrally focused on the nutrient and drink pricing policies. Common work hours for each employee is 8 hours a twenty-four hours and displacement system is widely accepted. Employees must have preparation classs about the service processs and adviser assistance every set period. The house assumes the preparation disbursals to increase employees ‘ ability and assurance.

With the tendency of market demands, Hongqi adopts the quality control scheme to keep and spread out its market portions. First and first, Hongqi exerts great attempt to make a convenient and comfy shopping environment for clients. Second, it insists the rule of suiting consumers ‘ demand to derive public trust, particularly on the juncture of merchandises ‘ quality defects incurred by external factors, Hongqi positively and actively adopts seriess of steps for compensation. From a competition position, the existent issue is the balance of profitableness for retail concerns and the hurt for consumers. Hongqi rejects the mode of restricting its handiness to suitable sites. On the contrary, Hongqi under specific fortunes are willing to take the hazard of widening its operating sites. If Hongqi is targeted by neighbouring challengers, to a really limited extent, it involves itself in short term local pricing competition. It is non surprising that Hongqi lists some merchandises monetary value degree below the cost for the dynamicity of pricing system among retail concern.

During past 9 old ages, Hongqi concatenation patrons societal communities and other non-profit organisations more than 30 1000000s. It is consistent with the operational policy of popularisation merely by charity and public public assistance set abouting instead than advertizement.

Difference between two endeavors

The chief disagreement of two houses is the grade of battle of international minutess. Tesco ‘s aggressive spread outing stairss play a more active map in increasing its concern graduated table. Tesco ‘s international enlargement scheme has responded to the demand of local outlooks in foreign states in the signifier of joint ventures cooperated with local spouses. Regional acquisitions are besides a portion of this enlargement scheme ; for case, in 2006 fiscal twelvemonth Tesco acquired two entities in Poland and Japan severally. Although the UK market still accounts for more than 75 % of gross income, Tesco continues its dilatation in the foreseeable hereafter and dressed ores on concern sectors which possess strong market place. Hongqi, on the other manus, tends to concentrate its concern sector on domestic parts and therefore miss certain experience in the international markets. Another differentiation is the dispersed policies utilized by two houses. Tesco is prone to utilize telecasting and cyberspace as primary manner to heighten its repute and popularity while Hongqi tends to utilize societal public assistance as one important resource to increase its influence and this is manifested by the input on such societal actions. Finally, Tesco possesses its ain trade name and declines its dependence upon other providers, to some extent ; this behaviour helps to cut down purchase costs. Hongqi on the other manus greatly counts on external suppliers and limits its commercial flexibleness.


The difference discussed above gives intimation about the ground why two houses which operate similar concern are distinct in operating graduated tables and public presentations. To the bow, although two houses ‘ commercial ethoses are closely connected, particularly in the regard of attitude toward consumers and quality direction, the scheme adopted by each one is incompatible. One factor is the internationalisation which serves to be of import in determining two houses. The direct grounds for this scheme is the fiscal public presentations. As Tesco has a broad scope of concern sites, its gross revenues greatly surpasses Hongqi ‘s outlooks. However, enlargement besides associated with market and political hazards which require company to presume much more risk tolerance ability. Another factor is the diverseness of concern form. Tesco divides its concern theoretical accounts into several forms, such as Tesco Extra, Superstores and Metro. By contrast, Hongqi ‘s concern form is more or less confined and its graduated table coverage is besides limited. Comprehensively, for retail industry, enlargement and variegation of operations are two important constituents in house ‘s development.


Tesco: Annual Report. Tesco. 2008

Simms, Andrew ( 2007 ) . Tescopoly: how one store came out on top and why it matters. London: Constable.


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