“The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe is a narrative that leaves a reader speechless. mesmerized and absolutely confused. The short narrative holds a cardinal sarcasm refering the storyteller. the black cat and the married woman. The whole narrative involves around the thought of decease. visions of Karma. a major switch of personality of the storyteller and the inquiry of who is to fault for the black cat’s decease. At the really start of the narrative the storyteller cautions the readers that he is “mad indeed” ( Poe 1154 ) . He someway feels of import to discourse the “household events” which might hold altered his life style. The married woman believed that a black cat is symbolized “as enchantresss in disguise” ( Poe 1155 ) and coincidently the storyteller names the cat Pluto who is besides the God of the dead. The black cat is mentioned more than the married woman because the storyteller blames the cat for the unfortunate events in the narrative. These events started from him being an alky to the liquidator of two cats and his lone married woman. The narrative revolves around the thought of decease which in this instance is the black cat. The storyteller confirms us that since babyhood he “Was particularly fond of animate beings. and was indulged by my [ his ] parents with a great assortment of pets” ( Poe 1154 ) .

We know from this that he was non born a liquidator but due to those household events he transformed wholly. He treated his married woman like a pet which might hold allowed him to kill her believing no less than a pet he owned. The storyteller killed anyone who “came in my [ his ] way” ( Poe 1155 ) which was likely all due to the presence of the black cat he believes is responsible for his psyche and his wife’s decease. When the storyteller “cut one of its eyes from the socket” ( Poe 1155 ) of the black cat. the sightlessness of the cat could be typifying the storytellers ain sightlessness towards moral goodness. Karma plays its function during the terminal of the narrative when the storyteller confesses the constabulary officers of his incorrect making. He still blames the cat that “had seduced me into slaying. and whose informing voice has consigned me to the hangman! ” ( Poe 1161 ) but we do non cognize who is questionable for the deceases in this narrative. Therefore. the black cat holds more significance in this narrative than the married woman since the storyteller is extremely influenced by the cat and non the married woman.


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