World war II is a very difficult time to unravel. It all started as the treaty of Versailles threatened to demolish Germany completely. Various political parties competed with each other, trying to gain the upper hand, which would allow them to take control of Germany and gain power. However these parties weren’t enough to convince the people that Germany could be revived gain. After the First World War Germany was accused of starting of it and thus in the treaty of Versailles, Germany was condemned to repair any damage they had dealt to Britain and France.

In return, Germany was allowed 10,000 soldiers, no tanks, no submarines and very few aircrafts. Germany had no doubt been bankrupted. Their currency became useless and Fascism grew at a rapid scale. Only the rich could survive while the poor were struck with poverty and disease. As poverty and violence raged on people became desperate. People began to go into utter despair, there was a party that caught peoples attention, the NAZIS – the National Socialist German Worker’s party in 1920.

They persuaded the people to Join there campaign as they stood for “equal rights”, they even went as far to say that they DOD provide food and drink for all the needy and that the idea of fascism’ would not be tolerated and would be terminated. These ideals were met but this gave birth do anti-Semitism. This was what the NAZIS believed, anti-Jewish beliefs were common during that time since many people were blaming the Jews for the failure of world war l. The Germans thought that they were the master race and that they were perfect and everyone else was impure. They wanted to conquer the world.

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In my opinion I would say that they were quite selfish and that losing to the British, French and Americans drive them crazy. On the other hand I wouldn’t blame them because it was Austria-Hungary that actually started the war when they shot the Archduke. Hitler played a huge role in the cause of WI. He Joined the Nazi party after suffering hardship from is childhood years. He had experienced poverty and many other things so he understood the people and what they thought. Doll Hitler had a great many years of army service but he wasn’t really built for that type of work: running, shooting.

It Just wasn’t his style. When he was a young his father despised him and beat him continuously. His mother tried to encourage him and told hat one day he would find something he would be good and would be acknowledged by other people. He found out that he had a talent for art and tried pursue it further, however he was turned down; his paintings Lacked people and creativity. At last after many years he found he had a big passion for politics and sooner or later he became a popular representative for the Nazi party. He gave immense speeches; no one could copy how he would say it, with great emotion and enthusiasm.

He would make the people feel safe and reassured and he would persuade them to vote for him, he was a brilliant orator. Months had passed by and the Nazi party were elected. In my opinion I think that the people had no choice but to vote for them since the people were lost and needed a leader. Hitler tried to gain various cities including Munich were he was sent to prison by the police. He later made a book called Mien Kampala. It included all of Hitter’s future ideas for Deutsche. Later on Hitler became more and more noticed and eventually after some persuasion, Hitler became chancellor Of Germany.

In 1935 he started the re-armament of Germany. He started building weapons and vehicles, this was of course against the treaty but Britain or France did not react and let it be. In 1936 Hitler ordered his storm troopers carrying the Swastika symbol and the rest of the German army to enter the Rangeland, this was also anti-treaty but Britain or France did not act. The printers of Britain – Chamberlain had noticed Hitter’s moves but he wanted to appease Hitler in order to prevent another full-scale world war. It seemed Hitler suck wasn’t going to run out. 1938, Germany takes over Austria thus creating the union of the two countries.


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