The 7s Model was introduced for the first clip in 1981. by Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos. McKinsey. an American consultancy agency. adopted the theoretical account. used it often and made it one of the best-known direction theoretical accounts in the universe. The 7s Model bases for seven facets where an organisation should pay attending to. in order to work successfully: Staff. Style. Structure. System. Strategy. Skills and Shared Values. These 7 facets have to back up and reenforce each other to accomplish the ends of an organisation.

The 7s theoretical account is easy to retrieve and it seems to cover al the facets of direction. But is this theoretical account so great? Does it so cover all the facets of direction? No. For one thing. it excludes a batch of of import factors that besides should be integrated in a direction theoretical account. for illustration flexibleness. quality and efficiency of an organisation. That these footings do non get down with an S does non intend that they do non hold to be included in a direction theoretical account. Because of this the 7s theoretical account is uncomplete. Second. the 7s theoretical account was a manner theoretical account.

The theoretical account had a nice English rubric. was ocular attractive. it was presented with assurance. Guaranteed success in America! Besides. the laminitiss of the 7s Model were taking concern work forces and really confident about their invented theoretical account. Because of their repute as good directors. people assumed that the theoretical account would be good and did non look into the utility of the theoretical account in existent life. In 3rd topographic point. the 7s Model is confounding. Take for illustration the norms and values ( civilization ) of an organisation. These facets can be found within the S of Staff. but they could besides be a portion of the S from Shared Values.

The sevens overlap with each other. this makes it an ill-defined theoretical account. Fourthly. The 7s Model has aged. The scientific discipline of direction is still developing. new theoretical accounts are discovered mundane and old theoretical accounts are changed often. The 7s theoretical account is non an exclusion. The 7s Model is used and it is non found perfect. so they should alter it and ad the new innovations that are found in 2010. The 7s Model is merely a theoretical theoretical account and can non be used in existent life. Besides because the 7s Model was foremost created and so used in world.

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The theoretical account was developed behind ‘desks in an office’ and so applied in pattern. so there is a disagreement between theory and pattern. When the Model was merely integrated in the direction universe a batch of little companies worked harmonizing to it. but went bankrupted within one twelvemonth. After the above analysis it is justified to state that the 7s theoretical account is non valid and that direction is a scientific discipline which is still in it’s babyhood. This theoretical account needs to be renewed and modernized and it lacks a batch of of import facets. which should be taken into consideration when taking an organisation.

It is easy to do a simple. nice theoretical account that sounds tricky. but to do it work and utile in pattern is something else. The success of this 7s Model is based on the persuasive manner it was brought by its discoverers. The theoretical account is ill-defined and has to be clarified. The laminitiss have thought it trough on paper. but did non make plenty research what would go on if it was used in the existent direction of an organisation. In the terminal. the 7s Model of McKinsey is good on paper. but is existent life it is non utile to organisations in the long tally.


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