The differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level.Both nurses play a very important role in the nursing field. It is a profession that is respected in all specialties. I believe both types of nurse find their jobs interesting, overwhelming, challenging, positive and passionate about their jobs field and enjoy meeting the need of the patients and their family and they continue to be productive members of our society.Many of the patient from young to old have a vast variety of illness can be from acute to chronic. Being an ADN and work along  BSN nurses. I see a daily difference in competencies between the two degrees Even though both nurses wrote the (NCLEX) National Council Licensure Examination.  Education for an ADN takes approximately 2-3years together with clinical training at a community college or nursing school. Most of the jobs we get are entry-level positions in nursing homes, clinic, Dr. office and some hospitals. It is a continual of assessment and re-assessment of the clients from head to toe including emotionally mentally and psychologically. Doing a lot of bedside care include maintaining ethical and moral values of the environment and workplace which reflect our profession.  The planning and excuiting of nursing care is a process for the overall improvement of the patients. Evaluation is done whether the results are positive or negative.The education and training for BSN is a higher degree due to their advanced education which takes four years to complete. With their research base practice and critical thinking and this does have a positive outcome on the patients. From my observation, they have a better understanding of the clinical situation and diseases. They give a higher importance to preventive care and are better dealing effectively with all different levels of management.Their higher education level are better suited for the more critically ill patients because of the understanding the pathophysiology of the disease process. Naturally the with a better outcome for the patients. Working with many Doctors, Advance Practicing Nurses and BSN degree I admire their vision and understanding past the patient diagnosis and see other factors that is impacting the patient health. This allows them to understand the background socioeconomic situations of the patients and the diseases or illness which will affect the outcome.Even though both nurses do assessment but the BSN nurse do assessment that is based on the internal and external environments, religion, cultural demographics —-and also customizing optimal care base on each involvement On taking over the 3-11 shift recently. I was endorsed by ADN that clients regurgitated very small amount of food had a good day. No complaint of pain or discomfort  The patients was not anxious. Vital signs were within the normal limits. Shortly after a BSN was making rounds on the unit and I gave her a short synopsis of the clients. She went to assess the clients. Due to her deeper understanding of the clinical situation and the client diagnosis, she knew that a small amount of vomiting is a very big problem for the patient. Within minutes the patients started to perpise profusely, unable to respond to verbal or tactile stimuli and 911 was activated immediately. She knew immediately that something serious was going on with the patient stomach or the clients was a skeptic. Further test results at the hospital including ultrasound labs reveals that the clients hard perforated her stomach and she was septic She was immediately transferred to the surgical department to prep for surgery  Because of the BSN had more experience, training, education understanding the fragile situation of the client. The patient’s life was saved.  .The nurse with the BSN overall are better at patient care and educating the patient. They recognize the situation better due to cultural diversity and can blend better with the clients and families  members  Whatever the call of actions in regard to nursing competencies we go beyond our care to give the patients the best possible care. I believe it is important for every nurse to get best qualified in their field…  


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