There are many different types of drugs out in the world and they are illegal in many states. When looking for a job in the future, the company can give a drug test, and if drugs are detected in the system there is a high possibility they won’t want to hire that person. When drugs enter someone’s life, it can become a nasty addiction to kick to the curb. Secondly, children should know he side effects of drugs and how they can damage the body in the long run.

With many diverse drugs in the market people can get their hands on, each drug holds a different side effect that may harm the body. Each unique drug causes damages to different regions of the body. From the brain, muscle control, violent behaviors, and much more. When people use drugs, it leaves the drug user looking a lot older than they really are. Lastly, parents need to shine the light about drugs to their children sooner rather than later. When parents don’t tell their children ahead of time about drugs, they can get peer reassured into doing drugs and they won’t know the effects the drugs can bring upon them.

When a child gets left in the dark about drugs, they may want to find out how it feels to them and if they like it. When parents don’t open up to their children, they may feel restricted when they do encounter drugs in their life, and what to do in that moment. To tie this all together, when parents tell their children about drugs at an early age, they have the opportunity for their children to steer away from drugs and they will have a wider perspective about drugs, and the injuries it can cause them in the future.

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