While watching this movie. there are many things in Captain Queeg’s behaviour that stick out as unnatural or even unusual. After a period of clip. even the Captain’s crew begins to surmise that he may be fighting with a mental job. They use a mental upset book to seek and calculate out on their ain what job he might hold. The crew comes to the determination that Queeg has Paranoid Personality Disorder. The DSM IV standards for this diagnosing to adhere to four of the seven symptoms. There are a few that could correlate with Captain Queeg’s behaviour and give some grounds that he could in fact have PPD.

( 1 ) suspects. without sufficient footing. that others are working. harming. or lead oning him or her. This could be related to the incident that occurred with the strawberries traveling losing. Queeg had this set thought in his head of what happened. and whenever one of the other members of the crew tried to state him that he saw the muss boys eating the strawberries. Queeg said that he was lying to him. He was leery of about every action by the crew. believing that they were all out to acquire him or seeking to lead on him. ( 2 ) is preoccupied with undue uncertainties about the trueness or trustiness of friends or associates.

Queeg said multiple times that no 1 on his crew was loyal to him. In tribunal he said that all of his crew members were unpatriotic to him. even though he had written in the studies that one of the crew was really loyal and hardworking. ( 3 ) is loath to confide in others because of indefensible fright that the information will be used maliciously against him or her. Captain Queeg had besides said many times that being a Captain is a “lonely life” or bid is a “lonely job” . This could be different for Queeg if he had people to speak to or to confide in. ( 4 ) perceives onslaughts on his or her character or repute that are non evident to others and is speedy to respond angrily or to counterstrike. This could be shown through the manner Queeg reacted to the crew members that were non dressed decently the manner he had instructed. or when the work forces did non set on helmets or life jackets when he said. He took the disobiedence to bosom and was really angry that his orders were non followed even though they were little. simple issues.

Before the diagnosing of PPD was talked about by the crew in the movie. my initial reaction to how the captain was moving was due to holding Bipolar Disorder. This seemed to snap for me whenever I saw that Captain Queeg tried to make out to the crew whenever he was get downing to experience like something bad was go oning with him. He began stating that he wanted the crew to be a household with him and was about sweet even though he had usually merely yelled at them. In order to be diagnosable for bipolar upset. one needs to hold grounds of a frenzied episode.

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The DSM lists a few symptoms of a frenzied episode: 1. Psychomotor agitation or deceleration about every twenty-four hours. This is one of the most seeable things that could give grounds to him holding a frenzied episode. Queeg was ever traveling the steel balls around in his thenar like a nervous wont. It seemed to be every bit shortly as he got stressed or nervous about anything he would get down to writhe them around in his manus. possibly this helped him maintain composure. but it was evidently something he felt like he needed to make. 2. A distinguishable period of abnormally and persistently elevated. expansive. or cranky temper. enduring at least one hebdomad. Although this could be said to merely be Queeg’s personality. it seems to be utmost that he would ever be that angry. Everything that was done on the ship seemed to be met with choler and annoyance by Queeg. He needed flawlessness and no statements against him.

The ground that he cut his ain line on the mark was because the crew was excessively frightened to inquire him where they were supposed to travel and maintain traveling left even though it merely made the ship bend 360 grades. 3. The temper perturbation is sufficiently terrible to do pronounced damage in occupational operation or in usual societal activities or relationships with others. or to ask hospitalization to forestall injury to self or others. or there are psychotic characteristics. This seems to be the biggest portion of what was traveling on in Captain Queeg’s life. His perturbation had effects on his occupation as captain. people were unable to swear him in his determinations. His crew had their uncertainties on his competency particularly in the state of affairs where the ship was in problem during the storm. If Queeg had been able to maintain good relationships. there would hold been no ground for the crew to non swear his determination. but alternatively they were forced to disobey him and follow the orders of another sailor even though this would be considered a mutinous act.


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