Throughout reading, “The Company man”, we can conjure a sense of Goodman’s attitude towards Phil and his busy work schedule. To convey this attitude, many rhetorical strategies were utilized, including repetition and restatement, appeals to emotion, and the implementation of sarcasm, coupled with an almost dark and sorrowful tone. Over the course of this piece Goodman makes it no secret that Phil was overworked and had actually, as she believed, “worked himself to death,” and was a “Type A workaholic. Throughout the reading she constantly repeats the idea that Phil’s job was a demanding one, occasionally employing the same sentence numerous times to drive her point home. For example, she specifically states three different times that “he worked himself to death, finally and precisely at 3:00 am Sunday morning,” and eve adding some further insight that Sunday was actually his day off. Through this strategy, Goodman makes the reader very aware that she does not agree with this type of lifestyle, and depicts Phil as a man who works 24/7 and cares for nothing else, including his own family.

This begins to directly tie into her employment of pathos and her dark-humored, sorrowful tone. Because of her overwhelming emphasis on OPhil’s death being a result of his work, she can then shift ficus to his family, if thats what she would even consider them. She states that the wife ha been “missing him all these years,” even before he was legally declared dead, and that before the funeral Phil’s eldest child, one of his so called “dearly beloved,” had to scour the neighborhood “researching his father,” and finding out what he was like from his neighbors.

She then continues by mentioning the lack of a relationship he had with his daughter, and describes how they “had nothing to say to each other. ” As Goodman describes these scenes, one can not help but to feel mournful, and pity the family that never had a father; the kids who never had a father, and the wife who lost her husband after having “given up trying to compete with his work,” long before he had legally died.

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Furthermore, the over-all solemness of Goodman’s piece gives it a dark connotation, as the piece centers around death an a family who never had a father due to his dedication to a corporation that did not care about him at all, and was looking for a replacement a few hours after the funeral. Moreover, Goodman’s rhetorical techniques underscore her overall feelings for Phil. They underscore the sorrow of the situation, and the separation and pain brought to a family, bust most importantly show her disdain toward Phil, the type A workaholic who ended up truly dying alone, long before being legally declared dead.


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