The construct of ‘truth’ versus ‘perception’ can be observed in about all facets of life. What is the truth these yearss ; in newspaper articles. current matter shows or narratives that a friend is stating you. is it truth or is it a version of the truth? The complexnesss inherent in this construct of ‘truth’ versus ‘perception’ will be discussed in relation to two texts ; “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose. and. . Percept Vs Reality by Amit Sodha What is the cardinal difference between ‘truth’ and ‘perception’ . and which is more of import?

The truth is the world of the fact while perceptual experience is the truth comparative to oneself. The head. the nature of the human being is different to everyone else’s. Everyone has lived different lives ; sing different passions. involvements. agony and possessing different capablenesss in cognition. Peoples are besides brought up in different ways. belonging to different civilizations and faiths. This show of factors is what makes us who we are. impacting and lending to our positions and positions. When contemplating the ‘truth’ . it is filtered through a broad assortment of experiences. cognition and emotions. ensuing in 1s perceptual experience.

For illustration. an orange is orange. which is the truth. If you look at it through green spectacless. it will look green but the truth is that the orange remains orangish. Percept is like the green spectacless. filtrating the truth comparative to the individual that is comprehending it. Twelve Angry Men is a truly challenging text that is clearly apparent of the impression of truth and perceptual experience. It is about immature male child on test for the supposed slaying of his aggressive male parent. The jurymans have passed where

grounds is laid out. exhibits shown. informants are heard. statements of the complainant and the accused are given. and the 12 jurymans watch and listen attentively. Now. it is the occupation of the jury to make a finding of fact as a whole ; twelve to nil ballot either manner. guilty or guiltless. Twelve Angry Men highlights the importance of seeing things from more than one position. Twelve Angry Men is a drama refering 12 jury work forces who experience the troubles of coming to a consentaneous determination of slaying.

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In this instance the importance of seeing things from more than one position is relevant as a immature boy’s life bents in the balance. Through high spots this through Juror 3 and 10’s narrow minded positions and the ways in which they must be persuaded. Besides it is seen by Juror 8. who feels it merely right to hold each side of the narrative broken down and discussed thoroughly. Rose utilizations Juror 3 to demo that certain jurymans are incorrect and that if they are non unfastened minded and put their personal biass aside they are bound to act intolerably and be viewed negatively.

Juror 3’s prejudices and obstinacy to be able to see things from the eyes of others truly restricts him from making justness and giving the male child the test he deserves every bit does every homo. Because of Juror 3’s aggressive and obstinate nature he is unable to see that the suspect and his boy are two different people and the importance of the test and what it will intend to the 16 twelvemonth old male child if found guilty. He thinks he is making the universe good by acquiring rid of one of ‘them’ therefore cloudiness his vision and doing it impossible to make justness where 1s sees the truth otherwise through their experiencing which than confuses the truth. and in instance of the jurisprudence it will be unjust and a guiltless decease could hold occurred.

In the article of Perception Vs Reality by Amit Sodha it statues how Putting Things Into Context. Choosing Your Percept. Skewed Perceptions are faced by persons in which we have the power to take to react and the power of taking your truth in world. Therefore even without cognizing all of us are faced with obstructions which are known as the truth the manner 1s foreseen it is the perceptual experience which at that place can interprate into their lives. that means it construct their emotion. ethical motives and moralss.


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