She longs for the qualities that will make her beautiful and accepted by society. On the other hand, Mrs.. Overlooked accepts her appearance and resorts to helping a white family to make her feel better about herself. Both female figures are futile dreamers with vain efforts to break free from reality to obtain the lives they yearn for. Pectoral Overdose’s unique ugliness was notable from the moment she came into the world. She wore her unattractive features as a mask, hiding behind it almost everywhere she went.

She would get made fun of at school and learned to accept the fact that she was never going to be accepted because of the way she looked. Pectoral longed for something that is unrealistic; to have lee eyes. This unattainable desire has had a huge effect on the formation of Piccolo’s identity. The idea of white beauty has deformed her ways of thinking. She connects being beautiful with being loved and believes that if she is blessed with blue eyes, her life would be completely different. If she was beautiful, she would no longer get made fun of by the boys at school.

This thought could’ve been put into her mind when they immediately stopped bothering her when the beautiful Maureen Peal came to her rescue. Of course the boys wouldn’t want to do bad and ugly things in front of such a beautiful girl. Once Pectoral showed of her blue eyes maybe it would get them to stop too. She also believes that the cruelty she experiences will disappear if only she was beautiful like the little, white girls. This is usually presented when she tries to make herself disappear during the horrible brawls in her house.

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However, she could never get her eyes to disappear and to her they were everything. She prayed that one day she could have the eyes that would give her a better life. Piccolo’s desire for her blue eyes led to her becoming a desperate little girl. She felt that she needed them so bad to become beautiful that she reached UT to a man named Saphead Church for help. She believed that he truly could make her dream come to life and give her what she wanted. It was clear that she was a dreamer who just wanted to rise out of her ugliness and be loved by the people around her.

Once she was tricked into believing that her wish had become granted, her identity was completely destroyed. When all she wanted was to be accepted with blue eyes, now no one talked to her and she was completely on her own. Her absurd desire had brought her to extremes and had altogether ruined her life. It turned into madness and ultimately became tragic. The Overdose’s having the absurd desires to want to change aspects of their lives has truly shaped their identities.

They have come to realize that their ugliness and the color of their skin isn’t going to change, but they still continue to wish for things that they possibly can’t have. This makes them dreamers who are determined to search for better lives. The idea of being beautiful is embedded into their minds and changes their outlook on many things. It is an important to be loved and accepted and to have the opportunity to experience that has taken Pectoral and Mrs.. Overlooked to extremes.

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