Security Breaches: Security breaches being conducted by the employees at the Banana Tree Travel Agency consist of the way they keep their passwords written down on a piece of paper or a little sticky note to remember what it is. By doing this, they create a security breach, allowing other employees to view what their user name and password may be to their computer. Vital and important information are now at risk and in harm’s way by exposing your password to everyone within your environment.

In some cases, customers come back to the work stations accompanied by other employees and if a dishonest customer see your information, the network could be accessed. 3. Security Checklist: * Employees should have strong passwords containing special characters Install antiperspirant to all computers * Install antivirus software to all computers * Use a firewall on the network * Use web filtering software on the network “all computers” * Frequent checks of the sec rite on the network should be conducted * Strong Administrative password 4.

List three viruses and how they affect network security, integrity and availability: Virus I Security I Integrity I Availability I 1 Chemotherapy’s I Attacks or disables an anti-virus program I Becomes stable when anti-virus is not properly active or used I Company network OSI #2 Lightly I A type of virus that infect extensions such as EXE. SYS.

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PRE. BAT I Attacks the integrity of data being stored I Mainly through an company network interface | #3 BooBoo I Attempts to avoid detection by hiding itself within the anti-virus program I This virus creates a virus and attacks the hard drive of a PC I Low visibility through network SO.


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