This assignment is ab initio discoursing about the characteristic difference between “ direction ” and “ leading ” , how their accomplishments are engaged in an administration including with their functions and duties. Then the treatments follows to the chief aims of this assignment, those are ( one ) Identifying and measuring the personal and professional accomplishments which are required for a successful director and measuring how he/she meets the organisational or personal ends ; significantly covering the cardinal managerial/leadership accomplishments such as clip direction, running meetings, doing presentations, stress direction, etc. ( two ) Supplying a scope of suited practical methods for developing or bettering those accomplishments ( three ) Identifying preferable acquisition manner by utilizing an effectual personal audit in order to develop managerial/leadership accomplishments ( four ) Developing a feasible development program in order to develop or better those accomplishments to go an effectual director harmonizing to SMART and SWOT analysis ( V ) Reviewing/monitoring procedure and feedback what I have undertaken in order to accomplish those accomplishments and eventually ( six ) Reasoning how/what I have learned from my analysis and how I can utilize this similar attack for future development.

1.1 Manager

The Manager plays a critical function in order to accomplish and better the productiveness and organisational aims. He/She is responsible for pull offing, planning, administering and supervising the work of their employees, accomplishing the effectual use of the organisation resources and brings the employee ‘s aims along with the organisation aims. Good directors are born and non made. Directors are bossy in nature, they do the right things to avoid hazard and they formulate the policies/ systems to consistent mode ; besides they are stiff with their subsidiaries ( Hollingsworth, 1999 ) . Directors chiefly rely on scheme, construction and systems ( Watson, 1983 ) .

1.2 Leader

Leaderships are those who involved in the procedure of puting a new way or vision for their group to follow and actuating them by fulfilling their basic demand in order to accomplish the common organisation end, it is the procedure of act uponing the public presentation of the employee by esteeming their freedom towards the group ends. Good leaders are made and non born. Leaderships are democratic in nature, they do the things right and they wo n’t explicate the policy they use to foretell with set illustrations ; besides they like hazards and flexible with the other group members ( Hollingsworth, 1999 ) . Leaderships chiefly rely on manner, staff, accomplishments and shared ends ( Watson, 1983 ) .

2.0 Outcome 1 – Methods to better Personal and Professional accomplishments

This portion of the assignment chiefly identifies and evaluates the importance of personal and professional accomplishments which are required for a successful director and how he/she meets the organisational or personal ends ; significantly covering the cardinal managerial accomplishments such as clip direction, running meetings, doing presentations, stress direction, etc. In add-on, it provides a scope of suited practical methods for developing or bettering those accomplishments.

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2.1 Skills for successful director and its importance

The director ‘s of import function in any organisation or workplace is that to pull off the people/worker/subordinates in order to run into the organisation aim or end and besides promote positive employee motive and employee morale. The trough ‘s activities are really complex and varied because they have to organize with all the organisation resource such as human resource, material resource, fiscal resource and informational resource in order to accomplish the overall organisation end ( Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, 2008, P187 ) . The function of the trough is really important as they have to cover or manage assorted people. Therefore, the successful director must hold the personal and professional accomplishments which are really indispensable and listed in page-** ; and use them in a proper manner, so that they can execute their responsibilities and activities expeditiously.

Personal accomplishments are his/her ain development accomplishments in order to accomplish his/her calling ends in life and it can be continuously developed on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing ; For illustration, wants to go a director. Professional accomplishments are working environment accomplishments in order to accomplish administration ends and it can be developed and utilized whenever the chance arises in the on the job environment ; For illustration, going an effectual director. In practical, the effectual director must hold and develop the both accomplishments in order to accomplish his/her ends every bit good as the administration ends.

To be an effectual director at all degree of administration ( i.e lower, medium and top degree ) , they need to possess combination of all the accomplishments listed above. Among these accomplishments, the first four are the really of import accomplishments to go a successful director. This portion of assignment evaluates how these accomplishments are of import and supplying a scope of best suited methods for developing or bettering these accomplishments, which enables me to run into both organizational and ain ends and aims.

2.1a Evaluation and Methods to develop – Time direction

Time direction accomplishment is one of the valuable assets for director, and it helps how the valuable clip is efficaciously utilized/ managed in order to run into the ends. As clip costs money, it is lost and non recoverable if the clip is wasted. Therefore successful director must happen every chance to salvage clip in order to better productivity/profit by analyzing work load and understanding subsidiary ‘s capableness, commanding clip blowing activities, etc. The cardinal elements to the effectual clip saving/managing accomplishments are listed below:

Specify the ends to run into the deadline

Budget the man-hour or cost

Plan and schedule the work load

Provide fringy budget for unanticipated work load or alterations

Prioritize and organise consequently

Distribute the work load to subsidiaries

Review and track the planned undertaking

Use and keep clip direction log for day-to-day or hebdomadal

Control the wastage clip and utilize efficaciously

Guide/encourage the subsidiary to better production

Above listed elements of clip direction accomplishment can be achieved by set of feasible practical methods such as processs, policies, spreadsheets, checklists, etc. For illustration, Gantt chart for planning and programming, clip log sheet for consumed budget hr and to gauge balance hr several to task, Weekly advancement study for reviewing/tracking the planned undertaking, etc.

As I want to go a director, I need to develop or better clip direction accomplishment. Though bulk of this accomplishment and cardinal elements can be developed while working as director, I have developed tonss of cardinal elements of clip pull offing accomplishment while analyzing this class, in order to accomplish the class result. For illustration, clip log sheet enabled me to keep and reexamine how I am passing day-to-day hours ( see appendix-** ) , Gantt chart for assignment work ( see appendix-** ) , etc.

2.1b Runing meeting

Organizing meeting accomplishment is one of the critical accomplishments for the director, and it helps to acquire corporate decision-making, better focussed treatment, to better the productiveness, to actuate the employee, etc to construct an effectual administration. Importantly it is a best topographic point to pass on the management/project objectives to team-worker or other subject employee, to honor the performing artist, etc ( Pocket, 2006, P47-69 ) . The cardinal elements for the effectual running meeting accomplishments are listed below:

Specifying the intent of meetings

Prepare docket ( meeting clip, topographic point, president, attendants )

Circulate docket and Invite the participants in progress

Welcome the participants with refreshments

Clear and focussed treatment by utilizing ocular AIDSs

Encourage group treatment

Take notes for agreed outcomes/ actions/ duties

Review past meeting results

Control and avoid repeated treatment

Encourage feedback/idea and questionnaire session

Prepare proceedingss of meeting and circulate

Therefore above mentioned constituents of run intoing running accomplishment can be achieved by set of feasible practical methods such as processs, docket, proceedingss of meeting, forum, meeting templets, spreadsheets, etc.

Though the cardinal elements of this accomplishment can be developed when the chance arises likely while working as director, I have developed tonss of cardinal elements of running meeting accomplishment while analyzing Strategic direction class in order to accomplish the group undertaking as a chair individual for SILVER SPOON group. For illustration, agenda sheet enabled me to ask for participants and specify the meeting position, locale and clip ( see appendix-** ) and Minutes of run intoing enabled to corroborate the action program to group member ( see appendix-** ) , etc.

2.1c Making presentation

Presentation accomplishment is one of the of import accomplishments for a successful director in many facets of their work, and to pass on expeditiously in a group of audience. The most of import factors to see in presentations are audience attitudes, actions, demands and duties throughout the presentation. This enables the audience or subsidiaries in many ways such as clip salvaging or attempt, do money, aid to take advantage of chances, do them more popular and celebrated, and increase their wonder and enjoyment ( Suzy, 2008, P6-10 ) . The great presentation is a procedure and combination of the undermentioned cardinal elements:

Think and research on the subject before presentation

Form the content with debut, organic structure and decision

Attract the audience by oculus contact, position, motion, gesture, etc

Interact the audience to believe, non merely listen

Deliver the presentation with assurance

Use ocular AIDSs efficaciously

Overcome presentation nervousnesss and avoid obscure linguistic communication

Effective communicating accomplishment by oral/written/drawing

Keep it short and simple ( KISS )

Capability of replying the audience inquiries

Therefore above mentioned cardinal elements of presentation can be achieved by set of feasible practical methods such as Power-point slides, press releases, seminars, etc. As director gives presentation in assorted groups run intoing with subordinates/supervisor/ clients, utilizing techniques should be graspable/ apprehensible by audience.

Actually these above mentioned cardinal elements can be developed while working or when the chance arises. Though I have gained spot of presentation accomplishment in Strategic direction class when showing SIVLER SPOON group undertaking, I must necessitate to develop this accomplishment, where I have batch of Scopess to better.

2.1d Stress direction

Stress is one of the individual ‘s reactions of the organic structure and head to alter. It is really of import for everyone to pull off and command the emphasis, to go healthier and happier. Effected emphasis produces physiological, psychological, stress related issues on him/her. Manager has high opportunities of developing emphasis due to assorted demands such as undertaking demands, Role demands, Interpersonal demands and Organisational construction. Though it can non be to the full evitable, but it can be manageable by utilizing effectual emphasis direction accomplishment ( Robbins and Decenzo, 2008, P206 ) . Overstress ensuing to diminish the productiveness, lessening net income, taking to misidentify, etc. Therefore, it is compulsory for director to hold stress direction accomplishment in order to avoid emphasis related jobs ; that is control or pull off the emphasis by utilizing clip direction, running meeting, doing presentation accomplishments. The stress direction accomplishment is the combination of following cardinal elements ( Cartwright and Cooper, 1997, P416 ) :

Recognise, anticipate, proctor and regulate stressors

Redesign the undertaking or work environment

Establish flexible work agendas

Promote participative direction

Include employees in calling development

Construct a good and supportive squad

Establish just employment policies

Find alternate routes/solutions

Actually this is the follow-up accomplishment of Time direction, Runing meeting and Making presentation. So, the above mentioned cardinal elements of emphasis direction accomplishment can be achieved by utilizing same set of feasible practical methods, which used in others.

Actually these above mentioned cardinal elements can be developed while working as director. So I am looking opportunity for developing this accomplishment. I besides feel that, with singular development of other managerial/leadership cardinal accomplishments, I can easy develop the emphasis direction accomplishment.

Outcome 2 – Personal accomplishments audit

3.1 Preferred acquisition manner

As I want to go a more effectual director, I need to larn several accomplishments which are listed in page-** . This portion of assignment examines my learning manner by set abouting personal accomplishment audit, which helped me to place my current possessing accomplishments, cognition, abilities, values and preferable acquisition manner along with my strengths and failings in order to accomplish my effectual director end. Appendix-** illustrates the Learning manner questionnaire ( LSQ ) with my reply, and its consequence proves shows that my preferable learning manner is PRAGMATIST.

3.2 Strengths and failings

As I am PRAGMATIST, my learning manner strengths and failings are listed below:


Attempts to set ain thoughts, theories and techniques into workplace

Advanced and experimental

Analyse and measure with assorted options

Set marks, and attempts to accomplish them

Works good independently


Acts without cautiousness terminal up with negative result

Task oriented instead than people oriented

Undervalues personal feelings

Is impatient and needs full control

Likes to work independently

Referenced from Week-1 manus outs and ( Honey and Mumford, 1992 )

3.3 How it affects my accomplishments development

As I audited and analysed my strengths and failings of my learning manner, below treatment reveals that how it will impact and how to get the better of in order develop the four key accomplishments for an effectual director. For illustration,

Time direction:

As I am pragmatist, my planning/target may neglect due to without taking any cautiousness or overruling the undertaking to others or efficaciously non utilizing the beginning, which clearly affect my public presentation. However as strength I set/try to accomplish the mark with thoughts, techniques and options, so I try to be after the undertaking with right person/man-hour. Besides delegating right undertaking to compensate individual and monitoring often enables to track and avoid last minute jobs.

Stress direction:

As I am pragmatist, giving more importance to the undertaking instead than people or their feelings, may consequences to bring forth immense emphasis due to hapless quality/inefficient undertaking result. However as strength I take chance to experiment and measure with assorted options, so I try to encourage/educate the subsidiaries in order to run into the undertaking. Further more, often reexamining the undertaking advancement and honoring individual enables to avoid workplace emphasis.

Outcome 3 – Personal development program

4.1 Smart analysis

Aims and ends are widely used in planning and design. It is a composite statement of the terminal mark, to be attained within the specified clip and agenda. SMART is one of the cardinal methods to make an effectual aim or end. So, the SMART aims are:

Specific: Aims should be good defined and clearly province that what is to be achieved

Measurable: Aims demands to be quantifiable in order to mensurate or supervise the end procedure and confirm whether it is in favorable status. Performance could be quantitative and qualitative step that allows us to do alterations if anything goes incorrect during the procedure and remain on path to run into the marks

Accomplishable: Aim is within the capableness and ability to make the most desirable mark. Besides it must be realistic and appropriate for the concern or activity

Relevant: Aim should be specific and must associate to the short or long term concern mark

Time defined: The terminal consequence should be accomplished with in the targeted deadline

( Mike, 2008, P** )

4.2 SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the powerful tools to analyze the personal strengths, failings, chances and menaces. This procedure enables to better the strength, overcome/minimise the weakness/gaps every bit good as taking the greatest chances that are available. Appendix-** explores my SWOT analysis for my personal development and it is in Edexcel degree 7 format.

4.3 Personal development program ( PDP )

Planning is a logical constituent of the direction procedure. PDP is an on-going procedure throughout our life, which helps to manage/develop any single accomplishments through the procedure of ego acquisition, contemplation and construction on how to accomplish their target/goal.

In order to go a successful director, I must hold to be after and specify the effectual aim by utilizing SMART analysis in order to carry through the mark within the scheduled clip. Besides I have to assess/examine my strengths and failing by SWOT analysis in order to develop 4 managerial key accomplishments listed in Outcome 1. From outcome-2, I established my learning manner is PRAGMATIST utilizing personal accomplishments audit with my larning strengths and failings.

As I have analysed myself exhaustively, my PDP for accomplishing 4 effectual managerial key accomplishments are explored in the appendix-** . In that researching procedure, my PDP chiefly intended to assist the followers:

Better my personal and professional managerial accomplishment

Identify and develop my movable accomplishment

Focus my thought and program frontward and put realistic marks

Articulate my personal end and aim

Evaluate advancement towards the accomplishment


This assignment work helped me to understand the personal/professional accomplishments for an effectual director and its importance, analyse suited feasible methods for developing these accomplishments, placing my acquisition accomplishments with learning strengths and failings, developing a personal development program by SMART and SWOT analysis, Monitoring and feedback undertaken, etc. Particularly, I gained thorough apprehension of 4 Key accomplishments in add-on to other accomplishments for an effectual director. From this overall undertaking, I have developed a accomplishment that how to put the mark, analyzing pros and cons, fix a planning/route and agenda ( feasible and clip ) , budgeting, analyzing strength and failing, monitoring and reflecting, range for efficiency/improvisation, and eventually run into the mark. By utilizing this PDP and methods, it could be really thankful to win in my academic calling and besides it helps me to expeditiously use these accomplishments in my future employment in order to do a successful and inventive administration.


Professional development is really of import for every professional, irrespective of their employment. It plays a critical function in order to step up their calling ladder. For every concern and organisation, this advanced professional development plan encouragement up their employee ‘s personal and professional managerial/leadership accomplishments and cognition in order to accomplish their concern aim and better the productiveness. If the directions are deficiency in those accomplishments and cognition so they wo n’t be defying in the Industrial market. The aims of this assignment are chiefly focused on how to better the managerial/leadership skills including clip direction, running meetings, doing presentation and emphasis direction and these are really of import accomplishments for managers/leaders. This assignment works on to place and measure the scheme or method for developing the personal and professional managerial /leadership accomplishments as listed above. Besides this covers the acquisition schemes and manners which will be really utile for me to construct my positive accomplishments and to get the better of my failings in order to better my accomplishments and cognition. By utilizing this development program and method, it could be really thankful to win at my university and besides it helps me to use these accomplishments in my future employment in order to do an effectual and inventive organisation. Foster

( Word Count: 200 )


Appendix – 1

Appendix – 2

Bibliography utilizing Harvard Referencing System

Textbook Mention:

Web Reference

Personal / Professional accomplishments

Why it is necessary

Time direction

It is cost effectual and non recoverable

Helps to be after, prioritise, organise, agenda and budget the work

Organizing meeting

It is critical to acquire the solution from group or to better the productiveness or to actuate the employee

Helps to discuss/convey the message among the group such as work program, advancement, new awards, etc


To convey cardinal points or better bringing manner

Effective ocular assistance

Stress direction

To analyze and cut down emphasis developed in job/ life

To better or command physical/emotional state of affairs

Self-awareness and self-management

Effective communicating

To pass on clearly and right by written or unwritten or study, etc

Map out the ideas/objective thought in a proper manner

Problem resolution and Decision devising

To provide/decide best or lesson learnt solution, when the job arises in workplace or subsidiary

Performance direction

To carry on assessments and steer subsidiaries for their calling development

Keep a public presentation record of subsidiary for easy entree and feedback

Recognise and promote the top performing artists

Team development & A ; Motivation

To motivate/encourage the squad towards project/organisation end by supervising advancement

Detecting accomplishment

To listen/observe what is go oning in the group

Thoroughly understanding the state of affairs and job

Well as I begin I would wish to retrieve you one point that no 1 can defy in the market of an organisation when the people lack certain accomplishments and cognition. In order to guarantee for proper accomplishments and knowledge a proper thought about the development of their accomplishments are briefed in this study. Keeping in head, the four accomplishments developed in this study were clip direction, emphasis direction, running meeting, and group treatment. Not merely the accomplishments but besides the acquisition manners were discussed. What are the techniques and aims to run into the desired features? How to better the direction accomplishments for the effectual leading? The chief construct of acquisition is mentioned clearly in this study which may be utile in the hereafter demands for an organisation to be effectual and inventive.


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