Harmonizing to Silk, Marketing is the distinguishing, the alone map of the concern. Marketing refers to what an organisation must make to make and interchange values with clients. Selling is indispensable in Sustainable Tourism as it plays a major function is puting a strategic way for the party involved. Using mark selling, it attempts to pull a peculiar market section that is believed to “ supply peculiar advantages for a merchandise or a finish ” ( Weaver 2006 ) .

Finish directors can use visitor direction schemes together with spacial schemes to impact positive sustainability results.

How can we trade name Sungei Buloh?

Branding is indispensable for Sungei Buloh. As presented in the study, Minds Resources is seeking to concentrate Sungei Buloh as an instruction hub, and on top of that zone Sungei Buloh up into different zones with different intents. Branding focal point will be changed for Sungei Buloh, alternatively of merely being a “ wetlands modesty ” we now trade name Sungei Buloh as an “ instruction hub ” on top of this.

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In order to accomplish first-class stigmatization and selling, schemes must be put in topographic point. Minds Resources have come up with four ways to hike the stigmatization and selling of Sungei Buloh.

Interactive Website

An synergistic web site is indispensable in pulling crowds to a finish. The ability to allow the public engage in activities before they arrive at site will make the wonder in them to do them hunger to see. In Sungei Buloh ‘s current web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sbwr.org.sg/ ) , necessary information like Visitor Information and About Us are all clearly showcased. However, the entreaty lacks due to deficient synergistic activities for viewing audiences of the web site. There are no attention-getting inside informations that leave a permanent feeling on web viewing audiences.

Therefore, Minds Resources have come up with an synergistic web site scheme that allows website viewing audiences to take part in on-line activities that makes them hunger for more information at Sungei Buloh itself. On top of that, there will be pictures and flash used to fascinate viewing audiences. This will assist to catch their attending, and go forth a more permanent feeling in their heads.

Information about migratory birds with digital exposure and on-line mystifiers can do viewing audiences more interested about the migratory birds, and possibly cultivate involvement in these viewing audiences. This may in bend lead to increased visitant ship of Sungei Buloh. The web site can besides supply information that can help pupils with instruction undertakings ; nevertheless, the focal point of instruction must be at Sungei Buloh itself. Thus the web site can supply a prevue of what the instruction hub is, and how pupils can take part in the activities.

The web site will host streamers and advertizements for our corporate patrons every bit good. It is a practical support we can supply for one another to keep a healthy partnership. In making so, Sungei Buloh is helping to market its fellow spouses on its web site, and to help to do known to the universe at big about the corporate sponsorships and who they are.

The web site can besides include information like an on-line synergistic map on how to acquire to Sungei Buloh, and the conditions prognosis of the country at Sungei Buloh. These information can help visitants when they visit.

Sungei Buloh Application for Smartphones

The formation of a smartphone application for Sungei Buloh is an I.T savvy solution. Harmonizing to World Tech News, in the first one-fourth of 2010, near to 55.2 million smart phones are sold worldwide. This shows the current tendency of consumer ‘s penchant of a phone that provides an all in one solution.

In making a Sungei Buloh application, visitants can take to download this application at the instruction hub at Sungei Buloh itself or online on Sungei Buloh ‘s web site. With this application, non merely are visitor tips given, a pilotage map is provided and an on-line booklet. With this, Sungei Buloh can cut down on the figure of booklets printed, in bend salvaging the environment.

Should visitants non transport a smartphone, fret non. A nomadic device can be rented out from the instruction hub at a little cost which goes donated to the Sungei Buloh instruction fund. This nomadic device will work likewise like a smartphone application.

Alliance Strategy

Forming an confederation with fellow nature Parkss and nature militias can help Sungei Buloh in making a name for itself and hopefully to increase visitorship. For illustration, working with Star Alliance of the air hose industry, the best names in air hoses are grouped together to supply its members the best benefits that are non restricted to merely one air hose company. This besides gives the member an option of air hoses to wing with.

Similarly, Minds Resources has the same purposes for the confederation formed to profit Sungei Buloh ‘s visitorship. A collaboratsion can be done with other nature militias like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. As portion of National Parks ( Nparks ) , Sungei Buloh is besides marketed in Nparks web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nparks.gov.sg ) as one of the nature parks in Singapore to see.

Another signifier of confederation partnership can be done with fellow migratory bird associations or commissions. Bird watching communities from neighboring states like Malaysia and Thailand can be included, migratory bird commissions from United States, Hong Kong and Russia can be included.

An attractive name can be used to market the confederation, for illustration, “ Green Alliance ” or “ Migratory Birds Alliance ” . A rank card may be issued to members for designation intents. Benefits like a biweekly bird watching session or migratory birds welcoming session can be organized. Members can bask these benefits at a simple rank annually fee set by the confederation commission.

Strategic Marketing ( Using Education )

By puting chief focal point on educating others about Sungei Buloh and the importance of supplying a safe and natural home ground for the migratory birds during migration season, a visit to Sungei Buloh will get down off at its instruction hub.

An instruction hub is indispensable to steer visitants what they are to anticipate when touring Sungei Buloh. Most significantly, to education the populace on which countries can be explored, and which countries are purely for preservation usage merely. Education is ever of import, and by utilizing instruction as our selling scheme will set Sungei Buloh on the border as we are providing to three of import facets – instruction, preservation and merriment.

Using instruction as a strategic selling beginning caters to all ages. Schools may be after for educational trips to Sungei Buloh specifically because the instruction hub is up to day of the month with its engineering and is contributing plenty for pupils to convey place valuable information.

Political campaigns

Establishing runs to do known to the universe at big what Sungei Buloh is and the educational messages being made known to all can help Sungei Buloh to derive popularity and increase visitorship.

Go green runs can be launched to distribute messages about salvaging the Earth and making a natural home ground for migratory birds to be comfy in Sungei Buloh. Go green runs can besides deter visitants from littering in the park, and to promote the 3 “ R ” s- Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

World Migratory Bird Day ( WMBD ) run in the United States which was held on 8th and 9th May 2010 focuses on globally threatened migratory birds. On our portion in Sungei Buloh, we could besides establish a sidelong run locally in relation to the run in United States. Neighboring states like Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia are all take parting in this run.

5.4 Promoting Corporate Sponsorship

How does holding Corporate sponsorship aid prolong Sungei Buloh?

Harmonizing to Tymko, the patron ‘s function can be multi-faceted and varied. It can be:

Funding specific undertakings, plans and activities

Support or lending awards for competitions

Supplying supplies, equipments or nutrient for events

Helping with production, distribution and promotion events

Supplying meeting or office installations

Sharing particular expertness

HSBC has assisted Sungei Buloh in puting up the Sungei Buloh Education Fund in 1997. With this instruction fund, Sungei Buloh has found itself with extra aid to concentrate on instruction at the nature park.

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5.5 Types of Corporate Sponsorship


Obtaining sponsorship from air hoses that fly often into Singapore will profit Sungei Buloh as these air hoses that carry bulk riders into Singapore can present Sungei Buloh to tourers via their in-flight amusement.

A coaction with Star Alliance will profit Sungei Buloh as star confederation is made up of good known air hoses like Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Thai Airways. These air hoses besides frequent Singapore as a finish. It will be good for them to hold a Sungei Buloh advertizement on their in-flight screen, or even to be featured on the Star Alliance newssheet or imperativeness releases on their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.staralliance.com/ ) .

Wildlife Reserves Singapore ( WRS )

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore is an ideal corporate patron as they pride themselves as endeavoring “ to be first leisure attractive forces, supplying first-class exhibits of animate beings ( and birds ) presented in their natural environment for the intent of preservation, instruction and diversion. ” By join forcesing with Sungei Buloh, WRS can take to concentrate on migratory birds winging into Sungei Buloh. The WRS ‘s corporate doctrine is aligned to Sungei Buloh ‘s aims, being:



Our Parkss are non merely a place to wildlife, but a place that promises the protection of wildlife. In the long tally, our attempts will assist to protect wildlife in their natural home ground, particularly endangered species confronting extinction.


We educate the populace in appreciating, protecting and procuring the hereafter for our most valued assets – Wildlife.

Sungei Buloh:

To advance the exchange of information and expertness in wetland preservation, research and Communication, Education and Public Awareness

To promote apprehension of wetlands and sharing of wetland information among sister wetland schools across the East Asiatic Australasian migration route

Both administrations have focus on preservation enterprises and instruction aims. This farther strengthens Minds Resource ‘s aim of districting Sungei Buloh and making an instruction hub.

The WRS besides has voluntary undertakings that encourage the populace to be more active in the preservation undertakings enabling the populace to be conservation embassadors and instruction voluntaries. This is of import as when the populace physically is involved in these undertakings, it will spur them to desire to make more and the passion can be cultivated.

Nature Society Singapore ( NSS )

The NSS started out in 1991 in Singapore. They are dedicated to the grasp, preservation, survey and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia and the encompassing part. The NSS has a focussed bird ecology survey group, and a bird group which supports the migratory bird surveies at Sungei Buloh.

By obtaining sponsorship from NSS, non merely does Sungei Buloh procure its ain group of cognition bird surveies voluntaries, it besides is confident that the parts from NSS is good for the migratory birds and besides to making a natural home ground for the birds and life animals present. Sungei Buloh could supply for NSS a location for its bird survey group meetings, particularly during migratory bird season.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership is good for Sungei Buloh as by taking the right spouses to work with, Sungei Buloh can profit in footings of resources, stuffs and advertisement. Minds Resources have identified a few possible partnerships which Sungei Buloh can see:

Working with Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park has its intent committed towards preservation, this aligns Sungei Buloh ‘s vision to carry on wetland preservation and exchange information about migratory birds. By working with Jurong Bird Park, Sungei Buloh can put up bird treatment forums, or have a tie in publicity for entry into Sungei Buloh and Jurong Bird Park at a cheaper rate. A shuttle coach can besides be arranged to ferry riders to and fro.

Work with Kranji Country Side Association ( Appendix A )

Sungei Buloh falls under the Kranji state side path, and this is an first-class chance to do full usage of this and carry on educational Tourss and trails presenting this eco-green touristry to locals and visitants.

A proposal could be for these farms and Sungei Buloh to bind up, to cite a simple pricing for a shuttle coach to ferry invitees for the circuit. This circuit is packaged together and is a seamless travelling experience for visitants. A usher can be hired to take these visitants around to supply them with valuable information. Therefore, apart from the Kranji Express that is presently running, an optional Kranji Express Tour can be formed.

This emphasizes instruction importance, and Sungei Buloh could be launched as an instruction hub. This will further beef up the accent on instruction particularly get downing from Sungei Buloh.


Appendix A


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