A good word to depict the banker is haughtiness. which fades off to some extent at the terminal of the narrative. In the beginning he was so determined to turn out the attorney incorrect and was even willing to pay him two million dollars in order to speak him into a stake. The concluding behind the banker’s actions was merely to hold the satisfaction of being right. In the text it states. “The banker. spoiled and frivolous. with 1000000s beyond his calculation. was delighted at the bet” ( Chekhov 968 ) . This lone shows his haughtiness and his assurance towards the stake. At the terminal of the narrative his personality alterations to some extent. Some of his haughtiness faded off since he is no longer as economically stable as he was 15 old ages ago. The article provinces. “Fifteen old ages before. his 1000000s have been beyond his calculation. Desperate chancing on the stock exchange. wild guess. and the irritability which he could non acquire over even in progressing old ages had by grades led to the diminution of his luck. and the proud. fearless. self-assured millionaire had become a banker of middling rank. shaking at every rise and autumn in his investments” ( Chekhov 970 ) .

This proves that the one time confident attorney has fallen from a really successful way. Some haughtiness still remains because he was contemplating on killing the attorney. This shows that he doesn’t want to give the attorney or anyone else the satisfaction that he was incorrect and would instead travel to killing extremes than to be proven incorrect. He besides hides the missive that was written by the attorney. and the lone ground he does this is to avoid guesss for non holding the two million. The missive could function as possible cogent evidence that the attorney did non desire the money. • “‘Poor animal! ’ Thought the banker. ‘he is likely asleep and dreaming of the 1000000s. And I have merely to take this half-dead adult male. throw him on the bed. smother him a small with the pillow. and the most painstaking expert would happen no mark of violent death’” ( Checkhov 971 ) . • “To avoid eliciting unneeded talk. he took from the tabular array the authorship in which the 1000000s were renounced and. when he got home. locked it up in the fireproof safe” ( Chekhov 972 ) .


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