Nowadays the authorities maintain on introduce sustainable edifice or green edifice. Skylight is one of the constituents of twenty-four hours illuming and twenty-four hours lighting is one of the constituents in green edifice.

The map of Skylight fundamentally is to allow the natural visible radiation to breathe into the edifice through the glazing of a fanlight. There are assorted types of fanlight in the market, but the most used fanlights are Venting Skylight, fixed fanlight, cannular fanlight. Some of the fanlights are design for aesthetic intent, and more and more Designer and Architect is planing their edifice with fanlight.

There are many benefit that get from fanlight such as energy- efficiency, it will supply more light into house so the user inside the house can exchange on less visible radiation or put in less unreal visible radiation. This will besides salvage more energy consume as comparison to the normal illuming install. In add-on to the energy- efficiency, fanlight besides can be portion of green part to the planet.

The purpose of this thesis is to happen out the importance and method of keeping a skylight shopping promenade. And with the aim of “ To look into whether the deficiency of maintain of a fanlight will impact the residents inside the shopping promenade ” and “ To happen out the methods used to keep fanlight in shopping promenade. ”

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In the research methodological analysis, this thesis is traveling to carry on by utilizing both two method of Primary informations aggregation and secondary informations aggregation. For primary informations aggregation, traveling to utilize observation, interview and distribution of questionnaire. For secondary informations aggregation, is traveling to happen by utilizing cyberspace, magazine, and books.

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Skylight is a particular type of window which built into the roof of a house or edifice in order to allow the natural daytime come into the house straight. A fanlight may be installed for aesthetic intents, or as portion of a general passive-heating scheme. Skylight allows about eight times every bit much visible radiation to come in the house as a comparably sized wall window. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

At the old yearss Skylight were leak, due to the restriction of modern-day building and waterproofing stuffs. The glazing of the Skylight was leak and allowed heat to get away, the user felt uncomfortable with the temperature and do them to heat during the winter, it will do them a lucks, and the Skylight Ns were non the demanded after the few job occur. ( Christopher J V Cooper, 2009 )

Today in this modern universe, we have the benefit of modern dry dual glazing techniques, an advanced waterproofing compounds and automatic electric mechanisms for gap and shutting fanlight Windowss. These betterments, together with the usage of certain dual glazed panels guarantee that modern fanlight can keep a traditional visual aspect while offering, structural Integrity and lastingness together with good insularity belongingss. The usage of lasting hardwood lumber and high quality micro porous pigments and discolorations ensures that a modern Skylight will last for many old ages with minimal care. ( Christopher J V Cooper, 2009 )

Problem Statement and Research Question

Presents there are more and more interior decorator or designer will include skylight into their design for shopping promenade. Skylight in a shopping promenade without proper cares, it will impact the resident inside the edifice. In this instance survey, I quoted two inquiries, there are “ Does deficiency of care or cleansing will impact the resident in shopping Mall? ” And “ What are the methods used to keep a fanlight? ”

Aim and Objective

In this thesis, the purpose is to happen out the importance and method of keeping a skylight shopping promenade. The aims of this research are to be achieved is listed as below:

To look into whether the deficiency of maintain of a fanlight will impact the residents inside the shopping promenade.

The aim of this research is to look into the residents in shopping promenade feels when the direction is non executing the care on a regular basis. In the mode of aesthetic position or the perturbation ( such as leaking ) cause by fanlight. Besides that, will the cost for chilling down the temperature will be increased while the skylight leaks the cold air inside the edifice.

To happen out the methods used to keep fanlight in shopping promenade.

The aim of this research is to happen out the method and process used for keeping fanlight in shopping promenade including the stuff for sealing the connection between fanlight and the frame. Besides that, for executing care process, does it hold to make it in clip frame and how long normally takes while making care.

Scope of Study

This survey will be conduct in shopping promenade at town country of Kuala Lumpur which is located at Jalan Ampang for KLCC and Bukit Bintang for Pavilion. In this thesis, chiefly is to analyze the method used for keeping Skylight. Identify the assorted method and analysis which method is better with the consideration of the clip and stuff consume for making care and the frequence of care have to carry on for a fanlight. Besides that, the deficiency of cares of a fanlight will impact resident will be survey besides. It surveies about the aesthetic position for residents inside the edifice and the perturbation cause by fanlight such as leaking.


To suggest the correct and suited method to carry on the care of fanlight.

Research Methodology

This research is traveling to utilize three methods for primary informations aggregation they are Case surveies by making Observation, Interview and Questionnaire.

First method for acquiring primary informations is Case Study through Observation in shopping promenade. In this research, the observation is traveling to carry on in Kuala Lumpur ( KL ) is because KL have shopping promenade that ever occupied with tonss of residents. The observation will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur City Centre ( KLCC ) which is located at Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Pavilion which located at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The design, type and form of fanlight will be noted by chalk outing and will be added with the status of fanlight such as the seeable leaking, banding frame, and the cleanliness of fanlight.

Second method for acquiring primary informations is Interview, The interview will be conducted with interviewee who is the individual in charge of making the care or the direction of the shopping promenade and inquire them about the common job occur in fanlight and how they managed to work out the job. Besides that, the direction will be interviewed with the inquiry of keeping the fanlight and cleaning the fanlight.

Third method is through Questionnaire, the questionnaire will be distribute to the people who ca n’t entertain the interview and the people who work, or stores in KLCC and Pavilion is because they spend long hours in that edifice, so they certainly will detect the status of fanlight. In the Questionnaire will inquire how they solved the job when escape occurred for the people in the direction. For the people who work at that place I will inquire their sentiment about the fanlight and have they seen a skylight leaking or other defects while they work and how the direction people overcome the job.

Secondary informations aggregation, the information will be acquiring from three chief beginnings Interne, News Paper, and Books.

Internet there are a batch ‘s of website supplying information but we our egos have to be smart to seek for the information. In this research will seek for the information related to this research such as, the methods used to keep fanlight, deficiency of care of fanlight will impact the residents, causes of escape in fanlight and, cost economy of fanlight with a proper care in shopping promenade.

Library is one of the best topographic point to look for information, on a regular basis cheque for the News Paper, magazine, diary will be better if there is any update. The article or information hunt must be under the aim of this research, the research range will be the same as above.

Book in the library can supply information about fanlight, and in this research will look for the book any informations which related to skylight, but most of it the rubric will be Day Lighting, Green Building, and Sustainable edifice because fanlight is a portion of twenty-four hours lighting, and it frequently appear in Green Building and Sustainable edifice.

Literature Review

Definition of Skylight

Skylight can be consider as a portion of Day illuming, Skylight is a particular type of window which built into the roof of a house or edifice in order to allow the natural daytime travel into the house or edifice straight. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 ) Skylights are besides literally windows in the roof that conveying a spot of bluish sky into the edifice or house. In the dark clip fanlight besides can expose the stars and the Moon. ( California Energy Commission )

Skylights besides provide the inside of a house with the heat and brightness of natural daytime. They besides cut down the figure of unreal visible radiation. They will lighten up up dark corners and allow in tonss of heat. Besides that, they can besides supply airing when it is needed. ( California Energy Commission )

Skylight may be installed for aesthetic intents, some of it possibly for general passive-heating scheme. There are many types of fanlight in the industry, with differing designs, stuffs, and added constituents. Most of the people end up taking a fanlight that is far excessively big for their house is because they want more light as possible. Unfortunately, even the best fanlights have much poorer insularity than a comparable infinite of roof, so a big fanlight allows big sums of heat to get away during cold conditions, and excessively much heat to come in the house during warm conditions. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

Types of Skylight

There are assorted types of fanlight being usage in these yearss, the most widely used Skylight are Venting Skylight, fixed fanlight, cannular fanlight. Venting Skylight is to let air to go through through into the edifice usually use in bathrooms and kitchens which helps to alleviate extra wet and maintain the flow of air steady. Fixed fanlight is a fanlight that can non be opened it is entirely to let the natural daytime to go through into the house. Tubular fanlight is a really little fanlight, intended chiefly for hallways and little suites where a traditional fanlight would n’t easy suit. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

There are some fanlight is for aesthetic intent. The most common fanlight is Flat Skylight, dwelling of a square or rectangular piece of level glass or acrylic that may be fixed or air outing. Next is Round Skylight, if we view from the roof it is like half-sphere bubble. Following is Polygon Skylight, is a fanlight which is looks like polygon that juts out of the roof with a figure of glass or acrylic. Besides that, Pyramid Skylight is a simple four-triangle pyramid that juts out of the roof. Finally, Dome fanlight is similar to a level fanlight but the glass is rounds up past the surface of the roof. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

Furthermore for the residential, there are four type of fanlight more frequently associated with big edifices. First is Hip Ridge Skylight is a long rectangular skylight which peaks up above the roof surface to a cardinal ridge, with a inclining triangular piece of glass on either short terminal. Following is Ridge fanlight is a simpler version, with two long trigons inclining in towards one another, and straight trigons shuting off either terminal. Besides that, Lean-to Skylight is a simple incline which rises from the roof of one narrative and terminals by tilting against an upper wall of the following narrative. Last, Barrel Vault Skylight is a more complex signifier of the lean-to, which consists of a half-sphere against an upper wall, frequently seen in big botanical gardens. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

Common Problem of Skylight

The most common job of fanlight is leak, largely due to the restriction of modern-day building and waterproofing stuffs. The glazing of the Skylight was leak and allowed heat to get away, the user felt uncomfortable with the temperature and do them to heat during the winter, it will do them a lucks, and the Skylight were non the demanded after the few job occur. ( Christopher J V Cooper, 2009 )

Heat loss

A fanlight in the roof of a edifice will lose about 35 % to 45 % more heat during cold conditions than the normal window installed on the side of the edifice with the same glazing that install in both Skylight and normal window. That is because hot air rises. As the hot air in the edifice rises toward the ceiling, it comes in contact with the cold surface of the fanlight. The same theory but in the other manner round the cold air falls, it will organize a big bill of exchange cringle which will diminish comfort of the residents. If the fanlight is more horizontal the consequence will be more important, the more important. This type of heat loss is caused by convection. Even in dual-paned installed in fanlights the warm air between the window glasss rises upward to run into the big, cold, about horizontal glazing. This hot air so falls and replaced by more hot air from below. ( California Energy Commission )

Heat loss in constructing through convection is non as great through Windowss installed on the side of a edifice. That is because the way that heat flows through them is chiefly horizontal, non perpendicular, and because the side Windowss are non by and large placed near the ceiling. Besides that, fanlights besides lose heat through radiation. As normal Windowss are frequently shaded by exterior shutters, trees and bushs and overhang, but fanlights are exposed to the cold dark sky. ( California Energy Commission )

Heat addition

In hot conditions Country, heat addition will go a job because extra cost for chilling down the edifice is required. Skylight is more open to the Sun than normal perpendicular Windowss, it can allow the heat base on balls into edifice every bit much as four times the sum of heat as a normal window. Unless the user or house proprietor can pull off the heat addition or else the edifice will be uncomfortable during hot conditions and have to exchange on air conditioner overtime. Energy experts estimate that a 2-foot by 4-foot of fanlight made with a individual panel of clear glass will let heat into a place to do a typical air conditioner use an extra 240 kilowatt hours of electricity per twelvemonth. ( California Energy Commission )

Besides that Brendan McGuigan besides stated that, Skylights besides have the possible to do bill of exchanges, doing the room uncomfortable. During showery conditions it will leak if the seal non good in quality. Although fanlight can cut down the sum and cost of energy consume for unreal visible radiation inside the edifice but they can allow in excess and unwanted heat that will do the air conditioner work harder during the summer and in the winter they can let cherished heat to get away. ( Brendan McGuigan, 2003 )

Cleaning job

After rather some clip the glazing panel of fanlight will go soiled and most of the people will believe is the fanlight job, a malfunction other type harm, or the life span of the fanlight is near. Skylights are installed around the roof or on top of the house so it is difficult to make. That is made the skylight cleansing more hard, it will devour tonss of clip to clean a fanlight than normal window because it needs people to mount up to the roof and clean the fanlight. If hired a cleansing service supplier it will be the house proprietor a luck. If a fanlight without the cleansing it will roll up dust, Oklahoman or subsequently the fanlight will finally barricade the sunshine and the chief intent of put ining fanlight will be defeated. ( Jon Nunan, n.d. )

Cleaning and keeping fanlight

The chief intent of fanlight is to convey in extra twenty-four hours light from outside of a edifice into the edifice. In the same clip fanlight besides can add for the aesthetic intent, besides that it besides can supply a great position from room interior. The residents inside merely can bask if the fanlight is clean. ( Skyler Carpenter, 2005 )

Skylight is installed outdoors and it will expose to outside conditions such as rain, snow, bird dungs, wet, dust and leaves. The position of a bluish sky will be film overing because the dust allow the skylight emit less sunlight passing through and that is good clip for cleansing. ( Skyler Carpenter, 2005 )

Skylight is non difficult to keep and clean, and there is no demand clean the skylight really frequently if it in a showery clime, because the rain will rinse away the soil on the fanlight. However, the fanlight should be cleaned at rental twice a twelvemonth to protect, from abrasions. And it does besides will convey maximal sum of visible radiation into the edifice. ( Skyler Carpenter, 2005 )

Cleaning from the interior, inside of the fanlight does non acquire every bit dirty as the exterior of fanlight. If utilizing a wet fabric to clean away the dust is usually sufficient. Cleaning from the exterior will be more attempt, First have to travel on top of the roof and with a pail fill with some detergent and H2O, a sponge, a twosome of dry fabrics, some auto wax for Polish, and a garden hosiery. Second have to rinse the fanlight and pass over the soil off utilizing a detergent-soaked sponge but non stab or scrapper as it may rub the glazing or acrylic panel. Last is to smooth the skylight panel by utilizing the auto wax. Wax can cover minor abrasions and every bit good as to protect the glazing from harm caused by outside elements, besides that wax will do the rain to run out off or skid off easy. ( Skyler Carpenter, 2005 )

Skylight Glazing

The stuff of fanlights glazing are largely made of either plastic or glass, depends on the pick and several factors such as conditions, location within the place and monetary value. Manufacturers may mention to the types of fanlights by theirA glazing. Plastic glazing is less expensive as comparison than glass glazing but yet it ‘s still reasonably lasting. Plastic glazing has the disadvantage that are it will rub, discolor or falsify easy, unless the glazing is coated with a particular movie, these sorts of glazes will allow in unsafe UV ( UV ) rays from the Sun, it will harm the resident ‘s tegument and furniture. Most of the dome or bubble molded fanlights are fictile. ( John Fuller, n.d. )

In other manner, the glass glazing is more expensive than plastic, but it ‘s preferred by most of the people is because it is more lasting as compared to plastic, glass glazing does n’t discolor and it will hold better visual aspect than plastic glazing for a long clip period. The glass glazing must be made of safety glazing stuff, it has to be tempered or laminated.A Tempered glassA is a glass that has gone through a procedure of warming and rapid chilling to do the glass much harder than normal glass. If the glass breaks it will shatters into little pebble-like pieces with no crisp edges.A Laminated glassA is made with a thin bed of plastic sandwiched between two pieces of glass. ( John Fuller, n.d. )

Skylight ‘s Benefits

Skylights are the one of the best solution for adding lighting in the edifice, besides from supplying natural twenty-four hours light, fanlights besides help in minimising warming, chilling, and illuming costs. Skylight is largely used for energy-efficiency intents, for the residential used, it is more normally used as simple lighting and the visual aspect of the overall edifice every bit good. Presents, fanlights had become much popular largely due to the current research stated that natural visible radiation or sunshine non merely helps the residents concentration, but raises the liquors of residents, increases the productiveness, and aids the healing procedure. ( Roof 101, n.d. )

Skylight contribute in Productivity

Skylight provides natural daytime from outside the edifice into interior of edifice. It will bright the edifice during the daylight, the glazing will let sunshine to come in the edifice to light for residents to see. ( Amalgamate Roofing System ) Harmonizing to scientific experts stated that natural Light can hike energy up to 24 % , this is show that increasing in productiveness. The National Commission estimates that, concerns lose more than $ 150 billion a twelvemonth in America because of employee weariness due to miss of daytime. Lockheed Martin besides claims that after adding fanlights to he ‘s edifice, the company have increased 15 % higher productiveness. ( Velux, n.d. )

Skylight contribute in House value

Skylight take light to another degree, it is of import because it helps the edifice proprietor and existent estate agent, because the fanlight will makes the place brighter and it will looks much larger than it is, and profit the people who seeking sell house in this tough existent estate market, the presence of a few fanlights can impact the possible purchaser by sing the infinite inside the abode. ( Amalgamate Roofing System, n.d. ) Skylight will increase the overall value a houses. House proprietor or investor can ever number on acquiring back the money that they had invested in put ining fanlights. Mostly it ‘s because fanlight has become a portion of current tendency in this modern society. Besides fanlights have modern entreaty, it besides has energy-efficiency and this will add some point to the house value. ( Jenny Schweyer, 2008 )

Skylight part Green and Energy efficiency

Skylight non merely provides natural twenty-four hours illuming it besides will take down the electricity measure. If fanlights are strategically place it will replace the unreal electric lighting in a edifice during the daylight. Skylights are as portion of green, since the residents are salvaging electricity they are assisting to continue the environment. Nowadays fanlight has become is latest tendencies in edifice that is green edifice, that is constructing built with maximising efficiency and preserve that nature or planet. Most of the people can non afford other green place engineering because it excessively expensive but fanlights is low-cost as comparison to solar panel when consider about the energy nest eggs and cost economy. Besides that it besides will cut down our C footmark. ( Jenny Schweyer, 2008 )

Skylight contribute in Health

Skylight let the sunshine to breathe into the edifice, through its glass glazing. The natural sunshine that emitted will supply the residents inside the edifice. Natural sunshine will assist to modulate the resident ‘s organic structure ‘s circulation beat and have better slumber at dark. ( Jenny Schweyer, 2008 ) Besides that, natural sunshine will give us the Vitamin D, but with the fanlight, it can partly reflect or filtrate the UV beam and it will profit the residents with natural sunshine from the Sun and the residents without acquiring burn.


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