Montressor is a sociopath. Montressor’s fury and Hunt for retaliation is apparent from the beginning when he says. “the 1000 hurts of Fortunato I had borne as I best could. but when he ventured upon abuse. I vowed revenge” ( 101 ) . Although we ne’er knew what true abuse had offended Montressor to the point of plotting retaliation ; but we do cognize he wasn’t happy about it. He says he “must non merely punish. but punish with impunity” ( 101 ) . His retaliation was to be terrible. From this much planning and plotting the death of person. there must be some sense of pride that goes along with it. Montressor was proud of his homicidal act. He is triumphing about perpetrating the perfect offense. “For the half of a century no person has disturbed them” ( 105 ) . He had committed the perfect offense. He has kept the castanetss in his cupboard. so to talk. conceal for over 50 old ages. Montressor plays on his friends’ pride. his pride in cognizing the best vinos. Even though going down to the catacombs has a distressing wellness effect Fortunato still chooses to follow Montressor down because he does non desire to by upstages by another. “Let us travel. however.

The cold is simply nil. Amontillado! You have been imposed upon. And as for Luchresi. he can non separate Sherry from Amontillado” ( 102 ) . Montressor feeds on this pride. he feeds Fortunatos ego the whole manner down to the grave. He besides doesn’t show any compunction for his offense. Even while perpetrating his offense he felt nil but the sheer satisfaction of carry throughing his retaliation. Shouting “Yes…for the love of God! ” ( 105 ) after Furtunato. in daze. yelled the same thing. Besides while imprisioning Furtunato connection in as he “replied to the cries of him who clamoured. I reechoed — I aided — I surpassed them in volume and in strength” ( 105 ) . All the piece he was triumphing. delighting in his retaliation. Revenge is human inherent aptitude. if person wrongs us or diss us ; we about automatically want to seek retaliation. It was the same in this narrative by Poe ; Motressor felt insulted and therefore plotted to seek retaliation. Poe used his characters to sketch the BASIC of humanistic features. Take Fortunato for illustration. he was led into a creepy catacomb. fed vino and had gotten even more intoxicated so he already was. and got chained to a wall. Still. up until the really last second did he believe that Montressor was playing a barbarous gag on him. “Ha! hour angle! hour angle! — he! he! — a really good gag so — an first-class joke.

We will hold many a rich laugh about it at the palazzo — he! he! he! — over our vino — he! he! he” ( 105 ) ! He trusted Montressor so much that he did non believe his friend could make such a thing until he himself was being buried alive in the grave. That shows our underling feature of trust ; how far we will travel for another individual when we trust them. Fortunato thought nil of traveling down into the grave with his friend. had the fortunes been different. had Montressor given Fortunato a ground to experience leery so the narrative would hold ended really otherwise. Montressor had thought about this when organizing his program. “It must be understood that neither by word nor title had I given Fortunato cause to doubt my good will. I continued as was my habit. to smile in his face. and he did non comprehend that my smiling now was at the idea of his immolation” ( 101 ) . He knew that Fortunato would follow him into the grave. because he trusted him. Therefore. he was able to carry through his retaliation. Montressor shows all the revealing marks of a sociopath. he is punctilious. he doesn’t show remorse guilt or shame for his offense. and he is really talented in maintaining up a prevarication. He didn’t hesitation in his frontage of still being friends with Fortunato. he ne’er one time gave Fortunato a ground to believe he was plotting to kill him.

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