In this essay I am traveling to analyze the information given from Miss E and program an ethical attack to working with her and attach a transcript of the screed. During the initial audience the ethical healer would utilize reding accomplishments to research and place any deeper issues that the client may wish to turn to. Using and making a safe environment for the client the healer would garner as much information as possible and be prepared to change the manner of oppugning and program for different types of intercession. There may be some issues that are revealed excessively far removed from the therapist degree of expertness and as such should be cognizant of other options. The healer will necessitate to larn the different manners of oppugning and to utilize the most appropriate during any treatment with the client. Such as:

•Closed inquiries – the reply factual or yes. no.

•Open inquiries – these inquiries can hold the consequence of promoting treatment. By and large they can non be answered by yes or no butseek farther lucidity. •Reflective oppugning – each inquiry is based on the old reply and reflects the content of that reply. •Probing inquiries – used when prosecuting a certain line of question. •Leading inquiries – used to act upon. non utile in information assemblage but can be used as a covert suggestion. •Multiple inquiries – non useful in any sense of hypnotherapy. can do confusion and prevents client from thought.

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•Combinations of inquiries – seting different types of inquiries together to take to a deeper apprehension of the issue. ( handout 6 ) The first 30 proceedingss of the initial audience would be free of charge as it gives me an chance to measure whether I can handle Miss E ethically and within my expertness as a healer. Many people have weight issues which are related to some signifier of emotional job and are acted through their relationship with nutrient. Eating can go. and is frequently used as. some signifier of get bying mechanism in order to cover with anxiousness and unsolved issues. In add-on to this during the initial interview the healer would set up: •what the client’s issues and ends are

•detailed history of nutrient and dieting
•determine motive 0 -10
•if used hypnotherapy before and if for weight loss and consequence •reasons for gorging and if client identifies with any

•gain info of nutrient and relationship when immature
•look at the danger countries. triggers for the client
•identify any concealed dockets
•work on the positive
•discuss the benefits
•discuss the procedure of hypnosis
•get feedback for the client

Other extra supernumeraries for illustration may be giving the client some avowals that they pattern. inquiring the client to maintain a nutrient or idea journals but be prepared for any unsolved emotions to come out. Most people with weight issues will place a cause from the followers ( press release and Hadley and Staudacher p 60 & gt ; ) : •Eating to decrease an unpleasant experience – in turning up we are rewarded with a dainty if we hurt ourselves. in hurting and being ‘brave’ . •Eating to acquire attending and addition authorization – big people get attending. may non be welcome attending. Size makes people experience more of import. •Eating for wages and amusement – in turning up we are rewarded with dainties for being good. for uncluttering the home base. •Food for fright – to assist them cover with fright

•Food replaces love – nutrient is a safe spouse

Hadley and Staudacher ( p65 ) supply some actions and programs to help the client make a life-time program for alteration. They argue that in analyzing the When. Where. and Why the client eats the healer can invent a program with the client to avoid these triggers and supply new options. Once this is elaborate and options established they argue that the overall aim are the same for all clients.

•To experience weight loss

•To maintain weight loss
•To integrated new wonts into your life

The cardinal aim is the latter aim for the client to reprogram the subconscious to integrate new wonts necessary for weight loss by: •Giving less importance to nutrient as it relates to your feeling of good being. “I eat the right and sensible sums and I am wholly satisfied” •Build up your assurance and ego esteem so you can anticipate a slimmer ego. “I reflect on all the positive things in my life. the ends and successes I have already achieved”……” I look great and experience so good” •Increase the entreaty of healthier nutrients. Make them more desirable and do fatty nutrients less desirable. “and now imagine a tabular array in forepart of you and I fill this tabular array with nutrients that are harmful to me……so now I push the nutrient off the tabular array and replace with healthier nutrient that I enjoy…” •Incorporate into your life new forms of behavior in respect to times. topographic points and grounds for gorging. “I now have new ways of covering with my old habits” “when I am… . . I will” and include options from the when. where and why. In the instance of Miss E from the information we have she:

•Has struggled with weight since she was 12 or 13. She says her parents badgered her about being unattractive and eating excessively much. She may hold some deeper issues of critical parenting or loving rearing gone ‘wrong’ . They may hold been seeking to halt her eating excessively much by stating she would be unattractive nevertheless Miss E sub witting may hold created feelings of guilt and struggle and possibly has internalised the message in as she is unattractive. •Wants to accomplish a weight loss of 2. 5 rock. Indications are that she wants to accomplish this weight loss in 3 months for an all misss holiday although this is non clear if the instance. The healer will necessitate to be realistic and nonsubjective if this is ‘safe’ .

•Her 6 twelvemonth Relationship ended 6 months ago and it appears her spouse was commanding and encouraged her to remain overweight. There may be deeper issues with respects to her old spouse. it is apparent that the relationship was based on an uneven graduated table with her spouse being ‘very controlling’ and ‘seeming to desire her to remain overweight’ . It could be that the unsupportive attitude of Miss E’s ex spouse towards her attempt to lose weight may be down to his ain insecurities. believing that the alteration in her visual aspect could take to people happening her more attractive and potentially. hold her isolated off from the relationship. •Has tested diets in the past and although they worked for a piece she ever put weight back on. Miss E’s spouse has been loath for her to lose any weight. alterations to her eating programs were likely overlooked or ridiculed by her spouse so in her subconscious diets would be held as something negative for her as he didn’t approve. The message was that they were a waste of clip or something non to trouble oneself with. Miss E may non hold had the self-control to transport on with the diet.

The healer should discourse with the client if the mark weight loss can be achieved in the clip desired by her. analyzing if it is really realistic and healthy for her. The healer must besides be aware if the client really needs to lose weight or stoping up back uping person to stay at an unhealthy weight. Assuming Miss E is really fleshy so the ideal purpose is to lose weight about 1 to 2 pounds per hebdomad ( handout 6 ) and at this rate it could take between 17 – 35 hebdomads and non 12 hebdomads. This would hold to be explained to Miss E to promote realistic outlooks towards the effects of hypnotherapy. The healer must besides explicate that in order to lose weight so Miss E must devour fewer Calories and get down to exert ; eat less. travel more. This will avoid possible feelings of letdown or failure when the weight loss is non achieved for the mark clip.

Possible intervention

I believe that following information from the notation and initial interview would let the healer to place the personality type of the client in order to compose a screed personalised towards them and their preferable mode. I would be urging at least 3 Sessionss to the client and reappraisal after each session. The program for Miss E would reflect a structured and realistic thought sing weight loss. She besides has received tonss of negative remarks from her parents and spouse yet has had no positive supportive messages from them. Body image is really of import in our society today and Miss E may be caught up in this. I would desire to turn to some of this through utilizing a ego regard and motive screed. Self regard is a outstanding facet with for Miss E in respects to her parents and her fellow. Although our ego regard should come from within. it is celebrated how we are besides influenced by many other external factors.

However. if we are made to experience fat and ugly as a kid by our parents. we accept this as being our individuality. turning our ain inner assurance elusive and taking on board the ideals of person else. This is reinforced by messages from our environment. media and society that we are ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ or ‘imperfect’ . All of these points indicate a deep deficiency of self-pride for Miss E and Hadley and Staudacher discuss bettering self esteem and motive ( p151 & gt ; ) argue that “Self-esteem is one of the cardinal influences on about everything you do. When your self-pride is low. about all countries of your life working. socializing. loving are made more difficult” ( p152 ) . Hadley and Staudacher advise that to better self-pride and trade with that critical inner voice non merely for today but for good is by reprogramming the subconscious. They specifically advocate including in the initiation: •Getting rid of past negative scheduling

•Improve self projection
•Increase assurance and ego credence
•Change your position on your relationship to a given job

I would besides desire to discourse with Miss E if one of the group of misss traveling on vacation with her would be a brother for her. person who could maintain her positive. ( Miss E may be a member of weight spectators or similar and may hold a brother at that place ) . Another suggestion would be to utilize the why. when and where table to place the state of affairs and fix other options. I would besides unite this with a nutrient journal and or a success diary together with the ocular benefits of weight loss star chart would assist maintain Miss E motivated. This will non merely enable her ( but besides the healer ) to see any correlativities that may emerge ( whether it is at certain times of the twenty-four hours or related to specific places/circumstance ) so these can be examined and suggestions on how those peculiar state of affairss can be dealt with and discussed.

The healer should bear in head that one time Miss E’s ego regard has been addressed so there is a possibility that she may accept herself for what she is. The healer should cover with this sensitively harmonizing to how fleshy or non the client is and what the status is of the wellness of the client. After reexamining session 1 I would so utilize session 2 for the chief weight loss screed ( see attached ) . I would perchance add in some support of the ego regard. I would besides fix recordings of the screeds and some avowals for the client to utilize day-to-day. There are some current statements on utilizing hypnotherapy to acquire the client to believe that they have a stomachic set fitted nevertheless I do non experience comfy making this at nowadays. Using the tools available I would hold established the aforementioned when. where and why ; the sum she ate ; the manner in which she used nutrient ; and place the wont that has been established in her subconscious. In order to alter her negative eating wonts. a new wont must be created. This will necessitate her to reprogram her subconscious. which can be achieved through the usage of hypnosis.


Using hypnotherapy in weight loss is that the subconscious is altered so that the individual alters their life style to a healthier one. They will do healthier picks. this going a wont for them alternatively of their old more harmful wont ( handout 6 ) . I belive that in taking this attack discussed. and that if Miss E is a willing participant who is ready for alteration so hypnosis would be of benefit for her.

Chrysalis Course Handout Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Year One Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills 2013 – faculty 6 Josie Hadley & A ; Carol Staudacher ( 3rd Edition 1996 ) Hypnosis for Change Hellmut W. A. Karle & A ; Jennifer H. Boys. 2nd ( edition 2010 ) Hypnotherapy A practical enchiridion


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