This implies she has experience in the areas of developing sales, increasing customer numbers as well as managing the sales team. Therefore, we can fully utilize her potentials and get the best results without having to put her through an extensive, expensive and time-costing training course. _Moreover, through the interview, we have seen that she is a confident, energetic person, who also has a strong charisma. That is to say she can lead her subordinates in the direction of her strategy for developing sales, make decisions on the outside of her viewpoint being shaken by others, which makes her a determined, natural and persuasive leader.

Furthermore, by having those qualities, we can see that she can be an active traveler who can go frequently as the job involve the need of traveling across the region. _ In addition, she is fluent in both Polish and Russian, which is very important as the branch requiring the position is located in Poland where Polish is the regional language and Russian is widely used. Though she is not as excellent in English, she still has a good vocabulary which can be used to at least communicate and we can expect her English proficiency to improve during her time working as a manager because she will be exposed to foreign people, affairs and cultures.

Besides, her good knowledge of computing also matches a criterion of what the position needs: innumeracy skill . Though she is inferior to both Baja and Reengineering in academic background and to Baja in organizational skills, we still think that her strengths will make up for these weaknesses of hers and she will still be able perform well if appointed to this position. We hope you will take our suggestion into consideration. Regards, (name) Head of the interviewing team. USEFUL VOCABULARY Attractive, interesting, brilliant, intelligent, smart, ideal for. Fantastic, astonishing, amazing, incredible, unusual, unique. Fashionable, stylish, gorgeous, shiny, glossy, elegant, popular. Expensive, high-quality, reliable. Comfortable, user-friendly, practical, economical, high-tech. Robust (strong), light, elastic, adapt to the shape of a person’s + N, Hard-wearing (=long-lasting), flexible, durable, well-designed, well-made, best-selling. Meet the needs; In demand of 1. Link the product too customer need and explain how your product will satisfy that need.

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Provide the customer with a compelling reason your product will help him accomplish a task more efficiently or improve a specific work process. 2. Point out the physical features of the product (material, color and size). Discuss why a particular material works to enhance the product’s performance and durability. 3. Point out any differences between your product and the competitor’s product. In a competitive marketplace, you need to set your product apart from the competitors to increase sales and gain a solid piece of the market.

Point out differences related specifically to product characteristics, such as a larger size for the same price or a variety of color options. Explain any performance differences and provide the buyer with an example of how those preferences can relate to ease of use and improved efficiency. 4. Give customers an incentive to purchase your product by pointing out any lifetime guarantees or other warranties. This shows that your company has confidence in the product and will help encourage your customer to make a purchase.

SAMPLE PARAGRAPH With an all-new design, phone c is beautifully, unapologetically plastic, the better to bring its five decidedly uncommon colors to life. Beneath the smooth surface of the seamless outer shell, a steel-reinforced frame provides structural integrity. phone c is pleasingly solid to the touch and feels as significant as it kooks. Its appearance may be new, but the way phone c performs is instantly recognizable. That’s because it has the things people loved about phone 5 inside. The Apple designed AY chip delivers impressive performance and graphics.

Yet it’s incredibly energy efficient, so you can use your phone throughout the day without worrying about battery life. The MM? Sight camera lets anyone take an amazing photo anytime. The 4 inch Retina display produces images with vivid clarity. And because phone c has more LET wireless bands than ever before… This lower cost device targeted at the emerging markets. It goes for KGB priced at $99 with contract and KGB at $199. For your convenience, please find the nearest Apple Store or you can purchase your phone online, it will be delivered just within 24 hours.

Our intention was never to just make a color phone, it was to create an entirely new expression of what phone can be. Listen to the lecture and fill the gaps Both anthropologists and archaeologists study the way people live together. Anthropologists study humans’ physical, social and (1 ) _cultural_ development, and they (2) _conduct_ research by going to locations to ask questions and make 3) _observations . Archaeologists study past societies through their material (4)_remains.


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