In the end that desire is what finishes her, she believes that God eave her blue eyes causing her to become insane. She doesn’t have many friends other than Claudia and Fried. Throughout the book we see how Pectoral is picked on by other children her age and then later on abused by Coolly, her own father. Her mother doesn’t care for her either, her actions toward Pectoral are not without contempt. Coolly Overlooked is Piccolo’s drunken father. He has never known a loving family; his father deserted him and his mother who then left him to die in a garbage can.

His great aunt saves him and raises him until her death, which occurred when Coolly was only thirteen or fourteen years old. Coolly himself deserts his family, not physically but he is always in a drunken state and doesn’t provide the family with the barest necessities. Claudia Macerate is the main narrator in the story. She is about nine years old when they story takes place and is remembering the story. Claudia is black and doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

She isn’t like the other girls who think it would be better if she was white, she doesn’t buy into that idea and she destroys the white dolls that she receives for Christmas. She takes apart the white dolls to try and discover the dearness hat other people see in the dolls (Vasquez, 2014) Claudia has learned from her mother how to be a strong black female and express her opinion in a white dominated society. Fried is a lot like her sister and had the same morals imposed on her by her mother. Fried is about ten years old when the story takes place.

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The book The Bluest Eye is not told in chronological order and skips from the story to a look into the past of certain characters. There are two narrators, Claudia Macerate is one who tells the actual story but there is also an omniscient narrator who tells us about the character’s lives. This book is about the struggles of black women that are still being faced today (Specialized & Paladins, 2010). The book starts in the fall of 1940 and Claudia and Fried have just gone back to school. Their family is having some troubles paying the bills so they rent a room out to Mr..

Henry but then find out that they will have another guest soon because Pectoral Overlooked is going to come stay with them because her father has just burned down their house. We then read memories about the time when Pectoral is living With the Masters and then the second narrator comes in and gives us some aground on the Overlooked family. This is when We find Out about Piccolo’s wish for blue eyes and her living situation before she came to the Masters. The next season we read about from Claudia is winter. She tells us about a girl named Maureen who is perfect in the eyes of all the other students and teachers.

Claudia, Fried and Maureen are walking home together, even though Claudia and Fried don ‘t like her. When they see Pectoral getting harassed by some boys in the school yard and they rescue her. Maureen tries to befriend Pectoral but only to torture her some more. Fried stands up for Pectoral but then Maureen makes a comment on how the girls are black and therefore ugly which hurts Pectoral even more. Pectoral believes that all black people are ugly and Maureen is just reiterating her already fragile thoughts (Specialized & Paladins, 2010). He relevance of cultural values in strengthening social support. Networks has changed rather little. African American girls adhering to Frenetic cultural values were found to be more likely to have a higher self-esteem, experiencing more social support and greater life satisfaction (Constantine et al. 006). Now we read from the second narrator again about a woman named Geraldine and her son Junior. Junior sees Pectoral and invites her into the house to supposedly show her some kittens and give her one. Junior kills his mother’s beloved cat and blames it on Pectoral.

Geraldine shoves Pectoral out of the house calling her “black” as if it was an insult, which just adds to her thinking black people are lower than any other race just because they are black (Specialized & Paladins, 2010) and her harassment by others. We hear from Claudia again about the spring where the roomer Mr.. Henry sexually harasses Fried and about how the whippings they receive are worse in the spring. Claudia and Fried go to visit Pectoral and find her at the home of the white people where her mother works.

The omniscient narrator comes in again and tells us about Pauline Overdose’s childhood and the beginning of her marriage to Coolly. We also read a little about School’s childhood and his experiences growing up. We also learn of his first sexual experience being a fiasco with the white hunters showing up. The next major event, which is told by the second narrator, is when Coolly moms home drunk one day and rapes his own daughter and just leaves her lying on the kitchen floor as he imagines it being Pauline in his drunken stupor.

Pauline this time has already lost her tooth and has given up trying to look like a movie star and has settled down to being just plain ugly. She doesn’t want to believe that Coolly raped Pectoral and mentally blocks it out and returns to the fantasy she believes in her head (Saunders, 201 2) At this point in the story we find out about Saphead Church who is a Faith Healer who claims he can speak to god. Pectoral asks him for blue eyes and he as her kill a dog that he was too repulsed by to kill himself and says she will have blue eyes if something happens to the dog when she gives him the “food. Pectoral believes in her faith in Saphead so much she really does believe she has blue eyes when the dog dies. We now hear from Claudia again about the summer, when everyone finds out that Pectoral is pregnant by her father. Pectoral has gone insane and she only speaks to her imaginary friend who she views to be real. Pectoral believes that she has blue eyes. In the last section we find out that the baby dies because it was born prematurely ND that Pectoral lives with her mother on the edges of town, he father has died and her brother has left town.

In The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison makes a judgment on the human condition. Her opinion is that people depend on the world to find their self- value and their self-worth. This opinion has had a lot of truth in my life. I used to look at others to figure out how should be feeling and what others saw of me I saw in myself. That view on life gave me a lot of problems. I believe that what Toni Morrison is saying about the human condition is true in some ways. It’s sad that we rely on others to see what we should see in ourselves.

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