The Catcher In The Rye: Book Review Essay, Research Paper

The Catcher In The Rye: Book Review

December 14, 1996

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The Catcher In The Rye, written by J.D. Salinger, is a fictional novel

that was foremost published in 1965. The fresh takes topographic point in New York City and in

Pennsylvania over a continuance of four yearss. This fresh tells the narrative of an

emotionally disturbed adolescent who has been kicked out of a boarding school. The

narrative is told from the point of position of a adolescent who is the storyteller of the


The chief character in this novel is Holden Caulfield. He is 16 old ages

old and serves as the storyteller of this novel. Holden does non wish anybody or

anything around him. He is an emotionally troubled child and has many jobs

with his life. Phoebe is Holden & # 8217 ; s small sister. She is 10 old ages old and

lives at place with their parents. Phoebe truly admires and loves her large

brother, Holden.

This novel begins when Holden is in a mental infirmary in California. The

novel is a flashback of the events over a clip period of four yearss. The

flashback starts off when Holden gets kicked out of his get oning school, Pency

Homework, because he is neglecting most of his categories. Holden decides to travel into New

York City for a twosome of yearss until his parents will be anticipating him place for

Christmas holiday. Holden goes to bars and meets with friends during this clip.

On the 3rd dark, Holden decides to travel and see his sister, Phoebe. Five

is one of the lone people that Holden really loves. Holden negotiations to Phoebe

about his life being a failure. He is seeking to understand life and his topographic point

in the universe. Holden decides that he wants to travel see Mr. Antolini, an old

teacher, to assist him acquire a better apprehension of his life. At Mr. Antolini & # 8217 ; s

place, Holden discusses many of the jobs that he is confronting. Mr. Antolini

Tells Holden that he has to larn non to detest everyone around him. He has to

learn to love people. Holden is told that he has to believe about his hereafter. He

has to make up one’s mind when he is traveling to get down to take life earnestly and use himself

in school. Holden & # 8217 ; s conversation with Mr. Antolini is the flood tide of the novel.

This is the point of the novel when Holden starts to listen and understand his

jobs. He realizes that

it is clip he put his life back on the right path.

The following twenty-four hours, Holden returns place to his household. Holden is taken straight to a

mental infirmary in California. The infirmary is where Holden is before the


Holden was a really true to life character. Holden & # 8217 ; s jobs are similar

to many adolescents of today. A batch of adolescents do non cognize what they want in

life merely like Holden. Holden has many jobs in school similar to the

probelms other childs have in school. Mr. Antolini says to Holden, ? Many, many

work forces have been merely as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. ?

( 189 ) . His statement is an illustration that shows that Holden is non the lone

individual in the universe with these jobs. Their jobs might non be as terrible

as Holden & # 8217 ; s, but they are similar. Many adolescents don & # 8217 ; t know what they want to

make in the hereafter merely like Holden. Holden is a really true to life character,

because his jobs relate to the jobs of many immature people today.

The reader of this novel might dislike some of the actions and happen them

to be unrealistic. It is unrealistic that a 16 twelvemonth old child would travel to

New York City for four yearss by himself with no 1 worrying about where he is.

In existent life, most childs would non hold the money to travel into New York City for

four yearss. A normal school would reach the parents if the kid was expelled.

Therefore, the parents will cognize that the child is coming home and the child will

non be able to travel off on his ain for four yearss without supervising. This novel

had some actions in it that merely would non go on in existent life.

In decision, I truly enjoyed reading this novel. I can associate a batch of

the jobs that Holden was confronting to people that I know. This fresh kept my

attending, because I wanted to cognize what was traveling to go on to Holden. The

writer likely wrote this novel to associate some of the jobs that he had in

life with the jobs of people reading this book. The writer was trying

to affect upon his readers that it is all right to non cognize what you want in life

when you are immature. I believe that he was successful, because he made me

believe that it is all right for me non to cognize what I want to make in life. This

novel was really good written, and I would give it an eight on a 10 point graduated table.


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