The Chemistry of Life Effects of Acid Rain There are many deferent types of negative effects acid rain has on the world. Acid rain is the mixture of wet and dry deposition from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. Pollution contributes to the forming of acid rain. One of the main causes is industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels the oxides they contain and combine with atmospheric water which forms acids.

One of the effects of acid rain is the loss offish in lakes and streams. These fish die because many of them can survive In acidic water. Acid rain weakens our entire ecosystem these things range from plants, animals, and aquatic creatures. The nitrogen can cause unwanted growth of algae and plants. The trees systems are weak due to the harsh conditions which end up making these trees more vulnerable to getting pests and diseases. Acid rain deposits nitrates that can lead to increases in nitrogen in forests.

Nitrogen is an Important plant nutrient, but some forest systems may not be able to use all they receive, leading to nitrogen saturation. In the Eastern United States, there is evidence of nitrogen saturation in some forests. Nitrates can remove additional calcium and magnesium from the soils. Continued nitrogen deposition may alter other aspects of the nutrient balance in sensitive forest ecosystems and alter the chemistry of nearby lakes and streams. Although acid rain has a strong negative on our plants and animals it does not arm human health.

Some of the particles found In acid rain may be harmful to respiration in humans. It however has caused damage to buildings and monuments through the process of deterioration. This has negatively affected the community because it has destroyed historical monuments that once were part of history. This can also be a danger to tombstones because the deterioration can erase away the names and families in the future may not be able to find their loved ones.

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