term inclusion embraces the public belief that students with disabilities
should be integrate into a general education classroom. An inclusion setting
offers individuals with disabilities the opportunities to be educated alongside
their non-disabled peers in general education classrooms.  The challenges of the disability determines
the successfulness of the individual within the inclusion classroom.  Inclusion can be problematic or a continuous
conversation in the eyes of an educator. It can be problematic because of the misinterpretation and or assumption
that is associated with it.  It can and
is an ongoing conversation that take place continuously throughout schools,
classrooms, education, etc. relating special education.

self-contain setting is a classroom that is specifically designed for special
need students demonstrating more serious academic needs that cannot be
addressed and or met in the regular/general education classroom. This is not a
new idea it was designed to help special needs students to be able to work at a
pace that would allow them to learn their educational skill on their level,
their own designed curriculum and at their own pace.

are so many students that are in need of special services. So many are being
found eligible and the population is so diverse that teachers have to discover
varied methods, techniques, and styles to reach them all.  Not all children learn in the same way and at
the same time. They each learn skills in their own way and in their own time.
There are your auditory learners, visual learners, and your hands on learners.
With each style a different technique is needed to present the lesson.  Therefore, teachers are always trying
something new to adapt their lesson to reach each learner.

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must facilitate learning that challenges students to reach their potential.
Teachers must provide a motivational and an effective environment that will
allow students to grow and expand in many directions such as,
educationally/academically, personally, and morally.  With the proper use of the tools necessary to
deliver the appropriate methods and techniques, educators will be effective in
preparing their students for future success.


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