An fable is a narrative with two significances. One significance is simple and is merely about the characters and what happens to them. The 2nd significance is deeper and symbolic. The characters represent existent people and the things that happen ; refer to of import events in the universe. Animal Farm is a simple narrative about a group of animate beings who take over control of the farm. Their leaders. the hogs. assure them a fantastic life. but they end up hungering and suffering. Orwell uses this secret plan to satirise the communistic system and the events following the Russian Revolution

In the beginning of the novel. the animate beings live in a capitalistic environment. Old Major workss the seed of the rebellion by sharing his radical dream with the other animate beings. This brings up the idea of Marxism and the ideals of Lenin. After the animate beings have taken over the farm. they set up seven commandments. which are to be the rules of Animalism. Animalism is precisely like the communism in Russia. The ground for the animals’ rebellion is so that everyone could hold a better life. but they ended up worse off.

The ground for the Russian Revolution was to repair the jobs created by the Tsar. but Russia was besides worse away and it turned out the Tsar was nil compared to Stalin. The events in Animal Farm contribute to the development and flow of the secret plan. but they besides represent existent historical events. The rebellion of the animate beings refers the Russian Revolution. The conflict of the cowshed can be linked to the Civil War between the Tsarist Forces and The Bolsheviks. It was a war of Communist against anti-communist and it is besides known as Red October.

When the animate beings go into the farmhouse for the first clip. they are amazed and disgusted. The common people have the same attitude towards the pretentious wealth of the Russian Royal Family. Stalin and Trotsky were invariably reasoning and couldn’t agree on anything. if one said something the other would side with the antonym. Snowball and Napoleon. both stand foring these leaders. have the same relationship. The windmill is a symbol of Stalin’s five twelvemonth program. both were failures. Bonaparte set up new programs after the first failed every bit did Stalin.

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The Battle of the Windmill is a parallel to the Battle at Stalingrad when Germany invaded Russia during the World War 2. Neighboring husbandman. Frederick. wanted to purchase a heap of timber from Napoleon. while Hitler wanted oil shops in Russia. By selling the timber to Frederick. it refers to the Nazi-Soviet Pact. In the novel. Napoleon uses fright and force to achieve power. Stalin uses the same maneuver in the Purges of 1936. It is non merely the events in Animal Farm that carry such significance. but besides the characters.

In Animal Farm. Orwell lets the animate beings speak and interact with each other. Judging by their actions and development during the narrative. we can see what sort of people they represent. Old Major. the prize-winning Sus scrofa. represents the ideals of Marx and Lenin. Napoleon. the ferocious dictator. symbolizes Stalin. whereas Snowball is his enemy. Trotsky. Their non-stop spat is a contemplation of the existent life power battle between these two leaders. Squealer does non stand for a individual. but an thought. Squealer uses propaganda to actuate the multitudes.

The ‘Pravda’ besides used legion propaganda techniques to brainwash the people during the Russian Revolution. The Pigeons have a similar function. They spread the intelligence of the Revolution/Rebellion. as did the ‘COMINTERN’ or ‘Communist International’ . Mister Jones represents Tsar Nicholas. Tsar Nicholas made a batch of errors and the Revolution was supposed to do up for them. but didn’t. Mister Pilkington. the neighbouring husbandman. represents Winston Churchill. while his farm. England. On the other side. there was Mister Frederick. He is similar to Adolf Hitler and his farm. Pinchfield. represents Germany.

Boxer. the loyal Equus caballus. represents the laden workers category. Napoleon raises a litter of puppies and trains them as his ain guard Canis familiariss ; they have the same map as the Secret Police. Moses represents the spiritual side of the rebellion ; he is in comparing with the Russian Orthodox Church. Mollie. who is non in favor of the rebellion and longs for her epicurean life of threads and sugar ( all right nutrient and vesture ) . represents the Russian upper category. All these animate beings and their human opposite numbers play a really large function in the allegorical character of Animal Farm.

George Orwell sometimes referred to Animal Farm as a fairy tale. but it is really much more than merely a enjoyable read. He saw what was go oning in Russia. under the regulation of Stalin and created this narrative to warn us about the dangers of leaders with excessively much power. The novel is a perfect illustration of an fable. Every event and character can be linked to existent events in Russian history. Although speaking animate beings are non your typical grownup amusement. the message that Animal Farm conveys is dateless and cosmopolitan.


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