The narrative is an illustration of situational sarcasm because an event occurs that changes the outlooks of the narrative. For illustration. Juan went from seeking to outwit the authorities by working for them to going a dedicated censor. Juan becomes so haunted with seeking to be a perfect censor that he forgets the true mission of doing certain he gets his missive back. To acquire the missive back Juan does work long and hard but “Soon his work became so absorbing that his baronial mission blurred in his mind” . In add-on. Juan loses any rational idea of why he really got the occupation at the censoring topographic point and ends up baning his missive. He works so difficult that they keep progressing him to higher places. and is shortly revealed that it is more of import for him to make his occupation than to seek and happen his missive.

“He was about to compliment himself for holding eventually discovered his true mission when his missive reached his custodies. Naturally he censored it without sorrow. ” Furthermore. Juan’s actions lead to the biggest surprise of all. His ain decease. He is excessively far-gone and does non believe twice when he puts missive into the censored heap. Because of this action. Juan is killed the following twenty-four hours “And merely as of course he couldn’t forestall them from put to deathing him at morning. one more victim of his devotedness to work” . As a consequence. to all of Juan’s actions. “The Censors” is a great illustration of situational sarcasm.


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