This is an acronym to help remember the 5 causes of World War 1 . M-Militarism A-Alliances N-Nationalism I-Imperialism A-Assassination Nationalism William II Central Powers Invasion Gates- It was a nickname given to the route from Germany into France from Belgium and it was gone through so many times through the war it was nicknamed this.

Trench Warfare- It was mainly used on the western front and it was where ranches were made deep in the ground and the objective was to run across no man’s land and take over the opposing peoples trenches. Battle of Verdure “Powder Keg” of Europe- Said that Europe was so built up with some much hate and anger toward everyone’s country that only a small spark would set it off. The area in Europe known to be especially bad was the Balkans or Ottoman Empire. Franz Ferdinand Black Hand- This was the terrorist group in Sarajevo that Assassinated Archduke

Franz Ferdinand. The Assassins gathered in the parade and shot the archduke while in his convertible. Triple Alliance Militarism Tsar Nicholas II Allies Propaganda- This is the use of newspapers or anything that you can use to get people to fight for a cause. It was the most successful way to get people to Join the war.

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