Grapes Of Wrath Essay, Research Paper

The Changing Concept of Family in The Grapes of Wrath

Throughout the book, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, the physical passage of the Joad household from a little closely knit group of people populating a quiet life on a farm in Oklahoma, corresponds with the internal passage of the construct of household. As the Joads leave their farm and journey due west, they no longer unrecorded merely within their ain stray unit. Becoming involved with other households as they migrate, alterations their focal point and by the terminal of the book, the household members each reach out in their ain manner to encompass all of world as a household.

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Initially, the Joad & # 8217 ; s focal point is on their ain immediate household and their battle to remain together. The single household members appear to hold specific functions. Mr. Joad, as was typical of the clip and country, is the determination shaper and the caput of the household. Mrs. Joad, the emotional leader of the household, is the existent strength and she recognizes her place. & # 8220 ; She seemed to cognize that if she swayed the household shook and if she of all time truly deeply wavered or despaired the household would fall, the household will to work would be gone. & # 8221 ; ( Pg. 80 )

One of the first incidences of the household spread outing along the journey is when grandpa dies. The Wilsons, another migratory household, loan their collapsible shelter for Grandpa to rest and as Ma prepares Grandpa for entombment, Mrs. Wilson cooks the household diner. More of import, Grandpa & # 8217 ; s decease is recorded on a page from Mrs. Wilson & # 8217 ; s Bible. An even more important event occurs when the Joads are holding a household meeting and Pa calls the Wilsons over to hear their ideas. When it comes clip to go on the journey, the determination is made that the two households will go as one. Ma agrees, & # 8220 ; & # 8216 ; Each & # 8217 ; ll assist each, an & # 8217 ; we & # 8217 ; ll all rotter to California. Sary Wilson he & # 8217 ; ped put grampa out, & # 8217 ; and she stopped. The relationship was plain. & # 8221 ; ( Pg.162 )

The altering construct of household is most apparent at the cantonments, particularly at the authorities cantonment. The full cantonment was like a household because they set their ain regulations and ran the cantonment as they saw tantrum. Those holding a difficult clip were helped as a affair of class non charity. When it appeared problem was coming, they all worked together as a unit to support the cantonment.

As the book progresses, the alterations within the household are characterized otherwise in each character. Mrs. Joad & # 8217 ; s primary

concern is maintaining the household unit together as they begin their journey. Soon, nevertheless, members of the household Begin to go forth. Noah can non manage the alterations and goes off on his ain piece Grandpa and Grandma leave through decease. Connie abandons his married woman and does non return. Al becomes engaged and goes with his fianc? e’s household. Even Young Tom leaves after he has by chance killed another adult male and has to travel into concealment. Mrs. Joad trades with each of these losingss and appears to be stronger as the narrative continues, even doing the determination for Tom to go forth as it becomes necessary.

At the oncoming of the book, Young Tom has merely been released from prison and is interested in doing up for lost clip and basking himself. He is a strong household support during the journey but is among the first to get down making out to a larger household. At the terminal he has focused on the predicament and maltreatment of all the homeless husbandmans and recognizes that they must unify together as one in order to last and be treated with regard. Tom & # 8217 ; s household now becomes all the homeless who are being taken advantage of and have been left to hunger and endure. He realizes that adult male is no good entirely and every adult male & # 8217 ; s psyche is merely a piece of a bigger one. & # 8220 ; Well, possibly like Casey says, a chap ain & # 8217 ; t got a psyche of his ain, but on & # 8217 ; y a piece of a large one & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( Pg.463 )

Rose of Sharon is wholly focused on herself from the beginning. She is in love with her hubby and aroused about her gestation and sees that as her ain small universe. Her female parent throughout much of the book shelters her but after her babe is born dead, she recognizes the demands of a hungering old adult male and chest provenders him to maintain him alive. This seems to be the concluding measure in the incorporation of the household from a individual unit to a broader construct of the whole household of adult male.

Though the immediate household becomes smaller, the Joads go portion of a larger household as they unite together with other migrating households to digest the battles and inhuman treatments of the trip. In all ways they interact as a household. The Joads and the other households help protect each other, feed each other when the nutrient is limited, and attention for each other supplying support during times of loss and decease and besides sharing in times of joy such as the birth of a new kid. The Joad household endured several calamities ensuing in losingss to their household group but ended up far greater in figure than when they began.


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