1.0 Introduction

Leaderships are persons who have the capacity and ability to act upon others to transport out a undertaking successfully developing them and steering through all the procedure of carry throughing the undertaking. Some leaders have managerial authorization, these leaders are positioned as supervisors, directors and executives in organisations but it does n’t intend all managerial authorization function people are leaders. A director is a individual who needs to achieve the leading due to the hierarchy and place he have been given by the organisation.

Leadership is a particular characteristic that ‘s owned per se in world as we say leaders are born and non made or formed. Not all managerial positioned persons are good leaders as leaders can besides be a normal employee who has cognition and accomplishments to take and accomplish a occupation duty as a group. A leader is a squad drama shaper who sets the procedure and follows it purely to accomplish the visions. They handle different state of affairss in organisation.

Normally, leaders are persons who lead and delegate occupation duty and undertaking, nevertheless it is best to specify leader as single who influence person to execute the manner he/she wants them to execute. Leaderships have the capableness to enable people to believe the leader is right with the determinations made. Leader is a particular personality trait that few people possess.


The function of a leader is full of duty and committednesss as leaders need to put themselves as good function theoretical account in the organisation who do purely respects the organisation regulations and ordinances every bit good as purposes to accomplish the organisation end. A leader interprets the organisations vision, mission and end as what is really much in demand to be achieved for the growing and development of the organisation as leaders are loyal and honest towards their functions and duty. As for leaders, the growing of the organisation is every bit equal as the prosperity of their life.

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A good leader is an person who can equilibrate all the environment they face day-to-day successfully without pretermiting any duty from any side either household, friends, society, state, or work. Leader ‘s dramas really of import function in teamwork or group undertakings as their committednesss and earnestness towards the undertaking will act upon the other group members to to the full take part in carry throughing the undertaking successfully. Hereby, leaders plays function of learning and steering the group, sharing cognition on the undertaking that are possessed by the leader every bit good as consider and appreciate his/her group members suggestions and thoughts. A leader being on their ain does non carry through the undertakings successfully as his/her squad of people besides pays of import functions and support to successfully finish the undertaking. Therefore, leader is still of import in the group as a leader has the ability to act upon the group to transport out undertaking to finish the undertaking.

Besides prima and deputing occupation duties, a leader should be a good determination shaper who can manage different state of affairss through either commanding the event happening or set uping a proper procedure or scheme to be followed to avoid the jobs that arise. However, a good leader must be advanced where, any applied or enforced schemes or procedure demand to be good analyzed guaranting there are no major issues that may originate in future as such, leaders must be able to mentality the overall procedure that are included in a undertaking and prevent habitue job attacks.


Leaderships are non formed or made, most leaders are either born as leaders to take or are forced to be leaders due to the managerial place in organisations or sections. However, a good leader demands to possess five really of import features within themselves which are in relation to their function of taking, steering and being a function theoretical account to others. Leaderships come from many countries which can be either as a individual leader for the province, state or group of people they are related to in transporting out a undertaking. The term leader itself carries the significance of a formation of any group who are influenced by an person who has the capableness, accomplishments and cognition to take the remainder. Following are the 4 major features that a good and efficient leader should possess:


Adaptability is a characteristic where an person is capable of easy accommodating the environment they are involved into to transport out their responsibility and duty. Good and efficient leaders are those who are capable of accommodating the environment easy although it has different civilization and work procedures. Despite, a good and efficient leader is persons who can accommodate new schemes rapidly as they have high adaptability on any beginning of their occupation duty. For illustration, Mr. Along Teachs and guides his group members on the new machine used in production the 2nd twenty-four hours of the launch of the machine.


The feature of understanding relates to the leader being able to place the existent issue of a job significance calculating out the nucleus beginning of the arising job or issues. A good and efficient leader must be able to place the factors that have lead to the job where as such he/she would be able to understand the existent issue and how it would hold happen and what caused it to go on. As such, leaders must be really experimental and analyst when issues arise. For illustration, analysing what would hold caused for a fabrication machine to cut down its productiveness from bring forthing 2000 units per twenty-four hours to 1500 units per twenty-four hours. Here, a good and efficient leader would experiment and analysis what have caused the lessening in production and makes determination harmonizing to his findings on the issue.

1.3.3 Position

The feature of perspective describes leader as a prognosis person who see ‘s beyond their ain vantage point. A good and efficient leader is those who can foretell 99 % accurately on possibilities of issues originating or success in a undertaking. Every actions carried out are able to be predicted on the result of the action whether it will be good or non good every bit good as to find the benefits for a long term footing or short term footing.

1.3.4 Good Communicator

Communication is a really of import component in every human life as it is portion of most day-to-day modus operandi. Communication is described as an component of interaction between two or more parties. A good and efficient leader must be an effectual communicator who is able to pass on to all the links of different degree in an organisation. Despite, he/she should besides be able to brief his members on a occupation undertaking accurately guarantee they understands what he is seeking to present. A leader needs to be responsible in describing to the higher authorization or direction on the procedure and results with accurate information on the result of a undertaking as an illustration.

1.3.5 Good Hearer

Good and efficient leaders are ever good communicators, but that means much more than merely being a good speaker. When leaders listen to followings and utilize what they hear to do an betterment that benefits those who speak up and the organisation, so followings put their trust in those leaders. When a leader does the antonym, they fail to listen to their follower which would damage the leader ‘s relationship with his/her follower as at least seting an attempt of promoting his/her follower by imparting an ear hearing their suggestion and thoughts which can be put into consideration. It is really of import for leaders to listen to their group members because if followings are no longer in believe that their leaders are listening to them, so they would get down looking for person who will.


Good leader will take the enterprises instead than waiting for person else from the organisation to take the lead. They do n’t wait to be asked to volunteer. Alternatively of waiting for chance to strike hard, they find the door and kick it unfastened. They do n’t wait until the clip is right, that is when they have all the necessary resources, clip, information, authorization, endowment, and support from above. They make things go on in spite the odds. Leaderships should hold backbones to near things in a existent clip mode. Advanced leader know they must hold a sense of urgency, a tolerance for turbulency, and a prejudice for action. Self-awareness plays an built-in function in the strategic deployment of the leader ‘s clip and endowments. Leaderships besides need to be the keepers of the religion. They must hold the bravery to protect the company ‘s basic values when others are tempted to compromise the company ‘s unity. Leader should be willing to larn, to experiment, and to do errors and retrieve the errors with a lesson learned and a job solved.

1.3.7 Teamwork

It ‘s obvious that you ca n’t hold a winning squad without teamwork. However, non every leader takes stairss to assist squad members work together. If you communicate to all the participants how all the people fit together and what strengths they bring for their function, so teammates will value and respects one another. The more that people know how they fit on a squad, the more they will want to decently do the most of their tantrum and maximise their part. Here, a good and efficient leader needs the feature of being a good squad taking leader who can successfully pull off and suit his squad members in countries they desire decently in order to derive maximal strength and good results.


Good and efficient leaders are concern on the aims that are been set to be completed by them with their group. Before execution of any schemes or actions, leader ‘s provinces down the vision, mission and end of the particular undertaking together with his group or good understand the vision, mission and end of a undertaking delegated to a leader by the organisation to work on with his/her group. Leaderships strongly hold onto the vision, mission and end of any events or undertakings and guarantee they achieve the declared aims with promptness. One of the booby traps that can halt possible leaders is the desire to concentrate on vision to the hurt of confronting world. But good leaders are both airy and realistic. World is the foundation for positive alteration. If you do n’t confront world, so you will non be able to do necessary alterations.


Good leader ‘s aid others find their strength zones and authorise them to work consequently maximising their strength use. In fact, the best leaders are features by the ability to acknowledge the particular abilities and restrictions of others, and the capacity to suit their people into the occupations where they will make best and execute good. Good and efficient leaders empower others in his/her squad by supplying preparations to better knowledge their accomplishments and endowments every bit good as work cognition. Despite, leaders besides empower others by actuating them in executing their best for the organisation to hit the mark and ends of the organisation to be able to derive wagess or grasps from the board of the organisation. Leaderships will ever extremely responsible in authorising others as most leaders are competitory and like to win competition and lead as a good illustration. As such, empowerment takes topographic point to get the better of competition which would ensue in higher productiveness for the organisation.

1.4 Decision

Leaderships have great duty in guaranting their repute and name is good maintained among people environing them. With great duty comes great power of act uponing others in transporting out action as their wants which has the component of trust and religion. An illustration of a great leader in Malaysia who is really efficient would be Tun Doctor Mahathir Mohammad as the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia in office since 1981 to 2003 keeping the station for 22 old ages. He became one of the most celebrated Prime Minister of Malaysia as he contributed many things to the state altering the state to a good established worldwide known state. His part in developing the state from rural countries to town countries changed the life manner of Malaysian to a higher criterion of life. His features of being a good and efficient leader enabled the state to follow his footfalls in developing the state.

Besides, another good illustration of a leader would be Barrack Hussein Obama who is the forty-fourth Prime Minister of United States. Bing the first African American to keep the office, he is public elected Prime Minister for his ownerships of a good and efficient leader feature. Barrack Hussein Obama contributed to the universe economic system and the state greatly to widen of every bit administering the rights of every citizen. Bing the first African American Prime Minister in United States, he demolished the racial statements that existed in the state of holding different degree of benefits and respects between the white and black people. Bing a leader to the state, Barrack Hussein Obama holds most features of being a leader and has high capableness in act uponing the universe towards an epoch.

As decision, leader is an person who possess high regard with equal committednesss where a leader demand to prolong gaining good repute and name from the society. A good and efficient leader will ever see several factors before doing determinations where although determinations are made invariably with no much clip wasted, the job or issues are good analyzed and experiment before execution of determinations are carried out. It is best to reason that leaders are ne’er made or formed as leaders features are needed to be within an person from birth.



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