The award-winning Walter Dean Meyers. born in West Virginia and raised in Harlem. writes persuasive novels for immature grownups seeking to portray in his works the impact of the poorness upon human being. He points out. on one manus. the adversities caused by force. drugs. household troubles and the desperation around them that his characters must get the better of in life and. on the other manus the fact that no 1 can get away this universe unless one decides to contend it.

“The Beast” tells the narrative of a black male child named Anthony who takes advantage of the chance offered by a scholarship to a Connecticut prep school. This gives him the opportunity to go forth his Harlem vicinity. Hoping to acquire into an Ivy League school. Anthony concentrates on his surveies and doesn’t return place until his first interruption which is on Christmas. What he finds back place surprises and in the same clip saddens him ; his best friend has dropped out of school. another friend has gotten pregnant. his girlfriend’s small brother has joined a pack but worst of all his girlfriend Gabi has become addicted to drugs. As Anthony tries to assist Gabi interrupt her add-on he besides struggles to happen his ain topographic point in the universe.

His development as a character is enhanced throughout the novel by literary devices such as subject. struggle and word picture. all of them playing of import parts in his growing.

In footings of subject as a literary component we can merely state that journeys are difficult and there are ever animals to confront along the manner. this exact thought stand foring the novel’s subject. The term of animal is used metaphorically to propose the thought of drugs and their devouring consequence. This is what Gabi has to face with together with Anthony who tries to help her in the procedure. This is a really difficult conflict Gabi is cognizant of: „drugs become portion of you even after you leave them behind. They’re ever at that place. We don’t leave anything behind” . ( Scholastic. com ) .

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The drugs transformed Gabi from a immature poet full of dreams of her ain into a anguished individual who can no longer get away them. This thought of failing is suggested by a line adopted by Meyers from Theseus and the Minotaur: ” The Beast. half human. half bull. roamed the eternal corridors of the maze. waiting for the young person upon which it would feed. ” ( Scholastic. com ) . Although contending drugs is Gabi’s job. it besides changes Anthony finding him to turn up and be able to comprehend the universe around him which is no longer the 1 he used to cognize.

The struggle of the novel is an internal 1 because Anthony no longer finds his topographic point in Harlem: ” What I had packed in my memory of Harlem. had taken with me to Wallingford. had been the colourss: vibrant Gauguin hues about bursting from the squared metropolis canvas. hardly subdued by the Earth tones of people gliding gracefully through the streets. ” ( Scholastic. com ) . The universe he knew has changed and so has Antony who

realized that his journey to Wallingford has turned him into a different individual whose topographic point is no longer in Harlem. He is tormented by his inner battle and his anxiousnesss. about a hereafter with or without Gabi and about his topographic point in Harlem and in the universe. The security at Wallingford allowed him to get away the drugs. the force and the desperation which poured out in the streets of Harlem. This internal struggle determines Anthony to germinate. to turn up and to understand that he must happen his ain individuality and his ain topographic point in the universe.

The word picture. as a literary device helps us perceive him as a composite. unit of ammunition character who finds himself trapped in an on-going procedure of transmutation. He is presented to us as a bright immature male child. full of position. with a caring household that encouraged him to go to Wallingford prep school. to acquire an instruction. to go person alienated from the streets of Harlem. His narrative is one of an African male child fighting to step outside the norm and better himself and he has all the opportunities to win if taking the right way. His word picture goes along with his lasting alteration and with his hunt for individuality.

By agencies of subject. struggle and word picture we witness a realistic narrative that offers no easy replies about a male child who experiences his ain pursuit for individuality. His conflict is a difficult one but in the same clip is deciding for his development as a character. Once he discovers who he truly is and which his topographic point in the universe is. he will happen out that there’s ever the possibility of hope. promise and belief even in the hardest conflicts.


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