Jeremiah Quavered The Art of Cinema Adam Wideness September 9, 2013 Scott Pilgrim vs.. The World The American society has many different ways of occupying a person’s life with so many different activities whether it would be sports, education or entertainment. Coming from the branch of entertainment, films are made to catch someone’s attention and bring him or her into another world. Films tend to make people feel as if they are actually inside the movie itself and over time they have evolved from the technology that has been improving the world.

Scott Pilgrim vs.. The oral, which was released in 2010 by Edgar Wright, consisted of many different elements to make the film brief and interesting. This movie used the five general principles of film form, narrative and stylistic elements to keep the audience continually focused and interested by this movie. These elements help plot and primarily give us the function of the story. The title of a movie is one of the most important aspects of a movie. Titles give you an idea of what the movie is going to be based on or what the main idea actually is.

With that being said based off the films title, Scott Pilgrim vs.. The World, it ivies the audience a hint that the conflict is going to be between Scott Pilgrim and “the world. ” When you find out that there will be a conflict, it sets the tone of the movie. The introduction of the movie gives narrative elements by explaining the type of character Scott is and that he plays in an upcoming band. The author gives us a cue, which engages with our feelings and senses in a process.

The way the author gives us a cue is by creating a pattern in which it pleases our desire of form and organized experience. Our expectations are molded and installed in us by previous experience in other films. The stylistic elements in the introduction such as the video game impression, captions, and effects from the music help keep the audience involved from the start of the movie. The movie had a video game feel and the type of video game it portrayed, was an action game. Action games, for example Street Fighter, when you usually defeat your opponent in the end it usually says, “OK. In this particular movie, they had the same ending and also it counted how many combos he had Just like a fighting video game would. When Scott fought evil ex number seven, he convinced that he’s in love with Ramona, then all of a sudden he earned the rower of love and it leveled him up Just like a video game. All of a sudden he pulled out a sword on fire out of his chest, examples like these made this movie entertaining and it made this movie have a video game atmosphere to it.

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Having a main character revolving around a city has the similarity and repetition of characters and settings. Scott is continuously around someone in almost every scene whether it would be from Sex Bomb-Mob, Wallace Wells, Knives Chaw, or Ramona Flowers. The repetition of seeing Scott within most of the scenes allowed us to lament TTY Tanat ones ten mall connecter Ana It also allowed us to determine ten type f character he is. The setting throughout the entire movie is in the city of Toronto, Canada where their band is trying to become famous.

Also, this is the main city because Scott falls in love with Ramona Flowers, which is a girl that was in his dreams but then found out she was real and this took place in Toronto. Another motif that this movie contained of is every time Scott gets into a fight with his girlfriend’s ex, they make it as if it were a video game. For example, when Scott finally defeats the evil ex, it would then say OK as if it were an actual video game to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The development of the movie consisted of Scott defeating all of Roman’s evil ex boyfriends and his band trying to be finally recognized.

His band finally got into a gig competition and his band ended up winning the whole competition, but shortly after, one out of Roman’s seven evil exes shows up and Scott ends up defeating him. Scott kept facing one evil ex after another and that’s how this movie developed. The outline of the movie was really good; it made sense and made the movie have unity. In order for a movie to be film form type of movie, everything must e in its right place before it ends. For example, in the movie The Wizard of Oz Dorothy clicks her heels three times and says, “there’s no place like home. She then finds herself back at home with her family surrounding her and she was then told it was all a dream. In this movie, Knives finally let Scott be with Ramona after she had been trying so hard throughout the entire move to get him back. Scott chased after Ramona as she started to leave and left with her to another place and this gave the movie a sense of unity because Scott finally gets to be with the woman he loves. Throughout the movie Scott as ran into problems, which caused the people around him to have problems.

Scott becomes depressed and he admits everything he has been doing was wrong, so this created unity between him and the rest of the characters. Scott Pilgrim vs.. The World is a pretty good movie and in fact it was actually better than I thought it would be. I actually recommend people that never watched it watch it because it’s actually interesting and the way the movie developed was on point. Some movies would have you lost or sometimes you can’t even understand it. But this particular movie made sense from the beginning until the end ND the author didn’t get you lost at any time during the entire movie.

In chapter 2 1 learned that every movie must have a story line and throughout the movie I had an idea of where the set-up, confrontation, and resolution was. The stylistic elements kept me entertained and engaged throughout the movie and I never felt as if I should stop watching the movie. If it weren’t for the video game feel or the effects from the music, I honestly would have thought the movie was pretty boring. At the fighting scenes it really made me feel as if I was watching a video game ad or playing a video name.

This movie had many different principles to make it a formal type of movie. The 5 main general principles are function, similarity & repetition, difference & variation, development and unity. Film form is a system of relations that we perceive amongst the elements in the entire film. With that being said this movie is categorized as a film form type of movie. N. P. “Scott Pilgrim vs.. The World. ” Amid. Amid. Com, n. D. Web. 09 Seep. 2013. Wideness, Adam P. “Art of Cinema ? Fall 2013. ” Art of Cinema ? Fall 2013. Adam Wideness, n. D. Web. 09 Seep. 2013.


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