Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: the best way to travel Is In a group led by a tour guide, With the advent of a myriad of travel agencies provided for the Individuals In the vocation , the issue that whether It Is more appropriate for the Individuals to travel with a tour guide or travel Independently has raised more and more controversy among the people.

A minority of the people have a tendency to travel by themselves may say that It would be more pleasant for us to go anywhere without following the directions ordered by the tour guide. Whereas, Vela considerable thinking and comprehensive comparison , am prone to take the attitude that following a tour tour gulled would be more convenient with ease, which could be testified by the following statements. When it comes to the expenses and arrangement about the schedule, the travel agency would serves as a positive influence on the trip.

It is widely acknowledged that there is a well connection between the travel agency and the hotels . Simultaneously, the cheaper costs of the air-plane tickets, the hotel expenses and entrance tickets on the interests of the sites could make it available for you to utilize he money so saved to do more things such as purchasing the souvenirs and local specialty. Let take me as an example. Last year my family and I travel to Gaining with driving our private car.

It was tired for my dad to drive the car for nearly 5 hours on the road. When we made a decision to visit the ocean park , we allocated nearly a myriad of time, about 2 hours which is more than the time we visit the park, to found out where the park was. However the reverse is the case for following a tour gulled without worrying about to find out where the park is and with reasonable arrangement about how long to visit. As far as the communication is concerned , the travel agency is inclined to be prioritize.

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With a group of people going on a trip with you, you can avail of the precious opportunity to make companion with the people surrounding you, which Is conductive to your life, by which I mean Is the friends does not only bring happiness to you but also help you to resolve the various matters In your subsequent life with the friends from the diverse occupation. However , there are still a minority of people believe that traveling by oneself Inevitably have some merits, one of which Is that you can go wherever you are fond of thou limitations.

But If we can view this situation from a different perspective, we can find that if you are in danger, no one can salvage you from the hazardous condition. Conversely, with insurance taken by the travel agency , it is secure for you circumstances as it has potential problems. Judging from what have been discusses above , I still firmly believe that the benefits that traveling in a group led by a tour guide has dwarfed that traveling by oneself. From arranging the trip methodically to being delighted , it is more desirable for the individuals to travel in a group led by a tour guide.


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