The Boston Consulting Group


This research paper looks at the rating and analysis of The Boston Consulting Group’s human resources section. It shows the relationship between its advisers and organisational behaviours. Organizational public presentation at BCG has proven to be a important factor in the wellness of the company. The study besides illustrates the patterns used by the company for its effectivity and success. Besides, the company developed the BCG Matrix which is used to present the growth-share matrix that is comparative to rivals. The chief function of The Boston Consulting Group is to engage the most skilled employees to efficaciously and expeditiously carry through the company’s aims without changeless supervising. Ranked as the 3rdmost esteemed adviser house across the state and being the taking adviser on concern scheme, BCG has a strong work moral principle and a scheme to transform their concern to run into every clients needs for a successful result.

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The Boston Consulting Group

Human Resource Management ( HRM ) is the map within an organisation that focuses on employee benefits, compensation, diverseness, employee preparation and dealingss, safety and security, and corporate societal duty. HRM is transforming to accommodate to today’s concern universe and expected to add value to the strategic operation of employees ( HR Disciplines, n.d. ) . Any organisation, without a strategic system for HRM is clear to see some serious jobs. That ‘s why many companies are seting more attempt and energy into puting up a strong and effectual HRM.

Founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson, a Harvard Business School alumnus, The Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) is the world’s taking adviser on concern scheme. BCG provides direction consultancy services to private, public, and not-for-profit sectors worldwide. The company is rated # 3 on Forbes list of “Best Companies to Work for in 2014” ( Best companies to work for 2014, n.d. ) . The Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) is an organisation with exceeding HR planning. Their HR section relies on its nucleus duties of forces enlisting and hiring, application direction, preparation and development plans, benefits disposal and conformity with legal and federal ordinance. The HR section BCG besides plays as a strategic and comprehensive attack to pull offing employees, the workplace civilization and the environment. It enables employees to lend efficaciously and fruitfully to the overall company way and the achievements of the organisation ‘s ends and aims ( Boston Consulting Group, 2013 ) . Last twelvemonth, the company celebrated its fiftieth day of remembrance, and today has more than 9,000 employees working in 81 offices in 45 states.

Human capital direction ( HCM ) is related to the scheme of developing the company’s biggest plus, its people, whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investing in order to do an organisation win ( What is human capital in direction, 2013 ) . BCG is one of the best overall suppliers of human capital direction with its scheme consulting.

The BCG has a strong sense of the word “team” . It is non an single company. The Boston Consulting Group’s mission is to:

  • Create competitory advantage through alone solutions
  • Build capablenesss and mobilising organisations
  • Drive sustainable impact
  • Provide unparalleled chances for personal growing
  • Succeed together with passion and trust ( BCG: Mission, 2007 )

Besides, the company has a high focal point on diverseness and flexibleness in the workplace. And, BCG has a assortment of benefit options that stand out. Such as, it pays 100 % of employee wellness attention premiums, offer paid sabbaticals and grants new advisers to detain their start day of the month by six months and receive $ 10,000 to volunteer at a not-for-profit. The house values its employee’s avidity and motive to maintain up with the extended travel demands as a adviser, the long hours, and give 100 % every clip. But, the company does non desire its employees to fire out and hold implemented a work-life balance attack ( Breslin, 2013 ) .

Human resource policies and conformities are the official guidelines that organisations put in topographic point. These policies are for engaging, preparation, and measuring current and future associates of their work force. These policies need to be instilled in every employee’s heads and written down on paper so it can be clearly understood.

Employees like to cognize precisely what their function is in the company and how their work affects the company. Having a clear construction is indispensable to a company’s success. At, BCG every adviser knows precisely what their function is and how it corresponds back to the company’s overall scheme and ends. The confer withing industry is a really demanding and strict profession. That is why, BCG advisers carry unmarried man grades and higher.

The responsibilities and duties of a adviser at BCG are rather extended and clearly stated before hired. Some of them are:

  • International travel
  • More than 8 hr work yearss
  • A batch of interceding and multitasking different clients and undertakings
  • Writing action programs and day-to-day studies
  • Conduct interviews with cardinal market participants
  • Create schemes for alteration
  • Must have confidentiality and great interpersonal accomplishments ( Career way, 2008 )

This is merely a summing up of the responsibilities and duties of a adviser at BCG. Other occupation rubrics are project leader, chief, and spouse. Once the adviser becomes well-learned and have adequate experience and success as a adviser, they are able to travel up the ladder to these places at the BCG.

Determining the Future. Together. That is the vision of The Boston Consulting Group, who has won infinite awards for Worlds Most Attractive Employer or Top Companies to Work for, etc. BCG is known for being the world’s taking adviser on concern scheme. This organisations focus, attending to detail, and traveling “above and beyond” for the client has made this company what it is today. Organizations face an highly hard set of challenges with such a fluctuating economic clime. Their strategic capablenesss are grounded in the same basic doctrines. Boston Consulting Group and their Human Resources Department remain on top of things because of assorted schemes to battle the ever-changing market.

The company’s concern scheme thrusts work force demands ( BCG, 2014 ) . BCG has a few nucleus criterions that determine the company’s scheme. The chief 1s are unity, regard for the person, presenting value, and doing an impact on society ( BCG, 2014 ) . Integrity involves answerability and making the right thing at all times. Respect for the single entails handling everyone regardless of place with contemplation and regard. That calls for a alone truthfulness and honestness that merely happens when everyone is unfastened and upfront at all times, whether good or bad. Delivering value is self-explanatory. BCG is committed to bring forthing value that returns much more than a return on a client’s investing. That requires difficult work and puting an highly high criterion for the company. Making an impact on society merely means BCG wants to do an impact beyond the concern. BCG donates their clip and resources to community issues and establishments that are prevailing in our society ( BCG, 2014 ) .

The company’s values align up with their mission. BCG seeks to be agents of alteration for their clients, people, and society overall. BCG is committed to bring forthing a feasible advantage through alone solutions, edifice strong competences and mobilising organisations, driving a justifiable impact, supplying alone chances for personal growing, and wining together with passion and trust. BCG has wide-ranging experience assisting each client redesign and addendums their planning attacks. Transforming concern and society is their ultimate mission that they have succeeded at.

BCG’s accent on investing in its people, calling flexibleness and mobility, extended preparation, high-impact client work, a collaborative civilization, progressive benefits, and a committedness to social-impact work have all contributed to the systematically strong screening. Specific benefits include 100 percent coverage of employees’ health-care premiums, internal families, and tuition reimbursement. The house besides has been recognized for its LGBT-friendly benefits and policies (, 2014 ) .

BCG’s attack to concern has been unparalleled. BCG has identified what works with their high quality leading capablenesss and their extraordinary endowment pool. Together with each client, they develop new visions about the concern, cite each company on how to travel frontward, acquire bottom-line consequences, and do each company more capable traveling frontward in the ever-changing economic system and success in the 21st century.

The Boston Consulting Group has been recognized as a consistent top employer for the past several old ages as it became “one of merely two houses to do the top twelve every twelvemonth since 2006” in theFortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List( Making people advantage 2012, 2012 ) . In fact, this twelvemonth BCG really ranked figure 3 on the list, a measure up from being figure 4 in 2013 ( The Boston Consulting Group, n.d. ) . The patterns and policies executed in HR have contributed greatly to this success.

There are several HR maps that are implemented within the organisation in order to strategically spouse with the company. The chart below shows the top 5 HR maps or procedures that have the most impact on the net income growing, net income border, and entire betterment of the company.

HR Function or Process

Net income Growth

Net income Margin

Entire Improvement

1. Enrolling




2. On embarkation and keeping




3. Pull offing Endowment




4. Employer Branding




5. Performance Management and wagess




Beginning: Sullivan, J.News Flash: Recruiting Has the Highest Business Impact of any HRFunction

As noted in the chart above, BCG’s HR leaders contribute much of its effectivity to several patterns, but the pattern that is considered to hold the greatest impact on gross growing and net income borders is enrolling ( Sullivan, 2012 ) . Of class, all of the maps are of import, but enrolling has proven to hold the greatest impact on the concern.

The Boston Consulting Group collaborates with clients to “build a competitory, mensurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focal point, concern connexion, and excellence in execution” ( BCG: Human resources competences, 2009 ) . The HR squad has been really strategic in helping with accomplishing this mission and the policies and HR maps implemented have led to the enlargement of the company to enable the executing of the mission in a greater capacity. The chart below briefly shows how through the execution of HR patterns, such as recruiting, has caused the company to increase in figure of employees both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.



U. S.Employees



Employees OutsideU.S.



100 % Healthcare Coverage



Professional Training Salaried employees ( hrs/yr )

100 hours

100 hours

Professional Training Hourly Employees ( hrs/yr )

40 hours

40 hours

Beginning: Fortune ( 2014 ) .Best Companies 2014

The chart besides shows how HR invests in the employees by supplying 100 % paid health care coverage for all of the company’s full-time employees every bit good as provide extended professional preparation each twelvemonth to do certain the employees are equipped and trained with the cognition and understand necessary to execute good. This besides resembles the bosom of the company, demoing that the employees are viewed as “human assets, ” which could be a conducive factor to its consistent visual aspect inFortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List.Overall, HR’s policies and patterns are positively impacting the organisation, and helping with the accomplishment of organisational ends.

In the 1970s, Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) created a matrix for a portfolio scheme to assist their organisations of being nonsubjective and fact-based. A well-known evaluated portfolio nonsubjective manner for a strategic determination for future investing returns is outlined by the BCG Matrix. The four quarter-circle strategic aim of single concern units are stars, hard currency cattles, problem-child or inquiry grade, and Canis familiaris. This model applies two inputs, market growing and market portion to a portfolio of sections, merchandises or concerns, and so pull decisions about how resources ( e.g. endowment, investing ) should be allocated across the portfolio ( BCG Matrix, n.d. , para.1 ) . ) The BCG matrix is a utile portfolio for resource allotment determinations as a good starting point. Business units, merchandises, or market sections are able to be used for a portfolio as a powerful communicating tool. This creates an apprehension and popularity of the organisation of explicating hard resource allotment determinations. It’s a harder challenge based on nonsubjective informations and through touch determinations it is a utile tool to force.

The first quarter-circle is the hereafter of the concern which is critical and the first precedence is for discretional investings as a stance for “stars” defended at all costs. The 2nd quarter-circle is a sustain leading place is adequate to guarantee investing of generated financess in the higher growing parts of the portfolio called “cashcows” of non milking them dry. The 3rd quarter-circle is “Problem Children” or “Questionmark” being the toughest concern of taken the following measure. A binary investing stance is called “Double or Quits” which is the best name of doing a determination. It is a really heavy investing to turn market portion by selected stakes and doing them the Stars of the hereafter. It begins as a comparative failing place of a turning market ensuing in the concern doing the best selective stakes of accomplishing a leading place with strong beliefs. This would be a tough determination to disregard of other high growing chances. The last quarter-circle is name a typical investing stance “Dog” or “Harvest/Exit” which should non be divest or issue concern quickly due to holding low value and during the sale procedure it will deflect direction. The capacity of being “harvested” decently leaves them weak competitory place which will vanish rapidly if investing is reduced. Rather they could be set up to run with minimum resource drain on the remainder of the portfolio, as the best people and all discretional resources are diverted to more attractive concerns ( BCG Matrix, n.d. , para.4 ) .

To reason we have touched on what Human Resource Management is and the function that it plays in an organisation. HRM is transforming to accommodate to the alterations in the universe and today’s employees. Any company without an HRM will meet some jobs and so that is why a batch of organisations are seting much more attempt into doing their HRM strong and effectual. The Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) is an organisation with one of the best Hour planning. Their HRM enables employees to lend efficaciously and fruitfully to the overall company way and achievements of the chief organisations ends and the way it’s traveling in. We touched on the top 5 HR maps that have the most impact on net income growing, net income border and entire betterment of the company. The pattern that had the most impact on concern is enrolling as it contributes to gross growing besides. The BCG chief focal point is investing in its people, calling flexibleness and mobility, extended preparation, high impact client work, a collaborative civilization, progressive benefits and a committedness to societal impact. BCG develops new visions and is ever altering with the economic system to assist better help its employees and organisations.


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