Some problems were that there was no money in the country, the ports were insecure so the boats didn’t wanted to go out there, drains ere bad so the city was flooded, the country have many debts, mining was a chaos, and they have political instability. When Priori came to power he helped the technology increase, the drainage problems and the brought the railroad. Technology helps the economy of the country grow because the industries were created and they produce things faster. Ditz was out of the power, and after 4 years he was reelected.

During his second term he introduced many modern technologies to Mexico, things as the telegraph, telephone, electric power, etc. With all of these objects the industries started to grow. According o Donald J. Mamba in portfolio Ditz (1830-1915) “They initially bought landed estates but soon invested in commerce and industry. ” The commerce and industries started to grow faster with the help of investors of Europe and America. The technology helped the industries, and the modernization fixed many daily problems. A big problem Mexico faced was that the city was flooded because of the drainage problems.

The drainage system was a problem because the water gets into the houses and the beds and the furniture became useless. The water also gets into some stores or restaurants, this makes that the tables or he products cannot be sold anymore. Goody discuses in the book Priori Ditz, President of Mexico, The Master Builder of a Great Commonwealth, “Mexico aggregate surplus amounted to over 136 million pesos, with over 71 million of this going towards public works such as the National Theatre in Mexico City and a canal to drain the Valley of Mexico to prevent flooding’ (Goody).

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The drainage system Priori Ditz brought helped change the problems of the city flooded. This made Mexico be more stable, stability had attracted American and other foreign investments. Mexico became recognized and respected internationally. They made alliances with several countries like France. PBS describes that Priori Ditz “The French created a string of textile mills in the mid-western part of the country, around Vernacular. ” The creation of textile made the economy increase.

The alliances were a very important part of growing for the country. Another thing that help the economy grow was the railroad. The railroad was one of the best things that happened to Mexico. The book of The Course of Mexican history explains, “Railroad development, mining activities, and port improvements caused a number of tiny villages to burgeon into towns and cities” (Meyer, 466). His introduction of the railroad made a connection between IIS and Mexico.

With the connection they started to allow shipping. The railroad helped Europeans and Americans investors to be more attracted with the country. In conclusion we can see that Priori Ditz made a great job with the country. He solved problems as the drainage system; he brought the technology, the railroad, made Mexico a stable county and helped the economy grow. With this we can see that Priori was a good president. Without him maybe Mexico would not be the same as today.


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