Get downing up a new air hose is by record an highly hazardous concern venture with high and really low cyclical rhythms in relation to GDP growing globally, regionally and domestically. The air hose industry has ever been an unpredictable and systematically altering concern with merely a few participants able to have net incomes from the immense capital costs involved. An air hose whether bing of freshly formed must be able to react rapidly to external forces, be flexible and distinguish the merchandise from other rivals. Apart from set uping an air hose capable of having net incomes, the day-to-day operations of the air hose must be given complete attending to guarantee that ordinances are met and to fulfill clients with on-time public presentation, detain direction and efficient use of aircraft.

“ Bangkok is a critical regional hub for touristry. Any fluctuation in reachings is felt throughout Southeast Asia, demoing the importance of Thai Tourism as an economic and employment accelerator for the full bomber part ” ( World Tourism Organisation, 2010 ) . Because of this Thailand is the perfect topographic point for both touristry which has 15.5 million visitants yearly, and geographically good endowed for flights within Asia and making out to the U.S.A. and Europe from its strategic place. Aurora Air is based in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airdrome which was late opened in September of 2006 and will hold an ultimate capacity of 45 million riders yearly and designed to provide for big aircraft such as the A380 ( A-Z Group Limited, 2010 ) .

Organizational Structure

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( Analyst )

Karina Law

( Operations Manager )

Samantha Williams

( Secretary )

Information about air hose

Airline purposes to run as a full service bearer to provide for the big sum of leisure travelers to Thailand and concern travelers wishing to carry on concern within comfortable South-East Asia. Our air hose intends to establish out of the state ‘s chief international airdrome Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

We have decided upon utilizing Thailand as the central offices due to a figure of grounds:

“ Asia is presenting a vigorous and balanced recovery ” , with the ASEAN economic systems projected to turn by 5.5 % in 2010 ( International Monetary Fund, 2010 ) .

International competition out of Thailand is comparatively low with merely Thai Airways being the chief rival with their fiscal consequences presenting a hapless image.

The great geographical location allows the 737-900ER aircraft to make across all of Asia and 787-9 aircraft to make all parts of the universe apart from East seashore of USA, Mexico and South America.

The place of Thailand besides gives the air hose merely a few hours lost due to clip zone differences within the Asia part.

Tourism is highly high in Thailand with about 70 % of foreign reachings go throughing through Suvarnabhumi airdrome with 14.58 million tourers in 2008 ( Theparat, 2010 ) .

Business Model

Aurora Air will be runing as a full service bearer to take advantage of the dual digit growing rates of 26.7 % compared to the same clip last twelvemonth accounting for 9 % of the universe ‘s premium traffic bring forthing 9.3 % gross 2nd merely to the North Atlantic in market portion. Increase in premium and economic system categories for the first half of this twelvemonth have been driven by concern travelers instead than tourists with universe concern assurance spread outing ( International Air Transport Association, 2010 ) .

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Using market research demoing the sum of visitants to Thailand through Suvarnabhumi airdrome air hose has decided upon winging the most demanded paths of Israel, China, Taipei, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India and Japan. Below is a more elaborate market analysis of these selected finishs and which airport air hose intends on winging to.


The air hose fleet consists of two different theoretical accounts from the Boeing aircraft scope. These aircraft have been proven to be dependable and economical leting the air hose to hale menu paying traffic in the extreme safety.

Boeing 737-900ER

Boeing 787-9

Market Analysis

Headquarterss: Asia, Thailand, Bangkok, BKK

General Information

Thailand is a good established state with a free endeavor economic system with pro investing policies and a really strong export industry. The state has averaged growing in the 2000 ‘s with 4 % a twelvemonth nevertheless last twelvemonth with the planetary fiscal crises the economic system contracted at 2.8 % with the Government funding stimulation undertakings to resuscitate the economic system. Thailand is anticipating growing at 12.87 % GDP over the current period with a more steady growing at 7.5 % for the following five old ages, much larger than the forecasted 4.28 % in the U.S.A. This mean growing in GDP is a much more positive figure than states within the European Union which are fighting financially with the planetary fiscal crises and as such between 2008 and 2009 the economic system contracted by 10.55 % with a little betterment this twelvemonth of increasing at 0.58 % and 2010-2011 period expected to turn by 2.31 % . In contrast ASEAN-5 merely lost 1.16 % of GDP over the 2008-2009 period and rapidly regained to 17.45 % growing in 2009-2010 and is expected to hold an mean growing of 10 % over the following five old ages ( International Monetary Fund, 2010 ) .


Our central office is based in Bangkok the capital of Thailand due to the high population, high figure of concerns and geographic location in South East Asia making most of the universe ‘s population within a few hours winging clip. Unfortunately Bangkok this twelvemonth has been the Centre for political agitation in which the touristry industry lost AUD $ 261 million in March and April nevertheless since so degrees of tourers have been expected to increase back to normal degrees at around 14.58 million foreign visitants ( Theparat, 2010 ) .


Our chief rivals runing out of Suvarnabhumi airdrome include:

Thai Airways, The national bearer which is a full service bearer offering 547 hebdomadal flights internationally over 20 states.

Bangkok Airways, a regional air hose runing to Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Thai AirAsia, the merely low cost bearer runing domestic and international flights from Suvarnabhumi airdrome to 10 Southeast and East Asiatic finishs.

Other chief rivals that serve the same paths as Aurora Air include:

Air China, the 2nd largest air hose in China.

All Nippon Airways, a big full service air hose based out of Japan.

Asiana Airlines, a 5 star air hose based in Korea.

British Airways, a flag bearer full service runing out of The United Kingdom.

Cathay Pacific, the full service flag bearer for Hong Kong.

China Airlines, the flag bearer for China.

Delta Airlines, one of the universe ‘s largest air hoses based in America.

El Al, the flag bearer for the province of Israel.

Emirates, the largest major air hose in the Middle East being the national air hose of the UAE.

EVA Air, a big air hose based in Taiwan.

Japan Airlines, the flag bearer for Japan.

Jetstar Asia Airways, a low cost air hose based in Singapore.

Kingfisher, another air hose to transport the 5 star evaluation based in India.

KLM, the national air hose of the Netherlands.

Korean Air, is the flag bearer and largest air hose in South Korea.

Royal Jordanian, a big air hose based in Jordan.

Shanghai Airlines, another big air hose based in China.

Singapore Airlines, the flag bearer for Singapore.

SriLankan Airlines, the national air hose of Sri Lanka.

Tiger Airways, a low cost bearer based in Singapore.

United Airlines, a major air hose based in the United States.


As stated above Thailand is enriched with touristry holding a big sum of the Thai economic system dependent on foreign visitants, whilst premium traffic in the part has recovered rapidly in malice of the universe fiscal crises. Due to this there is a big volume of rider traffic that can be tapped into, both leisure and concern with Thailand ‘s GDP to turn steadily at a modest 7.5 % over the following five old ages guaranting that air traffic demand grows with this addition and Aurora Air plans to capture this turning market.

The graph above indicates the degrees of touristry by air associated with Thailand and the forecasted tendency line. This tendency line nevertheless has been significantly impacted by the 2006 bloodless putsch in Thailand the S.A.R.S. virus and the planetary fiscal crises. We expect the prognosis to be much more optimistic than this as this tendency line has taken into history many big graduated table hardships that we do non anticipate to be repeated in the hereafter.

Arrivals in June and July of 2010 have increased dramatically due to the speedy launch of recovery programmes with East Asian visitant reachings consisting the largest sum of market portion of about 4 million people geting through Suvarnabhumi airdrome in 2009 which is half of the entire sum of tourers geting in Thailand through other airdromes or transit types. Europe is a close 2nd with more than 3 million foreign reachings through Suvarnabhumi airdrome. South Asia and the U.S.A. have 758,000 and 697,000 reachings severally.

Asia, China, Shanghai, PVG


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