The blacks in The Bluest Eye” feel conflicted because their self-identity does not match up with society’s social norms. An example of this is when Geraldine does everything she can to be that same as white families. She straightens her hair, uses lotion so she does not become ashy, has a steady income, and keeps in house in exceptional shape. But no matter how similar her life style is to theirs, she still does not feel as if she fits in because she knows she is black. This theme can be seen in everyday life when comparing the first and second floor cafeterias at Osborn Park.

It is more usual for white people to sit on the second floor while more colored people sit on the first floor. No one said the setup had to be that way, but it is normal for the students and it is what they are used to. Effects Parents Have On Their Children The black parents in the book believe they are ugly which makes them think that their children are ugly as well. They tell their children this when therefore causes the children to also believe that they are ugly. There are many examples of this in the book. For instance, Saphead Church’s family wants to e white because they believe it will make them more worthy.

This leads to Saphead believing that blacks are dirty which is why he develops an obsession to white girls. Also, because Coolly did not grow up with either his mother or father he does not know what it is like to have a normal family. So, he does not know how to act as a father. This leads him to separate himself from his family except for when he verbally and physically abuses them. Another way this is portrayed in the book is how Piccolo’s mother treats her. When Pectoral was born, the first thing her mother noticed was how ugly she was. She did not pay attention to her health or her personality, only the way she looked.

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And throughout the years she was constantly reminding Pectoral of how ugly she thought she was. Because of this, Pectoral grew up with a terrible self-image and believed that the only way she would ever be pretty was if she were to have blue eyes. In modern day, parents have a big effect on students when it comes to schooling. Parents are constantly pressuring their children to do their best in school and they are upset when they do not do as well as they hoped. Because Of this, children become stressed and do not believe hat they are as good as they truly are. Elf worth Because of what society views as normal and beautiful and because of their parents, the black people in this book have a poor sense of self-worth. They believe that their race defines the lack of value in society and they have grown up thinking that the white race is beautiful, valuable, pure, and clean while the black race is ugly, dirty, and immoral. Pectoral has terrible self-confidence and thinks she is ugly. Because she thinks she is ugly, she also thinks she deserves the abuse she receives at home and at school.

Pectoral came up with he idea that the only way she will be pretty is if she were to have blue eyes, which she thinks is the symbol of beauty and worth. It is not until she twists her mind to save her sanity that she believes she has blue eyes and is a peace with herself. People today also struggle with their image because they compare themselves to others. They are taught that models and celebrities are the ideal form of beauty and therefore they begin to desire the looks celebrities have. But when they compare themselves to these “beautiful” people and do not match up with the way they look, their acceptance of themselves decreases.

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