Are you familiar with Colligative Properties? Do you know that these belongingss are all around us. in our day-to-day lives? Better yet. make you cognize how these belongingss affect us? Take a expression on the inside scoop of what goes on to the H2O you sprinkled salt on while cooking Alfredo pasta. or the ground behind the salting trucks on the main roads of New York City in the winter. Take a minute to larn about a absorbing item of Chemistry! Colligative Properties are Properties ensuing from the ratio of the figure of solute atoms to the figure of solvent molecules in a solution. They do non depend on the individuality of the solute. They can be applied to solutions. There are non many physical belongingss of a solution that are colligative belongingss. When a solute is added to the dissolver. the molecules take the infinite near the surface of the liquid. A common existent universe application of the Colligative Property is when trucks salt roads in the winter. Since it can be hard and unsafe to drive on roads that have ice on them during the winter. seting salt on these roads reduces the ice. This impacts people positively so that they can drive without the hazard of accidents cause by the route from cold conditions. This utile thought plants because salt lowers the freezing/melting point of H2O. This occurs when the salt dissolves into the ice ; in the liquid H2O specifically.


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