The 2010 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games, were held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. A sum of 6,081 jocks from 71 Commonwealth states and dependences competed in 21 athleticss and 272 events. It was the largest international multi-sport event to be staged in Delhi and India, overshadowing the Asiatic Games in 1951 and 1982. The gap and shutting ceremonials were held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the chief bowl of the event. It was the first clip that the Commonwealth Games were held in India and the 2nd clip it was held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998. The official mascot of the Games was Shera and the functionary vocal of the Games, “ Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto ” , was composed by famed Indian instrumentalist A.R. Rahman.

“ To Aim is to Achieve ” -India has aimed for successfully hosting the esteemed mega event of Commonwealth Games and India will accomplish it. To carry through this dream an tremendous sum of work demands to done. This dream was born long back when India hosted the Asiatic Games in 1982, the full state dream of hosting the Olympics one twenty-four hours. After a long spread of more than 20 old ages and due to miss to will and substructure we were unable to acquire the chance once more. This clip, the things fall our manner and we won the command to host the 19th Common welth Games 2010.

The vision was to host the mega event in a manner it has ne’er happened before and go forth a grade in the history of the event organisation. As the clip passed by the vision became the mission and Delhi has to pitch up to make the province of the art substructure. New Delhi was intentionally chosen as it has its rich experience of the Asiatic Games behind. Furthermore it has some already existed substructure like Indira Gandhi Arena, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Dhyan Chand National bowl etc. The rich civilization of Delhi and its cordial reception besides plays a polar function in the organisation.

To carry through the mission a entire budget of US $ 1.6 billion is estimated which will do the 2010 event, the most expensive Commonwealth Games of all time. Games Village: A new modern games small town of 63.5 hectare is being built on the bank of river Yamuna at the cost of USD 230.7 million. It is situated near the celebrated landmark Akshardham Temple. The small town will keep the capacity of 8500 jocks and functionaries. The old bowls like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium are besides acquiring a face lift. A new society is acquiring constructed along the small town side to supply free adjustment and cutting wellness installations to the jocks.

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Identifying the Major Force.

Macro environmental scanning involves analysing


A PEST analysis of the commonwealth macro environmental factors is made in this subdivision. PEST analysis involves placing the political, economic, societal and

Technological influences on an organisation.

P — – Political environment

E — -economic environment

S — – socio cultural environment

T — -technological environment


Government enterprise

Though the guidelines are yet to be finalized, the debut of the visa on arrival strategy for five states – Singapore, New Zealand, Finland, Luxemburg and Japan – on a pilot footing is expected to increase tourer reaching in the state.

The twelvemonth besides saw commercials demoing Incredible India runs bagging esteemed international awards including a Grand Prix in Vienna.

The Atithi Deva Bhavo run having Bollywood ace Aamir Khan was re-launched this twelvemonth to sensitise people ‘s behavior towards tourers.

Stairss were besides initiated for focussed development of train, escapade and heliport touristry.

The ministry has besides decided to supply fiscal aid to the state ‘s provinces and Union Territories for building of heliports in hilly and distant countries.

Cardinal fiscal aid is being given to province authoritiess for the development and publicity of escapade and caravan touristry. Establishing an aggressive promotional run, the ministry held a series of route shows abroad including in Australia, New Zealand and Middle East states.

As portion of the jubilation of the ‘Year of India in Russia ‘ , promotional events having Indian civilization and culinary art were organized in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

‘India Calling ‘ , a major touristry event was organized in Los Angeles in coaction with National Geographic Society to court US tourers. The Tourism Ministry of the state has identified 29 mega finishs so far on the footing of footsteps and future potency.

In order to promote care and care of Parkss and tourer sites, the Indian ministry has introduced a new class of award for civic organic structures for best maintained metropolis or town.

The ministry besides decided to advance rural touristry through 139 sites across the state. The aim of the rural touristry undertaking is to beef up small town supports through community engagement.


Commonwealth is traveling to profit touristry, and besides traveling to make occupation oppurtunities with the local community. Many sectors such as airdrome, air hoses and hotels, and circuit operators are traveling to necessitate excess staff as is the procedure of modernising and revamping airdromes around the state. With a focal point on extremely in demand tourer parts as Agra & A ; Jaipur, several developments are to be implemented within a really short while

India can bring forth 14 million extra travel and touristry occupations. A presentation by the universe Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative points out that if the travel and touristry in India had been developed to the universe norm degrees, 14 million extra occupations would hold existed today. In fact India could bring forth an extra US $ 30 billion in GDP and 14 million occupations with Government investings of about US $ 2billion per annum.

( Beginning: Travel Talk, vol IXXII No.3 ; Feb1st issue,2010 ) .

Socio cultural environment

There was much job about whether the Common Wealth Games would run this twelvemonth or non. After several job and corruptness New Delhi eventually managed to acquire for the games. The Commonwealth Games were an first-class chance for India to set up itself as an emerging planetary power, but the way to presenting them was n’t an easy one. The challenges the Swiss and Indians faced in working with each other are merely one illustration of where cross-cultural difference can play a immense function in impeding undertakings and making struggle. Different perceptual experiences of clip and attacks to finishing a undertaking can make serious jobs.

Technological environment

The accent of the present Rapid Transport system is now on the Metro. The tube, whose

Presentation before the Commonwealth Games rating squad made a ample feeling is at the nucleus of developing an efficient mass conveyance system in the metropolis with Phase 1 of the tube being to the full operational. However more significantly, stage 2, aimed at widening the web much further in the metropolis, is already under building, and is set to be ready before 2010. This stage is traveling to necessitate monolithic investing, over Rs 8000 Crores, The 2nd stage is traveling to supply a critical conveyance nexus to East Delhi, with a dedicated Games Village station.

. ( Chatterjee, 2006 )

There are some stairss taken by the commonwealth organisation commission about how to salvage energy, and pollute less pollution. Schemes for land, energy, H2O, air, is made so at that place should non be wasted and do air pollution. For land schemes are made called Biodiversity sweetening through greening programmes. And there is a codification given Extensive afforestation to heighten biodiversity by seting about two million tree saplings, Five million potted workss to be placed across the metropolis, Maximise usage of sustainable building stuffs for Games locales inorder to forestall pollution. Next is energy which schemes is made for Energy security through green energy and efficiencies and the codification is given for this is strive for maximal usage of green energy use during the games, and besides cut downing energy ingestion atleast by some per centum through catalysing energy preservation and efficiency energy at games locales. And some how to salvage H2O, for that some schemes are made for effectual waste direction and optimized ingestion, from this it will cut down H2O ingestion at least by 20 per centum through usage of H2O effiecient fixture and spigots at games locales. And we should promote waste H2O intervention and reuse while guaranting efficient quality as per national criterions. There are some other engineering are used by the section of environment and organisation commission anout the recycled paper stationary will be used during the games, all the 2000 vehicles for transporting functionaries and jocks will run on tight natural gas. Delhi has already introduced a fleet of green coachs running in clean fuel and the figure of those coachs are increased to guarantee sustainable transit. And increased the figure of tube paths have been built to link assorted parts of the metropolis and national capital part to public conveyance system.

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AS a Marketing Consultant, the macro environmental factors that affected the CWG 2010 were: –

1 ) First there was non proper substructure available as given in the article, proper coach service was non available and moreover the functionaries were non able to come on clip to carry on the events, and all the functionaries were waiting for vehicle so it can take them to the hotels and they were non acquiring proper conveyance installations. And so they were non able to acquiring to bed until 2 AM.

2 ) Because of this improper substructure all the commission had put on notice that this should non be repeated, if there will be the same job arouse once more so there will be strike done by hundred of Judgess and proficient staff needed to run the sports competition.

3 ) labors were non paid decently, Proper supply of labors were non available,

4 ) Quality was non good of the stuffs used, entry was restricted for the providers to give stuffs, they did non had proper completion for acquiring providers for stuffs

5 ) Technology was non up to day of the month, there was certain jobs sing the assorted electronic points

6 ) As mentioned in this article for eg: – Late presentment of event consequences. Electronic scoreboard came crashing down.

7 ) These were some of the jobs mentioned in the article and inorder to work out this: foremost we should fix the proper budget and so seek to give employment to the destitute people, so proper rewards should be given and besides seek to keep the provider that give stuff at sensible monetary value with good quality and moreover the bad quality may harm the people. With the aid of experts proper engineering should be maintained and moreover it should be updated

8 ) New engineering leads to proper consequences. Such has conveyance system, The conveyance sector has late been acquiring a batch of attending in the last few old ages as the Delhi

Government has made it one of their purposes to develop an effectual mass conveyance system in the metropolis, and work out the monolithic congestion job that the metropolis faces. This accent is merely set to increase with the games geting shortly. The programs are tremendous ; overpasss, beltwaies, broader roads, a larger tube system, an incorporate Rail Bus Transport system, a High Capacity Bus system, an electric streetcar coach System and a Light Rail Transit system are all in the grapevine.


From the above I would wish to reason there was many job faced by the organisation commission and improper substructure, there was non budgetary control to pay to the labour, besides try to keep the provider that give stuff at sensible monetary value with good quality and moreover the bad quality may harm the people, proper budget should be maintain by the organisation commission should engage comptroller to maintain an record for it, and acquire their suggestion. And besides the engineering was non proper for transit which should be better every bit good.


First, I would be discoursing about Marketing Mix

The Concept of the Marketing Mix

Selling is still an art, and the selling director, as caput chef, must creatively marshal all his selling activities to progress the short and long term involvements of his house.

( BORDEN, NEIL H 1942 )

It is the tools that an organisation employs to prosecute its selling aims in the mark market


1 ) Product 2 ) Price 3 ) Topographic point, 4 ) Promotion.

From the above article, we can state that there were many jobs that India had faced in commonwealth games 2010 and as an Selling Consultant, commonwealth games 2010 4ps of marketing mix were,


The merchandise used were the paths, all the sports tools, the mark board ETC, Giant Screens to be installed in major countries of Delhi, These screens can be used to demo unrecorded lucifers, ads, intelligence, conditions updates. These should be installed for good and they have a possible to show in feeling of togetherness and unity-

Monetary value,

Monetary value was the fees that was charged for the witnesss

Topographic point

Topographic point was the Delhi Jawaharlal Lal Nehru bowl


Promotion of commonwealth games was done with the sketch character “ SHERA ” .New Low floor coachs can be used for advertisement to advance games and Delhi outdoors and inside India. Common Wealth Express Train can be launched to distribute the spirit and message of games all over India, CWG particular Autos to be designed and plied across Delhi and other metropoliss

There are around 2500 coach Michigans in Delhi, in few Michigans we can hold games messages, mascots or games mottos written on Bus Stops stands. There are besides some publicity schemes which can be don utilizing Video Games & A ; Films, Video games can be developed and launched on platforms like Nintendo, Sony PS3, XBOX or Personal computer. Animated films showcasing India, Delhi, CWG spirit can be developed to pull the big population under 15 old ages of age. Browser based on-line games showcasing spirit of Delhi and common wealth games, and besides advertisement in Cineplex and manifold promoting CWG, Multimedia, Release DVD internationally, foregrounding about Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi and India

Release multimedia CDs showcasing the accomplishments of Indian jocks Music Album of sound and video subject vocals dedicated to CWG2010, Involving Schools, Colleges & A ; Universities in India, Competitions and Contests in school, colleges and universities, Pulling Competitions, Sports events Winners to be given free tickets to the event Cultural Activities with high personalities advancing CWG, Promote CWG through civic comfortss like sulabh shauchalaya through out the state, Skyscrapers to be used for advancing games. Promoting CWG through partnerships with province athleticss associations and university/colleges/school athleticss events

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


The two featuring events that I choose is hiting and weight-lifting and the schemes which I have used for bettering both for the hereafter is as follows:

First I would wish to discourse about the both the event in item and when it came to Commonwealth Games. Shooting made its first visual aspect in the Commonwealth Games Programme in Kingston 1966. Since so the Sport has been in every Commonwealth Games except in 1979 Games. And the Weightlifting was included in the Commonwealth Games Programme in 1990 Auckland Games. Delhi 2010 will hold 8 weight classs for Men and 7 weight classs for adult females at the J.N. Sports Complex. And I would wish to urge about both of these event how to better and how we can even make it better in the hereafter. First the schemes for good merchandises like high engineering guns such has air handgun and air gun should be supply for the participants for hiting and merchandises like weight raising saloon should be given to the participants, so that there should non be any complains on our sides, and proper substructure should be there for the events, such as bowl. Both the events should be promoted by advertisement in media and magazines etc. and the advertizement should be done by the famous persons who won the former title such as Abhinav Bindra, who won the India first Olympic gold decoration. And besides title-holder like Karnam Malleswari, who won the first gold decoration in Olympic game, so what I want to state is at that place should be some proper advertizement so the people can acquire cognizant of the games and there could be increase in gross revenues of the ticket.

Decision: –

From the above I would wish to reason that there should be proper selling schemes to be done by the organisation commission, utilizing the selling mix method, and strategies how to advance the commonwealth games should be done by publicizing the Games in media, magazines, film and multiplexes, DVDs, such methods can be used to advance the commonwealth games, and there are my job faced by Indian authorities for forming the commonwealth games, and from the above I would wish to reply this inquiry approximately should India of all time bee given the chance to form the commonwealth games in the hereafter, so my reply is India has 2 sides authorities control and private companies, Government companies are like a monopoly and have fundamentally no criterions while private companies are genuinely international criterions and will make good work up to the grade. Commonwealth Game was being organized by the Government Monopoly has no range therefore anything goes. All private companies have a repute to protect in order to acquire repetition concern. But with Government companies the monopoly exists because if any games need to go on in India so they will hold to be organized by the Government Monopoly.


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