While the ancient civilisations of the Mayan. Aztec. and Incan Empires were all really different and alone in their ain ways. They each became strong and successful because of the different ways of accommodating to the part they lived in and the many accomplishments that they made in their civilisation which influence us today. The Mayan civilisation was strongest from 300 to 900 A. D. It was located in what is now Central America. The Mayan civilization focused to a great extent on faith. The priests were really powerful and made determinations for everyone. The Mayans worshiped many Supreme beings such as the God of the Sun and the rain. They sacrificed worlds to their Supreme beings to forestall bad things from go oning such as directing rain to forestall a draft. The Mayans was considered the most advanced of the three imperiums. They were the lone civilization to develop a written linguistic communication and they were really advanced in math and uranology. They developed a numeration system and besides the Mayan calendar. which had 365 yearss in the twelvemonth merely like the current calendar we use today. The Aztec began around 1200 A. D. They were rolling warriors who built a great metropolis on a lake. which is located in Central Mexico.

Because they built their metropolis on top of a lake. they developed a system of canals. Bridgess. and waterways to assist them acquire about. The Aztecs were besides great husbandmans. They built islands called “floating gardens” that they grew their harvests on. They were the first people to turn harvests such as murphies. maize and Piper nigrums. In add-on to being great husbandmans. the Aztecs were besides known mathematicians. uranologists and historiographers. Their civilization was based on a complex system of spiritual beliefs. Like the Mayans. they excessively were pantheistic and believed they needed to hold human forfeits to feed the Gods and maintain them happy. To get the needful worlds to give. the military became really of import to this civilization. About the same clip as the Aztecs. the Incas became a strong imperium in South America in what are now the states of Peru. Ecuador. Chile. and Bolivia. The Incas were good known for their agricultural accomplishments. Jungles and comeuppances surrounded them as they lived high in the Andes Mountains.

They developed a system of farming on the side of a mountain by cutting patios to turn their harvests on. They besides developed a system of roads to do acquiring around all their imperium easier. They paved roads. built Bridgess and reinforced barriers on the borders of steep drops to do travel safer. The Incas were good known for their promotion in medical specialty. their agricultural accomplishments. and their great masonry accomplishments. A really powerful. all commanding Emperor ruled the Incas. The lower category people were little more than slaves. The penalties for interrupting the jurisprudence were normally being put to decease. so at that place weren’t many regulation surfs. The authorities took attention of the people and the people paid their revenue enhancements through labour. While each of these imperiums was great in their ain ways. they all had something in common. The Aztecs. Incas and Mayans were all strong civilizations that no longer exist. The Spanish destroyed each of them. On many occasions. the conquistadors were welcomed and worshiped because the people believed them to be Gods. Despite the fact that they no longer be. each of these imperiums has had a batch of influence on the modern universe we live in today.

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