Hundreds of grammatically wrong text messages are sent every twenty-four hours. In this essay I will research and research the originative techniques we use every twenty-four hours. when pass oning via short messaging services. and how they are eliminating the English Language as we know it. I will besides be analyzing these techniques to detect when and why we use them. Today. we can presume around 4. 1 million texts will be sent intending few people can honestly acknowledge that during their lives they have ne’er sent a text. This agonisingly big figure has developed since 1992. when the first text message was sent. I can reason that this message would hold been written in a formal format. as the originative techniques used so frequently today were yet to be discovered. During 1995. SMS was launched commercially in the United Kingdom. On Valentine’s Day 2003. 78 million texts were sent. this was a 37 % addition in the text figures for 2002 and 6 times the figure of traditional cards sent that same twelvemonth.

This is proof that that texting was get downing to overmaster the conventional universe. as it is such a phenomenal rate of alteration. When messaging person. we use many different processs to near the creativeness within the techniques used. One of the chief characteristics of this multi-modal idiom is vowel skip. This is when the transmitter leaves out the vowel sounds. for illustration “pls” or “hv” . My information topic said “Cn brng mny” in an effort to state me she “can conveying the money” . A survey of this transmitters texts shows an idiolect development as she uses vowel skip a batch when texting. However. with this miss being a adolescent. she merely seems to utilize this technique when reaching close friends of a similar age group. proposing she understands that people who are non used to having these vivid techniques may non be able to calculate out what they are meant to state. I am foretelling she uses vowel skip strictly for brevity as it would non impact the cost of the message.

On the other manus. with prognostic text now being a outstanding characteristic on the bulk of phones. it is possible that this in fact a characteristic of idiom and is used for consequence. Another technique is homophonic representation. which is the usage of individual letters and Numberss which have a similar sound to the letters they have substituted within the word. Some illustrations of this would be “M8” or “u” . This is a conversational technique used normally as it is the shortening of words. The same information topic demonstrated this technique when texting her friends. “G2G M8” is and infusion from one of her messages. I think this is a prevailing characteristic as you spell it phonetically as opposed to utilizing the single letters of the right spelling. doing it easier and faster to type. This technique being one of spoken linguistic communication. it does non hold the formality of written linguistic communication. Acronymy is besides a common characteristic in texting. This is because this multi-modal characteristic is a simple manner of uniting legion words in to one. It is similar in initialism in this sense ; nevertheless you pronounce it as one word alternatively of stating each missive separately.

An illustration of acronymy could be “rofl” . intending “rolling on the floor laughing” . This characteristic can go misunderstood. as certain illustrations can hold multiple indications. such as “lol” which can intend “lots of love” or “laugh out loud” . This illustration has many versions so can take to confusion in certain facets. I frequently use this technique in my texts and have found it is impacting our sociolect as it is heard on a regular basis in conversation. Controversy has arisen. claiming that text speak is the ‘language if the young’ . This disagreement is found largely in older coevalss because of the possibility of miscommunication. For this ground. we have learnt to accommodate our linguistic communication depending on the receiving system of the message. Extracting this from my informations topic. “it depends of the sum of committedness required” . This lexical adjustment aligns the manner we speak to forestall holding to decode the modern techniques.

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On the reverse. throughout my research I have noticed that when texting loved 1s. within any age scope. we disregard this alteration and in fact use the techniques more ; my illustration is my informations topic having a text from her female parent. “In da auto standard pressure. c u 5 mins ten x x” is utilizing many characteristics such as variant spelling and homophonic representation. When I asked the informations subject’s female parent why she uses these. I was told “I thought that’s what the childs do” . This suggests that we are all expected to text like this and are unmindful to other people approach to texting. When fostering my research I discovered that the bulk of younger people now own a smart phone with a QWERTY keyboard. doing it easier to type the words out in full. so these techniques are going rarer. We besides change the attitude of the message depending on the context. for illustration you would non text person to inform them about a decease as it comes across as insensitive. We besides modify the linguistic communication used to look polite.

This would use when texting person new. “ey up scoria ; ) ” would decidedly be inappropriate even with the usage of face-threatening Acts of the Apostless. which means to pique person but to demo you are being sarcastic by including a emoticon. This technique should be used merely with people you are comfy with as certain people may non understand the gag behind the message. The inquiry most frequently voiced is inquiring whether ‘text speak’ is destroying the English Language. My research shown that to be able to text suitably. you have understand the original message to so redact the techniques into the text. However. it has besides provided cogent evidence that it is crawling into the spoken linguistic communication the more we use it. by organizing bad wonts and going accustom to utilizing thw techniques.


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