The verse form. ‘The Cockroach’ . is a short scene of a cockroach and how it made its manner around a room. traveling in lines and cringles. It uses many different signifiers of imagination to portray the cockroach giving it emotion and character. Halligan besides compares the cockroach to himself. taking the reader to believe that the cockroach is symbolic of life itself.

When looking at a piece of poesy. the first thing we read is the rubric. So in this instance. one must inquire why and how Kevin Halligan chose the words he did for his rubric of the verse form: The Cockroach. First the word ‘The’ gives the reader a sense of a one specific cockroach. Not merely any cockroach in general. or all cockroaches. but the one in this verse form. which he describes in graphic item. The word ‘Cockroach’ . non a subject normally written about by many poets. gives readers a sense of wonder that lures them in. therefore doing the rubric stand out. The usual intension of cockroach being a dirty plague has been overlooked. Alternatively throughout the verse form. Halligan’s eyes follow the cockroach. remembering all of its motions as it scurries along the dust-covered room floor.

Kevin Halligan repeatedly personifies the cockroach in many ways. giving it its ain personality. Halligan calls the cockroach ‘he’ instead than ‘it’ . perchance connoting. that he thinks of the insect as more than it really is. He gives it feelings of satisfaction. restlessness and uncertainness. Halligan besides uses the word ‘jogging’ to portray its motions. Using such a human word to depict the actions of a scuttling bug. farther illustrates my point. He besides uses a simile to compare the cockroach’s fickle motions to that of ‘a victim of a mild onslaught. ’ This makes the cockroach seem humanlike. able to believe and do determinations. At the terminal of the verse form. Halligan besides relates the cockroach to himself: ‘Except I thought I recognized myself. ’ claiming that he might’ve saw some features of himself in the cockroach.

This leads me to believe that the verse form about the cockroach. is truly all about the poet. Kevin Halligan. analysing his ain life. through the eyes of a cockroach. In the get downing the cockroach is merely pacing back and Forth ; satisfied with a way it’d been on. However. shortly it begins to alter as the cockroach differs from its usual way. circling table legs. traveling traffic circle on a route to nowhere. Restlessness takes over. This could reflect back on Halligan. how he could’ve been happy with a simple life. until one twenty-four hours it wasn’t plenty. Possibly he wanted to make a new way for himself. but alternatively found himself walking in circles. ne’er genuinely being able to go forth. The cockroach so moves up to an unfastened shelf. halting eventually. unsure of what’s following. This could propose. Halligan at a deadlock with his life. Possibly while he watched the insect. he connected the points. recognizing that he figuratively was the cockroach.

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In decision. Halligan efficaciously uses personification and similes to give life and an about human character to a cockroach. While traveling across the floor. it might’ve besides depicted the poet’s timeline. From being satisfied with the mundane modus operandi. to frustrated. and seeking something better. and neglecting to make so. Finally as the cockroach stills itself. Halligan is besides still. both unsure of the hereafter. and of what path they should next return.


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